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DaemonBite Retro Controllers To USB Adapters


This is a collection of easy to build adapters for connecting SNES, NES, Mega Drive/Genesis (3/6-button), Master System, Atari, Commodore, Amiga (incl. CD32) controllers to USB. Support for more controllers is on the way (Sega Saturn, NeoGeo etc.).

If you want to support my work I sell assembled adapters at I'm currently working on ways to be able to supply more adapters.

The input lag for these adapters is minimal. Here is the result of the Sega controller adapter from a test with a 1ms polling rate on a MiSTer:

Controller Samples Average Max Min Std Dev
Original 3-Button Mega Drive Controller 2342 0.75ms 1.28ms 0.24ms 0.29ms
8bitdo M30 Wireless 2.4G 2348 4.54ms 8.05ms 2.22ms 1.31ms

How to assemble the adapters

See the README files in the subfolders for build instructions. All the adapters are build around the Arduino Pro Micro.

Building the projects

You will need the Arduino IDE to build the projects. Download the whole repository via the "Clone or download" button, open the project you want to build in the IDE and select "Arduino Leonardo" in Tools / Board. Connect the Arduino to a USB port and build/upload from Scetch / Upload.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. The name "daemonbite" is registered to my company in Finland and should not be used by others.


The Mega Drive gamepad interface is based on this repository : but almost entirely rewritten and a lot of optimisations have been made.