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This file contains common entities for use in XMPP
Extension Protocols (XEPs):
This file is maintained by the XMPP Extensions Editor:
Please do not add entities to this file; instead,
add them to the relevant XEP and then ask the Editor
to add them to this file.
Copyright (c) 1999 - 2021 XMPP Standards Foundation
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
<!-- HTML entities -->
<!ENTITY tm "&#153;">
<!ENTITY nbsp "&#160;">
<!ENTITY copy "&#169;">
<!ENTITY reg "&#174;">
<!ENTITY sect "&#167;">
<!ENTITY mdash "&#x2014;">
<!-- shortcuts for stanza types and children -->
<!ENTITY MESSAGE "&lt;message/&gt;">
<!ENTITY PRESENCE "&lt;presence/&gt;">
<!ENTITY IQ "&lt;iq/&gt;">
<!ENTITY SUBJECT "&lt;subject/&gt;">
<!ENTITY THREAD "&lt;thread/&gt;">
<!ENTITY BODY "&lt;body/&gt;">
<!ENTITY SHOW "&lt;show/&gt;">
<!ENTITY STATUS "&lt;status/&gt;">
<!ENTITY PRIORITY "&lt;priority/&gt;">
<!ENTITY QUERY "&lt;query/&gt;">
<!ENTITY X "&lt;x/&gt;">
<!ENTITY UNAVAILABLE "&lt;presence type='unavailable'/&gt;">
<!ENTITY ERROR "&lt;error/&gt;">
<!-- notes about namespace versioning -->
<!ENTITY VNOTE "(see <link url='#registrar-versioning'>Namespace Versioning</link> regarding the possibility of incrementing the version number)">
<!ENTITY NSVER "<p>If the protocol defined in this specification undergoes a revision that is not fully backwards-compatible with an older version, the XMPP Registrar shall increment the protocol version number found at the end of the XML namespaces defined herein, as described in Section 4 of <cite>XEP-0053</cite>.</p>">
<!-- old note about provisional namespaces in experimental specs -->
<!ENTITY NSNOTE "(see <link url='#ns'>Protocol Namespaces</link> regarding issuance of one or more permanent namespaces)">
<!-- shortcuts for registries -->
<!ENTITY ALTCONN "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY AMPACTIONS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY AMPCONDITIONS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY APPERRORS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY COMPRESSMETHODS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY DISCOCATEGORIES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY DISCOFEATURES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY FORMTYPES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY JINGLEAPPS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY JINGLETRANSPORTS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY LINKLOCAL "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY MUCSTATUS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY NAMESPACES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY NODES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY QUERYTYPES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY SHIMHEADERS "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY SIPROFILES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY STREAMFEATURES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY XDVPREFIXES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!ENTITY XDVTYPES "&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;">
<!-- Jingle elements -->
<!ENTITY JINGLE "&lt;jingle/&gt;">
<!ENTITY CONTENT "&lt;content/&gt;">
<!ENTITY DESCRIPTION "&lt;description/&gt;">
<!ENTITY PAYLOADTYPE "&lt;payload-type/&gt;">
<!ENTITY TRANSPORT "&lt;transport/&gt;">
<!ENTITY CANDIDATE "&lt;candidate/&gt;">
<!-- shortcuts for Encrypted Sessions XEPs -->
<!ENTITY CBeCAx2n1 "&CsubB; = &CsubA; XOR 2<span class='super'>n-1</span>">
<!ENTITY CsubA "C<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY CsubB "C<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY dsupx "d<span class='super'>x</span>">
<!ENTITY e1eZ "e<span class='sub'>1</span>...e<span class='sub'>Z</span>">
<!ENTITY esupy "e<span class='super'>y</span>">
<!ENTITY formA "form<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY formA2 "form<span class='sub'>A2</span>">
<!ENTITY formB "form<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY formB2 "form<span class='sub'>B2</span>">
<!ENTITY gsupx "g<span class='super'>x</span>">
<!ENTITY gsupy "g<span class='super'>y</span>">
<!ENTITY He1HeZ "He<span class='sub'>1</span>...He<span class='sub'>Z</span>">
<!ENTITY IDA "ID<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY IDB "ID<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY isPKsubA "isPK<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY isPKsubB "isPK<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY KCsubA "KC<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY KCsubB "KC<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY KMsubA "KM<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY KMsubB "KM<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY KSsubA "KS<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY KSsubB "KS<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY macA "mac<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY macB "mac<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY NsubA "N<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY NsubB "N<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY MsubA "M<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY MsubB "M<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY pubKeyA "pubKey<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY pubKeyB "pubKey<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY pubKeysA "pubKeys<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY RS1ARSZA "RS<span class='sub'>1A</span>...RS<span class='sub'>ZA</span>">
<!ENTITY RS1BRSZB "RS<span class='sub'>1B</span>...RS<span class='sub'>ZB</span>">
<!ENTITY RSH1ARSHZA "RSH<span class='sub'>1A</span>...RSH<span class='sub'>ZA</span>">
<!ENTITY setA "{&KCsubB;&#160;&KMsubB;&#160;x}">
<!ENTITY setB "{&KCsubA;&#160;&KMsubA;&#160;y}">
<!ENTITY signA "sign<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY signB "sign<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY signKeyA "signKey<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY signKeyB "signKey<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY signKeysA "signKeys<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY signsA "signs<span class='sub'>A</span>">
