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MegaDrive / Genesis Manual

What do I need?

  • You will need one Atmega32u4 (e.g. Arduino Leonardo).
  • Two DB9 ports, better if you find a 90º version.
  • Original Mega Drive Controller
  • Follow step by step the how-to Long version
  • Use the file RetroJoystickAdapter_Megadrive.ino, comment the fist set of pins, and uncomment the second that says // if you use two DB9 connectors solded back to back on your ATmega32u4, you should use this inputs.

Schematics and pinout

You sholud print this schema to guide you during the soldering process.


Final product

Here are Adriano's examples of his assembly.

solded-adapter solded-back-adapter testing-adapter

Here are the Jarno's examples of his assembly.

Hardware_Atari-SMS-Genesis sega_genesis_adapter