951 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
InfoManiac742 71e4448013
Edit "Quick Start" to mention Windows (#1208) 1 day ago
Garrett Cox 2a302a802f
Enhanced debug warp screen (#1479) 1 day ago
briaguya 236cb0bfb0
Merge pull request #1690 from HarbourMasters/develop-zhora 4 days ago
aMannus 06e8a5af41
Fix navi colors in cosmetics editor (#1684) 4 days ago
Christopher Leggett 0720c37656
Randomized Ice trap models (#1648) 4 days ago
th-2021 f1070a2e74
set version in build.c from CmakeLists.txt version info (#1678) 4 days ago
aMannus db2e6164cb
Add silver/golden gauntlets to Cosmetics Editor (#1683) 4 days ago
Andrew Van Caem 6bdca84b90
Add heart line length adjustment and modified magic meter anchoring (#965) 4 days ago
Garrett Cox 02c0caff4f
[#1567] Fix merchant message table being generated before items were loaded from save (#1674) 4 days ago
Garrett Cox 2ad0b37fa5
[#1675] Fix for business scrubs crashing on expensive scrub shuffle (#1676) 4 days ago
aMannus 6b6a352205
Rando: Fix "Scrubsanity Off" using mysterious text (#1679) 5 days ago
Garrett Cox 75d0402525
Update randomizer save format (#1635) 5 days ago
Ada 37ffc8b9c8 Fixes Y-Axis inversion in C Up view 6 days ago
louis d75b38d457 fix MQ forest 6 days ago
louist103 f3f357c874
Merge pull request #1663 from HarbourMasters/develop-zhora 6 days ago
Garrett Cox ec88b90ed8
[OTR] Initial support for PNG textures (#1634) 6 days ago
briaguya 36e40665bb
fix: don't hardcode path for global.sav (#1656) 6 days ago
briaguya 9804035dc0 fix: match auto center option text to behavior 6 days ago
briaguya 973ec52b2a chore: increment version to bravo 6 days ago
louis d61b398f41 Fix MQ not going away after deleting file 6 days ago
briaguya af13595aae fix: disable randomizer cvar when in master quest 6 days ago
GaryOderNichts 97211093f3
Wii U: Fix overflow for GX2CopySurfaceEx (#1655) 6 days ago
aMannus fba4839705
Rando: Add randomized ice trap messages (#1559) 6 days ago
Ada 15e22349df
Fixes Master Quest on Mac and Linux (#1641) 7 days ago
briaguya 8888fb2ec1
Master Quest (#3) (#1632) 1 week ago
louist103 dc3c0dd9c8
disable crit wiggle (#1629) 1 week ago
aMannus 08915e5684
Update description for CC (#1626) 1 week ago
David Chavez 083ceb4423
Feature: Crowd Control Integration (#1568) 1 week ago
PurpleHato 87125ae334
FIX: Sword Trail not appearing when using custom color (#1625) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox c487e4ba0b
Shopsanity - fix regression from removing BUY_BOMBCHU_5 (#1624) 1 week ago
PurpleHato 1b141fd68c
FIX: Missing custom colors on ENTER NAME (#1623) 1 week ago
PurpleHato 694c6c9832
FIX: Set back default comportment of some Views (#1615) 1 week ago
GaryOderNichts c6a875eb5c
Change precision of float sliders (#1609) 1 week ago
GaryOderNichts 677c4845f6
Wii U: Several fixes and improvements (#1608) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox 7fb8902e7f
[#1613] Resolve double message issue for gold skulltula tokens after you've spoken to skulltula parent (#1616) 1 week ago
louist103 58c097cfb9
Add a few meme hints (#1544) 2 weeks ago
Garrett Cox 6265613bc7
Correct default value of gInvertYAxis and change default trials required to vanilla (#1610) 2 weeks ago
louist103 c21b2e8f00
Crash Handler 2.0 (#1466) 2 weeks ago
Garrett Cox b3c7edcf76
[#1603] Ensure gFasterHeavyBlockLift only affects large silver rocks (#1607) 2 weeks ago
Garrett Cox c2ff12c3e8
[#1584] Undo the special rotation done for spiritual stones after they are purchased so the sold out sign isn't sideways (#1606) 2 weeks ago
David Chavez dbc4d8199e
Feature: Allow choosing audio backend (#1588) 2 weeks ago
Garrett Cox 0e1248f840
[#1602] Fix crash when attempting to render a non-randomized item in bombchu bowling (#1604) 2 weeks ago
Garrett Cox 7a516c72c3
[#1597] Remove Buy Bombchu (5) from pool, 3ds-only shop item (#1605) 2 weeks ago
Christopher Leggett a927a881fc
Fixes Happy Mask shop on the Switch. (#1591) 2 weeks ago
amekusa ac1a87730e
[macOS] Fix launcher code in case with 'sysctl.proc_translated' returning empty (#1598) 2 weeks ago
Rozelette cf881d7d25
Fix Gohma disintegration (#1593) 2 weeks ago
Christopher Leggett 41eb6c585d
Excludes the master sword in the Ganon Battle from triggering autosave. (#1594) 2 weeks ago
Christopher Leggett ee505fc47d
Fixes ocarina textbox flashing (#1589) 2 weeks ago
aMannus 7758749770
Removed d-pad support for pause in preset (#1592) 2 weeks ago
GaryOderNichts da893a5b86
Fix save corruption on switch (#1585) 2 weeks ago