XMPP reverse proxy and outgoing proxy https://github.com/moparisthebest/xmpp-proxy
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pub mod common;
pub mod slicesubsequence;
pub mod stanzafilter;
#[cfg(feature = "quic")]
pub mod quic;
#[cfg(feature = "tls")]
pub mod tls;
#[cfg(feature = "outgoing")]
pub mod outgoing;
#[cfg(any(feature = "s2s-incoming", feature = "outgoing"))]
pub mod srv;
#[cfg(feature = "websocket")]
pub mod websocket;
#[cfg(any(feature = "s2s-incoming", feature = "outgoing"))]
pub mod verify;
#[cfg(feature = "nix")]
pub mod systemd;
pub mod context;
pub mod in_out;