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briaguya c4ce2f10cd
build/package/ship `soh.otr` (#2699)
* update

* Update generate-builds.yml

* Update generate-builds.yml

* sohotr in CI?

* paths

* gitignore soh.otr

* Fix

* no COMMAND maybe?

* try generating otr as it's own step

* deps

* f

* g

* h

* a

* cc

* ccc

* m

* blarg

* try uploading

* try

* s

* copy things

* wii u?

* wiiu

* don't fail

* windows without cpack?

* wut

* whoops

* see all the things plz

* b

* v

* zip working maybe

* ok but this tho

* pdb and switch

* mac lus

* soh.otr in appimage

* down first

* mac

* bundle soh otr into mac app and read it from the bundle

* appimage fix

* try just downloading for mac?

* i like to mv it mv it

* mv to the right place

* no more otrgui

* bring back otrgui and assets

* echo blarg

* echo

* zapd.exe

* clean and remove

* a

* space


Co-authored-by: louis <>
Co-authored-by: louist103 <>
Co-authored-by: briaguya <briaguya@alice>
Co-authored-by: Adam Bird <>
1 month ago
briaguya aa1adc1a69
fix missing rom error (#2036)
* add an if

* don't rebuild

Co-authored-by: briaguya <briaguya@alice>
6 months ago
Esras df646794f3
Add quotes around the romfile to capture spaces and other characters. (#1831)
Co-authored-by: Zachary Boerner <>
7 months ago
Christopher Leggett 7b08f98b8c
Dual OTR MQ and Vanilla Support (#1694)
* Changes OTR Extraction to have specific mq and nonmq paths.

Also updates the game to load resources according to whether or not
Master Quest or Vanilla is loaded.

* Removes unneeded code from the last commit.

* Fixes some weird formatting in ZRom.c

* Loads oot-mq.otr and patches oot.otr on top, if both are present.

If only one or the other are present, it becomes the only and main OTR.

* Adds ImGui Logic for whether or an MQ Checkbox.

Checkbox checked only specifies whether new saves should be MQ or not.
Checkbox is disabled or force-enabled according to which OTRs are loaded.
Also as a necessity includes tracking what game versions have been loaded
from the OTRs.

* Adds MQ settings logic for Randomizer's ImGui menu.

* Writes Master Quest dungeons to the spoiler log

* Loads MQ Dungeons from spoiler, persists in save, and loads when appropriate.

* Adds logic to prevent loading or creating incompatible rando saves.

* Fixdes some linux build issues and new rando save issues

* Makes appimage create both vanilla and mq otrs

If either rom is present, it makes the corresponding OTR. If both are present,
it will make both. If one OTR is present but both roms are present, it will
create the missing OTR.

* Makes it so a randomized save file will not be marked as MQ.

* Refactors to load all OTRs from MainPath or a specific list.

Also adds the ability to take a std::unordered_set of hashes to
validate each OTR's version file against.

* Fixes a syntax error

* Makes ExtractAssets output Vanilla and MQ OTRs if both roms are present

* Fixes asset generation bug.

* Partially working fix for dual OTR extract_assets

Currently the cmake ExtractAssets target will return with a 1 if you
only end up exporting one type of OTR isntead of both. Haven't found
a great way to only attempt to copy a file if it exists from within
cmake. It does actually correctly copy the OTR that is generated,
despite the error from copying the other one.

Pushing as is for now but will keep investigating.

* Adds oot-mq.otr to the gitignore.

* Makes ExtractAssets not fail on only one rom/OTR.

* Removes PatchesPath from the constructors requiring OTRFiles vector.

* Renames OOT_UNKNOWN to just UNKNOWN to remove OOT specific reference.

* Removes randomizing MQ Dungeons and re-disables MQ rando.

Doing this so the PR can get merged quicker with just the Dual OTR
support and won't need to wait on rando logic to be updated. That
will happen in another PR directly after the merge.

* Update mac startup script for dual otr

* Update soh/macosx/

* Update soh/macosx/

* Update soh/macosx/

* Implements new BinaryReader to fix Linux build issue.

BinaryReader itself comes from
I added a wrapper to adapt it to the ABI from ZAPD's Binary Reader and
add Endianness checking. I also had to copy a handful of other bits and
pieces from ZAPD to make it all function as expected.

* A few edits to the updatream BinaryReader to compile it on Linux.

* Adds the Endianness to the first byte of the version file.

* Fixes Jenkins

* Addresses some of Kenix's comments

* Renames `ReadNullTerminatedString` to `ReadCString`

* Refactors Archive::LoadFile into a private method with more arguments.

* Removes BitConverter and extends existing endianness.h instead.

* Fixes an endianness issue with the version file.

Co-authored-by: Garrett Cox <>
7 months ago
louist103 f3f357c874
Merge pull request #1663 from HarbourMasters/develop-zhora
zhora -> dev
8 months ago
Garrett Cox ec88b90ed8
[OTR] Initial support for PNG textures (#1634) 8 months ago
Ada 15e22349df
Fixes Master Quest on Mac and Linux (#1641) 8 months ago
qurious-pixel 006506240f
[APPIMAGE] Disable AppImageLauncher integration (#1469) 8 months ago
GaryOderNichts e80e3440e1
wiiu: package SoH as a homebrew bundle (#1427) 9 months ago
th-2021 ed1708508a
add SHIP_HOME (Linux) (#1210) 9 months ago
GaryOderNichts 68e7f2e6c1
Wii U support (#1097)
* Wii U support

* [WiiU] Combined Dockerfile

* [WiiU] Combined Dockerfile

* [WiiU] Combined Dockerfile

* Add Jenkins support

* wiiu: fix scissor clamp

* wiiu: improve button remapping

* wiiu: fix scaling issues

* Update Dockerfile after merge

* Pull assets before build

* Only stop container once

* Adjust logging sinks

* wiiu: Change button mapping to match PC version

* wiiu: Implement controller changes

* wiiu: Update

Co-authored-by: qurious-pixel <>
Co-authored-by: David Chavez <>
10 months ago
th-2021 791f7774a5
[cmake] Split OTRGui into it's own target (#1116) 10 months ago
David Chavez 9b33827d02
[ci] Share Generated Assets Across All Platforms (#1074) 10 months ago
th-2021 1ebca42f46
Move to cmake across all platforms (#363) 10 months ago
David Chavez 61c68666d6
Closer align Makefiles & Dockerfiles (#748) 10 months ago