<!ENTITY signsB "signs<span class='sub'>B</span>">
<!ENTITY twosup2n "2<span class='super'>2n-1</span>">
<!ENTITY twosup32 "2<span class='super'>32</span>">
<!ENTITY x1xZ "x<span class='sub'>1</span>...x<span class='sub'>Z</span>">
<!-- shortcuts for address types -->
<!ENTITY BAREJID "(&lt;localpart@domain.tld&gt; or &lt;domain.tld&gt;)">
<!ENTITY FULLJID "(&lt;localpart@domain.tld/resource&gt; or &lt;domain.tld/resource&gt;)">
<!ENTITY LOCALBARE "&lt;localpart@domain.tld&gt;">
<!ENTITY LOCALFULL "&lt;localpart@domain.tld/resource&gt;">
<!ENTITY DOMAINBARE "&lt;domain.tld&gt;">
<!ENTITY DOMAINFULL "&lt;domain.tld/resource&gt;">
<!-- shortcuts for error conditions -->
<!ENTITY e400 "&lt;bad-request/&gt;">
<!ENTITY badrequest "&lt;bad-request/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e409 "&lt;conflict/&gt;">
<!ENTITY conflict "&lt;conflict/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e501 "&lt;feature-not-implemented/&gt;">
<!ENTITY feature "&lt;feature-not-implemented/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e409 "&lt;forbidden/&gt;">
<!ENTITY forbidden "&lt;forbidden/&gt;">
<!-- no number for gone -->
<!ENTITY gone "&lt;gone/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e500 "&lt;internal-server-error/&gt;">
<!ENTITY internalserver "&lt;internal-server-error/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e404 "&lt;item-not-found/&gt;">
<!ENTITY notfound "&lt;item-not-found/&gt;">
<!-- no number for jid-malformed -->
<!ENTITY badjid "&lt;jid-malformed/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e406 "&lt;not-acceptable/&gt;">
<!ENTITY notacceptable "&lt;not-acceptable/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e405 "&lt;not-allowed/&gt;">
<!ENTITY notallowed "&lt;not-allowed/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e401 "&lt;not-authorized/&gt;">
<!ENTITY notauthorized "&lt;not-authorized/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e402 "&lt;payment-required/&gt;">
<!ENTITY payment "&lt;payment-required/&gt;">
<!ENTITY policy "&lt;policy-violation/&gt;">
<!-- no number for recipient-unavailable -->
<!ENTITY recipient "&lt;recipient-unavailable/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e302 "&lt;redirect/&gt;">
<!ENTITY redirect "&lt;redirect/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e407 "&lt;registration-required/&gt;">
<!ENTITY registration "&lt;registration-required/&gt;">
<!-- no number for remote-server-not-found -->
<!ENTITY remoteconnection "&lt;remote-connection-failed/&gt;">
<!-- no number for remote-server-not-found -->
<!ENTITY remoteserver "&lt;remote-server-not-found/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e504 "&lt;remote-server-timeout/&gt;">
<!ENTITY timeout "&lt;remote-server-timeout/&gt;">
<!-- no number for resource-constraint -->
<!ENTITY constraint "&lt;resource-constraint/&gt;">
<!ENTITY e503 "&lt;service-unavailable/&gt;">
<!ENTITY unavailable "&lt;service-unavailable/&gt;">
<!-- no number for subscription-required -->
<!ENTITY subrequired "&lt;subscription-required/&gt;">
<!-- no number for undefined-condition -->
<!ENTITY undefined "&lt;undefined-condition/&gt;">
<!-- no number for unexpected-request -->
<!ENTITY unexpected "&lt;unexpected-request/&gt;">
<!-- legal notice required by the XSF's IPR Policy -->
<copyright>This XMPP Extension Protocol is copyright &#169; 1999 &#x2013; 2020 by the <link url=''>XMPP Standards Foundation</link> (XSF).</copyright>
<permissions>Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this specification (the &quot;Specification&quot;), to make use of the Specification without restriction, including without limitation the rights to implement the Specification in a software program, deploy the Specification in a network service, and copy, modify, merge, publish, translate, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Specification, and to permit persons to whom the Specification is furnished to do so, subject to the condition that the foregoing copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Specification. Unless separate permission is granted, modified works that are redistributed shall not contain misleading information regarding the authors, title, number, or publisher of the Specification, and shall not claim endorsement of the modified works by the authors, any organization or project to which the authors belong, or the XMPP Standards Foundation.</permissions>
<warranty>## NOTE WELL: This Specification is provided on an &quot;AS IS&quot; BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties or conditions of TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY, or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. ##</warranty>
<liability>In no event and under no legal theory, whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise, unless required by applicable law (such as deliberate and grossly negligent acts) or agreed to in writing, shall the XMPP Standards Foundation or any author of this Specification be liable for damages, including any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising from, out of, or in connection with the Specification or the implementation, deployment, or other use of the Specification (including but not limited to damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all other commercial damages or losses), even if the XMPP Standards Foundation or such author has been advised of the possibility of such damages.</liability>
<conformance>This XMPP Extension Protocol has been contributed in full conformance with the XSF's Intellectual Property Rights Policy (a copy of which can be found at &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt; or obtained by writing to XMPP Standards Foundation, P.O. Box 787, Parker, CO 80134 USA).</conformance>
</legal>" >
<!-- NOTE: New XEPs should not use this. Use LEGALNOTICE. -->
<copyright>This document has been placed in the public domain.</copyright>
<!-- These probably need to be fixed, but they weren't in the documents this
entity replaces and I have no idea if adding them makes any sense legally.
Needs expert review.
