Miloslav Číž 3 years ago
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commit 88fd2cdc96

@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
- Let player start with 100 HP, but allow for collecting a higher amount, e.g.
up to 150.
- Add blinking:
- In menu, the selected level number should blink to indicate it can be
@ -7,7 +9,6 @@ general:
- Add setting SFG_BLINK_PERIOD to control blinking speed.
- try to remove the debug flag (-g1) from compiler and see if it decreases size
- port to GB Meta
- more level prop items
- sounds (music?)
- level 2D map (with revealing, bitmap), special key for quick displaying map
- save/load (optional)
@ -118,4 +119,5 @@ done:
create a 2D bit array saying at which squares there are colliding items, then
check collisions for both player and monsters against this array (elevate
these squares for collisions only) -- will also be faster
- more level prop items