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Update RetroJoystickAdapter_PsxNewLib_NintendoEtensionCtrl_B360.ino
1 year ago
.. Update 1 year ago
RetroJoystickAdapter_Playstation_XB360 (old).ino Rename RetroJoystickAdapter_Playstation_XB360.ino to RetroJoystickAdapter_Playstation_XB360 (old).ino 1 year ago
RetroJoystickAdapter_PsxNewLib_NintendoEtensionCtrl_B360.ino Update RetroJoystickAdapter_PsxNewLib_NintendoEtensionCtrl_B360.ino 1 year ago
RetroJoystickAdapter_PsxNewLib_XB360.ino Update RetroJoystickAdapter_PsxNewLib_XB360.ino 1 year ago

Based on


PSX SPI Uno Pro Micro notes
1 DATA (brown #brown) MISO → D12 (PB4) D14 (PB3) Use 1k pullup resistor to 3.3V!
2 CMD (orange #orange) MOSI ← D11 (PB3) D16 (PB2)
3 Vibration power (7.2-9V) (grey #grey)
4 GND (black #black) GND GND
5 VCC (3.3V) (red #red) VCC VCC
6 ATT (yellow #yellow) SS ← D10 (PB2) D10 (PB6) (pro micro: SS would be D17 (PB0/RX_LED), but there is no pin D17)
7 CLK (blue #blue) SCK ← D13 (PB5) D15 (PB1)
8 unknown (white #white)
9 ACK (green #green) (when this is needed?)
1 VCC (3.3V) (red #red)
2 SCL (yellow #yellow) A5 (PC5) D3 (PD0)
3 Detect device (3.3V) (black #black) D4 (PD4) Use 10k pulldown resistor to GND!
4 NC
5 SDA (green #green) A4 (PC4) D2 (PD1)
6 GND (white #white)


  • Analog triggers for Dualshock 2
  • Name in Windows: Controller (Arduino Leonardo), with real XB360 controller: Controller (XBOX 360 for Windows)? Can it be changed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\xinput\avr\boards.txt?