</legal>" >
<!-- other XSF-related text shortcuts -->
<!ENTITY BOOLEANNOTE "<note>In accordance with Section of <cite>XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes</cite>, the allowable lexical representations for the xs:boolean datatype are the strings &quot;0&quot; and &quot;false&quot; for the concept 'false' and the strings &quot;1&quot; and &quot;true&quot; for the concept 'true'; implementations MUST support both styles of lexical representation.</note>" >
<!ENTITY REGPROCESS "<p>In order to submit new values to this registry, the registrant shall define an XML fragment of the following form and either include it in the relevant XMPP Extension Protocol or send it to the email address &lt;;:</p>" >
<!-- RFC 2119 reference -->
<!ENTITY CONFORMANCE '<p>The keywords "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "NOT RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in &rfc2119;.</p>' >
<!-- common XSF-related URLs -->
<!ENTITY BOARD "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XSF Board of Directors</link></span> <note>The XSF Board of Directors is an elected body that possesses overall responsibility for the affairs of the XMPP Standards Foundation. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY BYLAWS "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XSF Bylaws</link></span> <note>The Bylaws of the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) define the legal basis and operating procedures of the XSF. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY COUNCIL "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Council</link></span> <note>The XMPP Council is a technical steering committee, authorized by the XSF Board of Directors and elected by XSF members, that approves of new XMPP Extensions Protocols and oversees the XSF's standards process. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY EDITOR "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Extensions Editor</link></span> <note>The XMPP Extensions Editor is the individual appointed by the XSF Board of Directors to handle protocol submissions and provide day-to-day management of the XSF's standards process. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY XSF "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF)</link></span> <note>The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) is an independent, non-profit membership organization that develops open extensions to the IETF's Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY XSFIETF "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XSF-IETF list</link></span> <note>The XSF-IETF list is for discussion of matters of mutual interest to the XMPP Standards Foundation and the Internet Engineering Task Force. The primary focus of the list is technical, mainly regarding XSF use of IETF technologies (e.g., references to RFCs in XMPP Extension Protocols) and IETF use of XSF technologies (e.g., references to XMPP Extension Protocols in Internet-Drafts and RFCs). To subscribe to the list or view the list archives, visit &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY XSFIPR "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XSF IPR Policy</link></span> <note>The XSF IPR Policy defines the XMPP Standards Foundation's official policy regarding intellectual property rights (IPR) as they pertain to XMPP Extension Protocols (XEPs). For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY REGISTRAR "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Registrar</link></span> <note>The XMPP Registrar maintains a list of reserved protocol namespaces as well as registries of parameters used in the context of XMPP extension protocols approved by the XMPP Standards Foundation. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY SSIG "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Standards SIG</link></span> <note>The Standards SIG is a standing Special Interest Group devoted to development of XMPP Extension Protocols. The discussion list of the Standards SIG is the primary venue for discussion of XMPP protocol extensions, as well as for announcements by the XMPP Extensions Editor and XMPP Registrar. To subscribe to the list or view the list archives, visit &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- various code projects -->
<!ENTITY jabberd "<span class='ref'><link url=''>jabberd</link></span> <note>The jabberd server is the original server implementation of the Jabber/XMPP protocols, first developed by Jeremie Miller, inventor of Jabber. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- source code licenses -->
<!ENTITY GPL "<span class='ref'><link url=''>The General Public License</link></span> <note>The General Public License is the primary code license for free software as defined by the Free Software Foundation. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY LGPL "<span class='ref'><link url=''>The Lesser General Public License</link></span> <note>The Lesser General Public License is a secondary code license for free software as defined by the Free Software Foundation. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY OSI "<span class='ref'><link url=''>The Open Source Initiative</link></span> <note>The Open Source Initiative defines the term 'open source' and maintains a list of open-source code licenses. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- miscellaneous URLs -->
<!ENTITY clark "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Clark Notation</link></span> <note>Clark Notation, a syntax to allow universal names written as a URI in curly brackets followed by the local name; developed by James Clark. &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- other organizations -->
<!ENTITY CACERT "<span class='ref'><link url=''>CAcert</link></span> <note>CAcert is a community-driven certificate authority which issues validated certificates based on participation in a web of trust rather than payment of a fee. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY DUBLINCORE "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)</link></span> <note>The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is an organization dedicated to promoting the widespread adoption of interoperable metadata standards. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY FPL "<span class='ref'><link url=''>FIX Protocol, Ltd.</link></span> <note>FIX Protocol, Ltd. is a securities industry consortium that has developed the Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX). For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY IANA "the <span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)</link></span> <note>The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is the central coordinator for the assignment of unique parameter values for Internet protocols, such as port numbers and URI schemes. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY IETF "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)</link></span> <note>The Internet Engineering Task Force is the principal body engaged in the development of new Internet standard specifications, best known for its work on standards such as HTTP and SMTP. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ISO "<span class='ref'><link url=''>International Organization for Standardization (ISO)</link></span> <note>The International Organization for Standardization develops standards a wide variety of technical domains. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ITU "<span class='ref'><link url=''>International Telecommunication Union (ITU)</link></span> <note>The International Telecommunication Union develops technical and operating standards (such as H.323) for international telecommunication services. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY OASIS "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OASIS</link></span> <note>OASIS is a not-for-profit, international consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of e-business standards. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY OMA "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)</link></span> <note>The Open Mobile Alliance is the focal point for the development of mobile service enabler specifications, which support the creation of interoperable end-to-end mobile services. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY SFSCA "<span class='ref'><link url=''>StartCom Free SSL Certification Authority</link></span> <note> The StartCom Free SSL Certification Authority is a certification authority that offers free or low-cost X.509 certificates to Internet user and server administrators. It is is also the root CA for the XMPP Intermediate Certification Authority run by the XMPP Standards Foundation. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY XMPPWG "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Working Group</link></span> <note>The XMPP Working Group was created by the Internet Engineering Task Force to define an adaptation of the base Jabber protocols that could be considered an IETF-approved instant messaging and presence technology. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY W3C "<span class='ref'><link url=''>World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)</link></span> <note>The World Wide Web Consortium defines data formats and markup languages (such as HTML and XML) for use over the Internet. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- W3C specs -->
<!ENTITY w3canon "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Canonical XML</link></span> <note>Canonical XML 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3css "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Cascading Style Sheets</link></span> <note>Cascading Style Sheets, level 1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3exi "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Efficient XML Interchange</link></span> <note>Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3html "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HTML 4.0</link></span> <note>HTML 4.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3process "<span class='ref'><link url=''>W3C Process Document</link></span> <note>W3C Process Document &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soap "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP</link></span> <note>SOAP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soap0 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP Version 1.2 Part 0</link></span> <note>SOAP Version 1.2 Part 0: Primer &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soap1 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1</link></span> <note>SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1: Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soap2 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP Version 1.2 Part 2</link></span> <note>SOAP Version 1.2 Part 2: Adjuncts &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soapaf "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature</link></span> <note>SOAP 1.2 Attachment Feature &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soapemail "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP Email Binding</link></span> <note>SOAP Version 1.2 Email Binding &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soapmtom "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism</link></span> <note>SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3soaprep "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Resource Representation SOAP Header Block</link></span> <note>Resource Representation SOAP Header Block &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3svg "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)</link></span> <note>Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification
