1344 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ralphie Morell 5771e6cd1f
Fix spillover on goron messages (#2425) 1 day ago
aMannus e14fcf92d2
Fix GI overruling link size over anything else (#2424) 2 days ago
aMannus 612700c2ab
Change gPauseAnyCursor into combobox (#2423) 2 days ago
Adam Bird 4e08eca1b9
adjust closed forest and starting age settings for edge cases (#2421) 2 days ago
Sirius902 44f963e310
Rumble and check tracker fixes (#2419) 3 days ago
Sirius902 544460d909
QPA restoration (#2422) 3 days ago
PurpleHato f6c310ae84
TWEAK: Controller Navigation rename + tooltip (#2407) 5 days ago
PurpleHato 9b020c0986
TWEAK: Misspelling "Gold" in German + Box formating (#2416) 5 days ago
lilDavid 3617b2e5b7
Fix chest sizes making contents unobtainable (#2410) 5 days ago
aMannus 72dcf3466b
Check tracker fixes (#2414) 6 days ago
Adam Bird 0aab836d1f
Fix: Override jail capture for the Gerudo fighter (#2413) 6 days ago
Garrett Cox 9fe7839f9a
Adjustment to gFastFarores tooltip (#2409) 6 days ago
David Chavez 22efba8cd7
Fix: Quit Game (#2403) 7 days ago
Adam Bird 1e2b60c6e0
clear cvars that lock up randomizer menu on boot (#2405) 7 days ago
PurpleHato 279553e6b3
TWEAK: Forgot some translation on Debug Warp Screen (#2406) 7 days ago
briaguya 0df5060541
bump lus (#2408) 7 days ago
Kenix3 47f206825d
Debug camera (#2400) 7 days ago
Christopher Leggett 569013535e
Improves the Block Pushing Speed Enhancement (#2396) 1 week ago
Adam Bird 589e25948e
Add manual seed input for rando generation (#2057) 1 week ago
aMannus 170a9103f9
Implement GameInteractor & move CrowdControl and console commands to it (#2358) 1 week ago
tcpowell ec4cee787c
Gameplay Stats Tweaks (#2379) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox 7a75fe8411
Add faster farores enhancement (#2394) 1 week ago
Ralphie Morell 6d6c1c8c32
Enhancement: Better Farore's Wind (#2374) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox 21ae445548
Add missing trade sequence items from gameplay stats (#2393) 1 week ago
PurpleHato 5c21bb0b8a
TWEAK: German mistake (#2392) 1 week ago
briaguya 6b6cfa5ebe
rupee name cleanup (#2391) 1 week ago
Adam Bird 402d7dd3b7
fix wrong flag name for zeldas letter define (#2390) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox 0629140357
Don't require input for credits textboxes (#2193) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox beb414eb0a
Add cheat for extending hookshot reach (#2178) 1 week ago
lilDavid 2422c94f6b
Rando: Shuffle 100 Gold Skulltula Reward (#1944) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox e5bc5188e7
Actor view values now using pointers rather than copies, add playerState flags to save editor (#2388) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox eb222f3998
Add enhancement for dog following you everywhere (#2050) 1 week ago
Garrett Cox a1cb921042
v1 Dlist Viewer (#2387) 1 week ago
PurpleHato e79bd2587d
ADD: Debug Warp Restoration + Translations (#2386) 1 week ago
Adam Bird cb5faa1ac8
fix mido spawn for dungeon entrance rando (#2384) 1 week ago
Adam Bird 37f31116b3
Add reset/randomize all SFX and Cosmetic commands to console (#2378) 2 weeks ago
AltoXorg 52a976489b
implement audio backend fallbacks (#1857) 2 weeks ago
splemb 643a98244b
Enhancement: MM-Style Static Explosion Radius (#2322) 2 weeks ago
nianjiilical a58705eaf4
Rando: Adds 90~ new random rupee names, alphabetizes them (#2330) 2 weeks ago
briaguya a9e7faa180
Full health spawn (#2377) 2 weeks ago
aMannus 4291ec8252
Rando - Ganon & Ganondorf cutscene skips (#2321) 2 weeks ago
briaguya 2a9d93dd65
fix: return enum value so mido moves away properly (#2376) 2 weeks ago
David Chavez 33539be458
[CI] Linux Performance Builds (#2323) 2 weeks ago
pancake-byte 6e417713b9
Update BUILDING.md (#2332) 2 weeks ago
Christopher Leggett 1b9962dfc2
Enhancement: Adds Slider for Duration of Sequence Names on the Overlay (#2375) 2 weeks ago
aMannus 1b9ab52e35
Tweak - Rando freestanding/skulltula ice trap behaviour (#2230) 2 weeks ago
Adam Bird 261db2c3e1
Rando: Boss Entrance Shuffle (#2194) 2 weeks ago
Ralphie Morell 7964bde063
Rando: Misc. Hints (#1947) 2 weeks ago
Christopher Leggett 1e178c4497
Bugfix: Update LUS submodule to fix Matrix crash. (#2373) 2 weeks ago
Patrick12115 c0ad43e509
Add Starting Songs Option (#2221) 2 weeks ago