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These are some ideas about what you can do with this game:
- Play it.
- Stream it, review it.
- Speedrun it.
- TAS it (create a mod that helps with this).
- Package it, reupload it, share it.
- Port it to your favorite platform.
- Port to VR :)
- Add OpenGL (or other accelerated) rendering, with true 3D, true color,
antialiasing, texture filtering etc.
- Improve SW rendering on PC, e.g. use full z-buffer, particle effects etc.
- Add procedurally generated levels.
- Add demo recording support.
- Write an AI that plays the game.
- Use it to promote anarchism, free SW, suckless SW, open consoles etc.
- Use it in demoscene.
- Use the assets in another project.
- Make the game run ENTIRELY in a GPU shader.
- Embed it into some other game as an easter egg.
- Use it in your art, e.g. if you're making a movie in which you need a public
domain game footage you can just use, this is for you.
- Create an "HD" pack, upscale textures, use more colors, HQ sounds, add
postprocessing etc.
- Take the assets and recreate the game in another engine, e.g. the Doom engine.
- Take another game, e.g. Freedoom, and recreate it in this engine.
- Create a script that will create 3D obj models of the levels, to be used in
Blender etc.
- Add multiplayer, coop or arena shooter.
- Add mid-level saving.
- Create an automatic random public domain game screenshot generator from this.
- Create advanced level editor.
- Create your own levels or a whole campaign.
- Create your own game based on this, e.g. something like Superhot.
- Create fun mods, e.g. asset replacements.
- Use it as a benchmark/test for computers.
- Take the assets and use them as an inspiration for art you're creating, e.g.
create 3D models of the game monsters or weapons.
- If you're creating your own project, e.g. a free HW platform, you can use this
to showcase what your HW can do.
- Play around with the palette and see how it affects the visuals.
- Use it to make educational visualization, e.g. how a single frame is rendered,
show casted rays on top of the level map, visualize memory content, visualize
repository timelapse etc.
- Use it in education, e.g. as a part of a project in a programming class.
- Remove ray casting and make this a top-down shooter.
- Create an even more minimal "microAnarch" version, strip down things like
camera shearing, mouse control, menu, map, reduce the palette to e.g. 16 color
or even grayscale etc.
- Use it in research, e.g. AI, comparison of compilers etc.