&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3turingtest "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Inaccessibility of Visually-Oriented Anti-Robot Tests</link></span> <note>Inaccessibility of Visually-Oriented Anti-Robot Tests &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xforms "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XForms 1.0</link></span> <note>XForms 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xhtml "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XHTML 1.0</link></span> <note>XHTML 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xhtml2 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XHTML 2.0</link></span> <note>XHTML 2.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xhtmlbasic "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XHTML Basic</link></span> <note>XHTML Basic &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xhtmlmod "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Modularization of XHTML</link></span> <note>Modularization of XHTML &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xinclude "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XInclude</link></span> <note>XML Inclusions (XInclude) 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3rdf "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Resource Description Framework</link></span> <note>Resource Description Framework (RDF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xml "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XML 1.0</link></span> <note>Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Fourth Edition) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xmlenc "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XML Encryption</link></span> <note>XML Encryption Syntax and Processing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xmlnamespaces "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Namespaces in XML</link></span> <note>Namespaces in XML &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xmlschema1 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XML Schema Part 1</link></span> <note>XML Schema Part 1: Structures &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xmlschema2 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XML Schema Part 2</link></span> <note>XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xmlsig "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XML Signature</link></span> <note>XML Signature Syntax and Processing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xop "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XML-binary Optimized Packaging</link></span> <note>XML-binary Optimized Packaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xpath "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XPath</link></span> <note>XML Path Language &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3xslt "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XSL Transformations</link></span> <note>XSL Transformations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY w3wsdl "<span class='ref'><link url=''>WSDL</link></span> <note>WSDL 1.1 Specification &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- OASIS specs -->
<!ENTITY oasiscap "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Common Alerting Protocol</link></span> <note>Common Alerting Protocol, v. 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY saml "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Security Assertion Markup Language</link></span> <note>Security Assertion Markup Language &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- archived I-Ds -->
<!ENTITY arcfour "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Arcfour</link></span> <note>A Stream Cipher Encryption Algorithm 'Arcfour' &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY dawson3 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-dawson-vcard-xml-dtd-03</link></span> <note>draft-dawson-vcard-xml-dtd-03 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!-- various security specs -->
<!ENTITY ansix952 "<span class='ref'>ANSI X9.52</span> <note>ANSI X9.52: Triple Data Encryption Algorithm Modes of Operation (1998).</note>" >
<!ENTITY blowfish "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Blowfish</link></span> <note>Description of a New Variable-Length Key, 64-Bit Block Cipher (Blowfish) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY idea "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IDEA</link></span> <note>The IDEA Block Cipher &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY nistfips46-3 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Encryption Standard</link></span> <note>Data Encryption Standard: Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 46-3 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY nistfips180-2 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SHA</link></span> <note>Secure Hash Standard: Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 180-2 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY nistfips186-2 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DSS</link></span> <note>Digital Signature Standard: Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 186 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY nistfips197 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>AES</link></span> <note>Advanced Encryption Standard: Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 197 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY nistfips198a "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HMAC</link></span> <note>The Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC): Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 198 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY nistfips198-1 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HMAC</link></span> <note>The Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC): Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 198-1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY nistfips800-38a "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Recommendation for Block Cipher Modes of Operation</link></span> <note>Recommendation for Block Cipher Modes of Operation: Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 800-38a &lt;<link url=''> nistpubs/800-38a/sp800-38a.pdf</link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY otr "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Off-the-Record Communication</link></span> <note>Off-the-Record Communication, or, Why Not to Use PGP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt; &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY serpent "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Serpent</link></span> <note>The Serpent Block Cipher &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sigma "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SIGMA</link></span> <note>SIGMA: the 'SIGn-and-MAc' Approach to Authenticated Diffie-Hellman and its Use in the IKE Protocols (Hugo Krawczyk, June 12 2003) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ssl "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SSL</link></span> <note>SSL V3.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY twofish "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Twofish</link></span> <note>The Twofish Block Cipher &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY whirlpool "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Whirlpool</link></span> <note>The Whirlpool Hash Function &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY olm "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Olm</link></span> <note>Olm: A Cryptographic Ratchet &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY curve25519 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Curve25519</link></span> <note>Curve25519: new Diffie-Hellman speed records &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY doubleratchet "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DoubleRatchet</link></span> <note>The Double Ratchet Algorithm &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY x3dh "<span class='ref'><link url=''>X3DH</link></span> <note>The X3DH Key Agreement Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xeddsa "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XEdDSA</link></span> <note>The XEdDSA and VXEdDSA Signature Schemes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- ITU specs -->
<!ENTITY H.323 "<span class='ref'>H.323</span> <note>ITU Recommendation H.323: Packet-based Multimedia Communications Systems (September 1999).</note>" >
<!ENTITY ASN.1 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>ASN.1</link></span> <note>X.680: Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Specification of basic notation &lt;<link url='http:://'>http:://</link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY BER "<span class='ref'><link url=''>BER</link></span> <note>X.690: ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY E.164 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>ITU E.164</link></span> <note>ITU Recommendation E.164/I.331: The International Public Telecommunication Numbering Plan (1997). This specification is not freely available; a short summary is located at &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY X.500 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>X.500</link></span> <note>X.500: The Directory: Overview of concepts, models and service &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY X.841 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>X.841</link></span> <note>X.841: Security techniques - Security information objects for access control &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY BT.601 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>BT.601</link></span> <note>BT.601: Studio encoding parameters of digital television for standard 4:3 and wide screen 16:9 aspect ratios &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;</note>">
<!-- some other specs -->
<!ENTITY ascii "<span class='ref'>US-ASCII</span> <note>Coded Character Set - 7-bit American Standard Code for Information Interchange (American National Standards Institute X3.4, 1986).</note>" >
