429 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Christopher Leggett 1f1de82bb8 casts jya_cobra's shadowTexture pointer to uintptr_t instead of s32. 5 hours ago
rozlette 65016499ab Get rid of erroneous int casts 5 hours ago
PurpleHato efd4b26f3d FIX: Remove duplicates of gNewDrops from the enhancements menu 2 days ago
PurpleHato 0fc75bb873 FIX: Increased the maximum actor limit for draw distance 2 days ago
rozlette 375932f43b Move UI location arrays from static to global to accomodate customizable UI 3 days ago
rozlette fd06827e2b DPad items 3 days ago
David Chavez 57fb04accc Ignore all named saves 3 days ago
briaguya ba74653f61 fix linux crash 3 days ago
sholdee bd22074ec8 Move macOS to parallel stage 3 days ago
David Chavez e42b18cf71
Add Support for macOS (#441) 3 days ago
vaguerant 77e7080a8c
Two-hand shield cheat fix: use 1-handed reflect anim (#504) 4 days ago
Kenix3 77fc202694
Merge pull request #413 from Baoulettes/3DProjectiles 4 days ago
Kenix3 d3436fc1e4
Merge pull request #362 from GreatArgorath/ShortBiggoron 4 days ago
Kenix3 d5db4a86bd
Merge pull request #431 from HarbourMasters/zelda64 4 days ago
David Chavez f8e3dcd7c0 Jenkins: Fix path to soh.exe 4 days ago
Kenix3 1435b5d314
Merge branch 'develop' into zelda64 4 days ago
Vague Rant abcf713cc1 Fix Anubis fireballs 4 days ago
louist103 5bf4128add Add all slots 4 days ago
Baoulettes 53fc151453
Update soh/src/overlays/actors/ovl_En_Okuta/z_en_okuta.c 5 days ago
Baoulettes 14df96eacd
Merge branch 'develop' into 3DProjectiles 5 days ago
Kenix3 a7ed748973
Update soh/src/code/audio_load.c 5 days ago
Kevin Alexis Contreras 43503ead83 Fixed audio_heap_size 5 days ago
Ian Drake 39d8b77b02
Added save filename and path to config file (#130) 5 days ago
earthcrafterman 36b9b9519d
Added three sliders for multiplying damage (#478) 5 days ago
vaguerant 7d0af303ec
Fix grayscale Biggoron's Sword (#485) 5 days ago
PurpleHato 5549ad9388
TWEAK: Kokiri Draw distance V2 (#486) 5 days ago
ajanhallinta 950f954c89
Minor Actor Viewer tweaks and fixes (#491) 5 days ago
vaguerant b56426a67d
Skip first-time pickup messages for consumable items (#495) 5 days ago
Ada 45cb350b7a
Merge branch 'develop' into ShortBiggoron 5 days ago
Rozelette b4eebbbcd6
Versioned saves (#423) 5 days ago
louist103 73ff7ef3da
Guard vision (#466) 5 days ago
David Chavez a142d94c36
Extract StormLib building from soh to ZAPDTR (#505) 5 days ago
Kevin Alexis Contreras 4e75488567 Removed ifdefs for audio heap sizes 5 days ago
Kevin Alexis Contreras e945a86d46 Added fixes based on the reviews 7 days ago
Josh Bodner 5a872f85e1
Add checkbox to make holding the D-pad act like holding the joystick on the file and pause screens (#454) 7 days ago
Kevin Alexis Contreras 8a6ee00a21 Fixed indentation caused because of tabs 7 days ago
Kevin Alexis Contreras b0278de3a8 Code cleanup 7 days ago
Kevin Alexis Contreras 3a65119267 Added mp3 support for samples 7 days ago
Kenix3 d6eb59d0af
Update libultraship/libultraship/Lib/Fast3D/U64/PR/ultra64/gbi.h 1 week ago
David Chavez 1763d0bfce
Enable parallel stages on Jenkins (#476) 1 week ago
Nicholas Estelami 029d7bcda3
Merge pull request #494 from briaguya-ai/z64-devmerge 1 week ago
PurpleHato 8d4b15325a ADD: Color for the bottom text 1 week ago
PurpleHato f7bcbe3049 Batter space management 1 week ago
PurpleHato e66c4751ea TWEAK: Forgot to push the sohimgui 1 week ago
PurpleHato 5dc5c85588 Interface Editor rework + File Choose customization 1 week ago
briaguya dd42cca2cf Merge branch 'develop' into z64-devmerge 1 week ago
Kevin Alexis Contreras bb90be6748 Merge branch 'zapd_audio_support' into zelda64 1 week ago
briaguya 3e6307bf96
No forced navi (Prevent forced Navi conversations) (#453) 1 week ago
briaguya 36d37d97bd fix audioexporter signedness comparison issue 1 week ago
David Chavez 587c46cacf
Enable High DPI mode in SDL (#490) 1 week ago