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Building Ship of Harkinian


  1. Requires Python >= 3.6.
  2. Install Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition
  3. In the Visual Studio Installer, install MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++.
  4. Clone the Ship of Harkinian repository.
  5. Place one or more compatible roms in the OTRExporter directory with namings of your choice.
  6. Run OTRExporter/OTRExporter.sln.
  7. Switch the solution to Release x64.
  8. Build the solution.
  9. Launching OTRExporter/ will generate an oot.otr archive file in OTRExporter/oot.otr.
  10. Run soh/soh.sln
  11. Switch the solution to Release x86.
  12. Build the solution.
  13. Copy the OTRExporter/oot.otr archive file to soh/Release.
  14. Launch soh.exe.


# Clone the repo
git clone
cd ShipWright
# Copy the baserom to the OTRExporter folder
cp <path to your ROM> OTRExporter
# Build the docker image
sudo docker build . -t soh
# Run the docker image with the working directory mounted to /soh
sudo docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/soh soh /bin/bash

Inside the Docker container:

# Clone and build StormLib
git clone external/StormLib
cmake -B external/StormLib/build -S external/StormLib
cmake --build external/StormLib/build
cp external/StormLib/build/libstorm.a external
cp /usr/local/lib/libGLEW.a external

cd soh
# Extract the assets/Compile the exporter/Run the exporter
make setup -j$(nproc) OPTFLAGS=-O2 DEBUG=0
# Compile the code
make -j $(nproc) OPTFLAGS=-O2 DEBUG=0

Compatible Roms

OOT_PAL_GC      checksum 0x09465AC3
OOT_PAL_GC_DBG1 checksum 0x871E1C92 (debug non-master quest)

OTRExporter Usage

The OTRExporter exports an oot.otr archive file which Ship of Harkinian requires to play.

Use the script file to run the exporter using any of the following methods:

  1. Double click on the script after placing one or more roms in the directory.
  2. Drag & Drop a rom onto the script.
  3. In a terminal run python3 after placing one or more roms in the directory.
  4. In a terminal run python3 <path_to_rom>

If the script finds multiple roms the user is prompted which to use. Selection is done using the number keys and then pressing the carriage return key.