<!ENTITY bayeux "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bayeux Protocol</link></span> <note>Bayeux Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY dcmiterms "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DCMI Metadata Terms</link></span> <note>Dublin Core Metadata Initiative: DCMI Metadata Terms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ecma151 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Standard ECMA-151</link></span> <note>Standard ECMA-151: Data Compression for Information Interchange - Adaptive Coding with Embedded Dictionary - DLCZ Algorithm &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ecma262 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>ECMAScript (JavaScript)</link></span> <note>Standard ECMA-262: ECMAScript Language Specification 3rd edition &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY fix "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX)</link></span> <note>The Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX) is a messaging standard developed specifically for the real-time electronic exchange of securities transactions. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY fixml "<span class='ref'><link url=''>FIXML</link></span> <note>FIXML is an XML representation of the data format used in Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX), which abstracts the FIX data format from the underlying FIX transport mechanism. For further information, see &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY foaf "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Friend of a Friend (FOAF)</link></span> <note>Friend of a Friend (FOAF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY icestandard "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Information and Content Exchange</link></span> <note>Information and Content Exchange &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY IC-ISM "<span class='ref'>IC-ISM</span> <note>Common Information Sharing Standard for Information Security Marking: XML Implementation, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Release 2.0.3, 15 February 2006.</note>" >
<!ENTITY iso8601 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>ISO 8601</link></span> <note>ISO 8601: Representation of Dates and Times (2000). This specification is not freely available; however, a good summary is located at &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY oauth "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OAuth</link></span> <note>OAuth Core 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY openid "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OpenID</link></span> <note>OpenID Authentication 2.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY petnames "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Introduction to Petname Systems</link></span> <note>Introduction to Petname Systems &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rhttp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Reverse HTTP</link></span> <note>Reverse HTTP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rtf "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Rich Text Format (RTF)</link></span> <note>Rich Text Format (RTF) Version 1.5 Specification &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY SDN.801c "<span class='ref'>SDN.801c</span> <note>SDN.801c: Access Control Concept and Mechanism, US National Security Agency, Revision C, 12 May 1999.</note>" >
<!ENTITY uax9 "<span class='ref'>Unicode Standard Annex #9</span> <note>Unicode Standard Annex #9, &quot;Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm&quot;, edited by Mark Davis, Aharon Lanin, and Andrew Glass. An integral part of The Unicode Standard, &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY unicode10 "<span class='ref'>Unicode 10.0.0</span> <note>The Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Standard, Version 10.0.0, (Mountain View, CA: The Unicode Consortium, 2017. ISBN 978-1-936213-16-0) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY unicode "<span class='ref'>Unicode</span> <note>The Unicode Standard, The Unicode Consortium &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY wap "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Wireless Access Protocol (WAP)</link></span> <note>Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY wv-csp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>WV Client-Server Protocol v1.1</link></span> <note>Wireless Village Client-Server Protocol v1.1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xfn "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XHTML Friends Network (XFN)</link></span> <note>XHTML Friends Network (XFN) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmlrpc "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XML-RPC</link></span> <note>XML-RPC &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY hsluv "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HSLuv</link></span> <note>HSLuv &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY cbtls13 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Channel Bindings for TLS 1.3</link></span> <note>Channel Bindings for TLS 1.3 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- IETF RFCs -->
<!ENTITY rfc0768 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 768</link></span> <note>RFC 768: User Datagram Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc0793 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 793</link></span> <note>RFC 793: Transmission Control Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc0822 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 822</link></span> <note>RFC 822: Standard for the Format of ARPA Internet Text Messages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc0862 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 862</link></span> <note>RFC 862: Echo Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc0918 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 918</link></span> <note>RFC 918: Post Office Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc0958 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 958</link></span> <note>RFC 958: Network Time Protocol (NTP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc0959 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 959</link></span> <note>RFC 959: File Transfer Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1034 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1034</link></span> <note>RFC 1034: Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1035 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1035</link></span> <note>RFC 1035: Domain Names - Implementation and Specification &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1123 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1123</link></span> <note>RFC 1123: Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1305 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1305</link></span> <note>RFC 1305: Network Time Protocol (Version 3) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1321 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1321</link></span> <note>RFC 1321: The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1393 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1393</link></span> <note>RFC 1393: Traceroute Using an IP Option &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1459 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1459</link></span> <note>RFC 1459: Internet Relay Chat &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1464 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1464</link></span> <note>RFC 1464: Using the Domain Name System To Store Arbitrary String Attributes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1750 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1750</link></span> <note>RFC 1750: Randomness Recommendations for Security &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1808 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1808</link></span> <note>RFC 1808: Uniform Resource Locators &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1886 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1886</link></span> <note>RFC 1886: DNS Extensions to support IP version 6 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1889 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1889</link></span> <note>RFC 1889: RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1893 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1893</link></span> <note>RFC 1893: Enhanced Mail System Status Codes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1928 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1928</link></span> <note>RFC 1928: SOCKS Protocol Version 5 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1929 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1929</link></span> <note>RFC 1929: Username/Password Authentication for SOCKS V5 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1939 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1939</link></span> <note>RFC 1939: Post Office Protocol - Version 3 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1945 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1945</link></span> <note>RFC 1945: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1950 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1950</link></span> <note>RFC 1950: ZLIB Compressed Data Format Specification version 3.3 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc1951 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 1951</link></span> <note>RFC 1951: DEFLATE Compressed Data Format Specification version 1.3 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2026 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2026</link></span> <note>RFC 2026: The Internet Standards Process &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2045 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2045</link></span> <note>RFC 2045: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2068 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2068</link></span> <note>RFC 2068: Hypertext Transport Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2104 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2104</link></span> <note>RFC 2104: HMAC: Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2109 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2109</link></span> <note>RFC 2109: HTTP State Mangement Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2111 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2111</link></span> <note>RFC 2111: Content-ID and Message-ID Uniform Resource Locators &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2119 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2119</link></span> <note>RFC 2119: Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2141 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2141</link></span> <note>RFC 2141: URN Syntax &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2142 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2142</link></span> <note>RFC 2142: Mailbox Names for Common Services, Roles and Functions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2144 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2144</link></span> <note>RFC 2144: The CAST-128 Encryption Algorithm &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2183 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2183</link></span> <note>RFC 2183: Communicating Presentation Information in Internet Messages: The Content-Disposition Header Field &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2222 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2222</link></span> <note>RFC 2222: Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2244 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2244</link></span> <note>RFC 2244: ACAP -- Application Configuration Access Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2246 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2246</link></span> <note>RFC 2246: The TLS Protocol Version 1.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2251 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2251</link></span> <note>RFC 2251: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2252 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2252</link></span> <note>RFC 2252: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Attribute Syntax Definitions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2253 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2253</link></span> <note>RFC 2253: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): UTF-8 String Representation of Distinguished Names &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2256 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2256</link></span> <note>RFC 2256: A Summary of the X.500(96) User Schema for use with LDAPv3 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2277 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2277</link></span> <note>RFC 2277: IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2317 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2317</link></span> <note>RFC 2317: Classless IN-ADDR.ARPA delegation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2326 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2326</link></span> <note>RFC 2326: Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2327 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2327</link></span> <note>RFC 2327: SDP: Session Description Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2350 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2350</link></span> <note>RFC 2350: Expectations for Computer Security Incident Response &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2368 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2368</link></span> <note>RFC 2368: The mailto URL scheme &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2397 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2397</link></span> <note>RFC 2397: The data: URL scheme &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2405 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2405</link></span> <note>RFC 2405: The ESP DES-CBC Cipher Algorithm With Explicit IV &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2406 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2406</link></span> <note>RFC 2406: IP Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2409 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2409</link></span> <note>RFC 2409: The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2412 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2412</link></span> <note>RFC 2412: The OAKLEY Key Determination Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2413 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2413</link></span> <note>RFC 2413: Dublin Core Metadata for Resource Discovery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2414 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2414</link></span> <note>RFC 2414: Increasing TCP's Initial Window &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2420 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2420</link></span> <note>RFC 2420: The PPP Triple-DES Encryption Protocol (3DESE) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2426 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2426</link></span> <note>RFC 2426: vCard MIME Directory Profile &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2437 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2437</link></span> <note>RFC 2437: PKCS #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2451 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2451</link></span> <note>RFC 2451: The ESP CBC-Mode Cipher Algorithms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2510 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2510</link></span> <note>RFC 2510: Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Management Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2518 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2518</link></span> <note>RFC 2518: HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring -- WEBDAV &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2518bis "<span class='ref'><link url=''>rfc2518bis</link></span> <note>RFC 2518: HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring -- WebDAV &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2595 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2595</link></span> <note>RFC 2595: Using TLS with IMAP, POP3 and ACAP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2606 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2606</link></span> <note>RFC 2606: Reserved Top Level DNS Names &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2608 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2608</link></span> <note>RFC 2608: Service Location Protocol, Version 2 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2616 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2616</link></span> <note>RFC 2616: Hypertext Transport Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2617 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2617</link></span> <note>RFC 2617: HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2631 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2631</link></span> <note>RFC 2631: Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2633 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2633</link></span> <note>RFC 2633: S/MIME Version 3 Message Specification &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2634 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2634</link></span> <note>RFC 2634: Enhanced Security Services for S/MIME &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2648 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2648</link></span> <note>RFC 2648: A URN Namespace for IETF Documents &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2778 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2778</link></span> <note>RFC 2778: A Model for Presence and Instant Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2779 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2779</link></span> <note>RFC 2779: A Model for Presence and Instant Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2782 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2782</link></span> <note>RFC 2782: A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2798 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2798</link></span> <note>RFC 2798: Definition of the inetOrgPerson LDAP Object Class &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2806 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2806</link></span> <note>RFC 2806: URLs for Telephone Calls &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2810 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2810</link></span> <note>RFC 2810: Internet Relay Chat: Architecture &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2811 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2811</link></span> <note>RFC 2811: Internet Relay Chat: Channel Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2812 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2812</link></span> <note>RFC 2812: Internet Relay Chat: Client Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2813 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2813</link></span> <note>RFC 2813: Internet Relay Chat: Server Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2817 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2817</link></span> <note>RFC 2817: Upgrading to TLS Within HTTP/1.1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2818 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2818</link></span> <note>RFC 2818: HTTP Over TLS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2821 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2821</link></span> <note>RFC 2821: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2822 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2822</link></span> <note>RFC 2822: Internet Message Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2831 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2831</link></span> <note>RFC 2831: Using Digest Authentication as a SASL Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2833 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2833</link></span> <note>RFC 2833: RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2920 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2920</link></span> <note>RFC 2920: SMTP Service Extension for Command Pipelining &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc2965 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 2965</link></span> <note>RFC 2965: HTTP State Management Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3023 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3023</link></span> <note>RFC 3023: XML Media Types &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3066 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3066</link></span> <note>RFC 3066: Tags for the Identification of Languages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3067 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3067</link></span> <note>RFC 3067: TERENA&apos;s Incident Object Description and Exchange Format Requirements &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3080 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3080</link></span> <note>RFC 3080: The Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol Core (BEEP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3117 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3117</link></span> <note>RFC 3117: On the Design of Application Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3156 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3156</link></span> <note>RFC 3156: MIME Security with OpenPGP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3174 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3174</link></span> <note>RFC 3174: US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3217 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3217</link></span> <note>RFC 3217: Triple-DES and RC2 Key Wrapping &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3261 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3261</link></span> <note>RFC 3261: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3264 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3264</link></span> <note>RFC 3264: An Offer/Answer Model with the Session Description Protocol (SDP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3269 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3269</link></span> <note>RFC 3269: UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3281 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3281</link></span> <note>RFC 3281: An Internet Attribute Certificate Profile for Authorization &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3288 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3288</link></span> <note>RFC 3288: Using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) in Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3312 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3312</link></span> <note>RFC 3312: Integration of Resource Management and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3330 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3330</link></span> <note>RFC 3330: Special-Use IPv4 Addresses &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3339 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DATETIME</link></span> <note>RFC 3339: Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3340 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3340</link></span> <note>RFC 3340: The Application Exchange Core (APEX) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3341 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3341</link></span> <note>RFC 3341: The Application Exchange (APEX) Access Service &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3342 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3342</link></span> <note>RFC 3342: The Application Exchange (APEX) Option Party Pack, Part Deux! &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3343 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3343</link></span> <note>RFC 3343: The Application Exchange (APEX) Presence Service &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3370 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3370</link></span> <note>RFC 3370: Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Algorithms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3389 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3389</link></span> <note>RFC 3389: Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload for Comfort Noise (CN) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3394 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3394</link></span> <note>RFC 3394: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Key Wrap Algorithm &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3401 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3401</link></span> <note>RFC 3401: Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part One: The Comprehensive DDDS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3403 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3403</link></span> <note>RFC 3403: Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Three: The Domain Name System (DNS) Database &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3404 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3404</link></span> <note>RFC 3404: Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Four: The Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Resolution Application &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3428 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3428</link></span> <note>RFC 3428: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for Instant Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3447 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3447</link></span> <note>RFC 3447: Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3454 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3454</link></span> <note>RFC 3454: Preparation of Internationalized Strings (stringprep) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3489 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3489</link></span> <note>RFC 3489: STUN - Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translators (NATs) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3490 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3490</link></span> <note>RFC 3490: Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3514 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3514</link></span> <note>RFC 3514: The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3526 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3526</link></span> <note>RFC 3526: More Modular Exponential (MODP) Diffie-Hellman Groups &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3548 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3548</link></span> <note>RFC 3548: The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3550 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3550</link></span> <note>RFC 3550: RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3551 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3551</link></span> <note>RFC 3551: RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3552 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3552</link></span> <note>RFC 3552: Guidelines for Writing RFC Text on Security Considerations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3555 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3555</link></span> <note>RFC 3555: MIME Type Registration of RTP Payload Formats &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3605 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3605</link></span> <note>RFC 3605: Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) attribute in Session Description Protocol (SDP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3629 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3629</link></span> <note>RFC 3629: UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3711 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3711</link></span> <note>RFC 3711: The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3744 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3744</link></span> <note>RFC 3744: Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Access Control Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3749 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3749</link></span> <note>RFC 3749: Transport Layer Security Protocol Compression Methods &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3766 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3766</link></span> <note>RFC 3766: Determining Strengths For Public Keys Used For Exchanging Symmetric Keys &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3859 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3859</link></span> <note>RFC 3859: Common Profile for Presence (CPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3860 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3860</link></span> <note>RFC 3860: Common Profile for Instant Messaging (CPIM) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3861 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3861</link></span> <note>RFC 3861: Address Resolution for Instant Messaging and Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3862 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3862</link></span> <note>RFC 3862: Common Presence and Instant Messaging (CPIM): Message Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3863 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3863</link></span> <note>RFC 3863: Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3920 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3920</link></span> <note>RFC 3920: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Core &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3921 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3921</link></span> <note>RFC 3921: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging and Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3922 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3922</link></span> <note>RFC 3922: Mapping the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) to Common Presence and Instant Messaging (CPIM) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3923 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3923</link></span> <note>RFC 3923: End-to-End Signing and Object Encryption for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3923bis "<span class='ref'><link url=''>E2EEncrypt</link></span> <note>End-to-End Object Encryption for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), Miller, M. and P. Saint-Andre, work in progress &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3927 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3927</link></span> <note>RFC 3927: Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3958 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3958</link></span> <note>RFC 3958: Domain-Based Application Service Location Using SRV RRs and the Dynamic Delegation Discovery Service (DDDS) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3959 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3959</link></span> <note>RFC 3959: The Early Session Disposition Type for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3960 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3960</link></span> <note>RFC 3960: Early Media and Ringing Tone Generation in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3966 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3966</link></span> <note>RFC 3966: The tel URI for Telephone Numbers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3984 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3984</link></span> <note>RFC 3984: RTP Payload Format for H.264 Video &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3986 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3986</link></span> <note>RFC 3986: Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc3987 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 3987</link></span> <note>RFC 3987: Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4032 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4032</link></span> <note>RFC 4032: Update to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Preconditions Framework &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4033 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4033</link></span> <note>RFC 4033: DNS Security Introduction and Requirements &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4086 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4086</link></span> <note>RFC 4086: Randomness Requirements for Security &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4103 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4103</link></span> <note>RFC 4103: RTP Payload for Text Conversation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4119 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4119</link></span> <note>RFC 4119: A Presence-based GEOPRIV Location Object Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4120 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4120</link></span> <note>RFC 4120: The Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4121 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4121</link></span> <note>RFC 4121: The Kerberos Version 5 Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Mechanism: Version 2 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4122 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4122</link></span> <note>RFC 4122: A Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) URN Namespace &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4145 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4145</link></span> <note>RFC 4145: TCP-Based Media Transport in the Session Description Protocol (SDP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4227 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4227</link></span> <note>RFC 4227: Using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) in Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4251 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4251</link></span> <note>RFC 4251: The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol Architecture &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4252 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4252</link></span> <note>RFC 4252: The Secure Shell (SHS) Authentication Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4253 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4253</link></span> <note>RFC 4253: The Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4270 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4270</link></span> <note>RFC 4270: Attacks on Cryptographic Hashes in Internet Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4281 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4281</link></span> <note>RFC 4281: The Codecs Parameter for &quot;Bucket&quot; Media Types &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4287 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4287</link></span> <note>RFC 4287: The Atom Syndication Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4301 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4301</link></span> <note>RFC 4301: Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4306 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4306</link></span> <note>RFC 4306: Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4344 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4344</link></span> <note>RFC 4344: SSH Transport Layer Encryption Modes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4346 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4346</link></span> <note>RFC 4346: The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4347 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4347</link></span> <note>RFC 4347: Datagram Transport Layer Security &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4366 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4366</link></span> <note>RFC 4366: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Extensions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4395 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4395</link></span> <note>RFC 4395: Guidelines and Registration Procedures for New URI Schemes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4422 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4422</link></span> <note>RFC 4422: Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4425 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4425</link></span> <note>RFC 4425: RTP Payload Format for Video Codec 1 (VC-1) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4467 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4467</link></span> <note>RFC 4467: Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - URLAUTH Extension &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4480 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4480</link></span> <note>RFC 4480: RPID: Rich Presence Extensions to the Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4481 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4481</link></span> <note>RFC 4481: Timed Presence Extensions to the Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) to Indicate Status Information for Past and Future Time Intervals &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4505 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4505</link></span> <note>RFC 4505: The SASL ANONYMOUS Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4551 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4551</link></span> <note>RFC 4551: IMAP Extension for Conditional STORE Operation or Quick Flag Changes Resynchronization &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4566 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4566</link></span> <note>RFC 4566: SDP: Session Description Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4568 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4568</link></span> <note>RFC 4568: Session Description Protocol (SDP) Security Descriptions for Media Streams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4571 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4571</link></span> <note>RFC 4571: Framing Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Packets over Connection-Oriented Transport &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4572 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4572</link></span> <note>RFC 4572: Connection-Oriented Media Transport over the Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol in the Session Description Protocol (SDP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4575 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4575</link></span> <note>RFC 4575: A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Conference State &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4579 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4579</link></span> <note>RFC 4579: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Call Control - Conferencing for User Agents &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4585 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4585</link></span> <note>RFC 4585: Extended RTP Profile for Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback (RTP/AVPF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4616 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4616</link></span> <note>RFC 4616: The PLAIN Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4622 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4622</link></span> <note>RFC 4622: Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4627 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4627</link></span> <note>RFC 4627: The application/json Media Type for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4646 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4646</link></span> <note>RFC 4646: Tags for Identifying Languages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4648 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4648</link></span> <note>RFC 4648: The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4685 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4685</link></span> <note>RFC 4685: Atom Threading Extensions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4732 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4732</link></span> <note>RFC 4732: Internet Denial-of-Service Considerations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4733 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4733</link></span> <note>RFC 4733: RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones, and Telephony Signals &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4752 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4752</link></span> <note>RFC 4752: The Kerberos V5 (&quot;GSSAPI&quot;) Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4770 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4770</link></span> <note>RFC 4770: vCard Extensions for Instant Messaging (IM) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4790 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4790</link></span> <note>RFC 4790: Internet Application Protocol Collation Registry &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4848 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4848</link></span> <note>RFC 4848: Domain-Based Application Service Location Using URIs and the Dynamic Delegation Discovery Service (DDDS) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4854 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4854</link></span> <note>RFC 4854: A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Extensions to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4880 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4880</link></span> <note>RFC 4880: OpenPGP Message Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4949 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4949</link></span> <note>RFC 4949: Internet Security Glossary, Version 2 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc4975 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 4975</link></span> <note>RFC 4975: The Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5023 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5023</link></span> <note>RFC 5023: The Atom Publishing Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5054 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5054</link></span> <note>RFC 5054: Using the Secure Remote Password (SRP) Protocol for TLS Authentication &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5056 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5056</link></span> <note>RFC 5056: On the Use of Channel Bindings to Secure Channels &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5070 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5070</link></span> <note>RFC 5070: The Incident Object Description Exchange Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5077 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5077</link></span> <note>RFC 5077: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Session Resumption without Server-Side State &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5081 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5081</link></span> <note>RFC 5081: Using OpenPGP Keys for Transport Layer Security (TLS) Authentication &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5122 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5122</link></span> <note>RFC 5122: Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5124 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5124</link></span> <note>RFC 5124: Extended Secure RTP Profile for Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback (RTP/SAVPF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5178 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5178</link></span> <note>RFC 5178: Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Internationalization and Domain-Based Service Names and Name Type &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5179 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5179</link></span> <note>RFC 5179: Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Domain-Based Service Names Mapping for the Kerberos V GSS Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5245 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5245</link></span> <note>RFC 5245: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5246 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5246</link></span> <note>RFC 5246: The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5256 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5256</link></span> <note>RFC 5256: Internet Message Access Protocol - SORT and THREAD Extensions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5280 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5280</link></span> <note>RFC 5280: Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5322 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5322</link></span> <note>RFC 5322: Internet Message Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5359 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5359</link></span> <note>RFC 5359: Session Initiation Protocol Service Examples &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5389 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5389</link></span> <note>RFC 5389: Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5391 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5391</link></span> <note>RFC 5391: RTP Payload Format for ITU-T Recommendation G.711.1 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5450 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5450</link></span> <note>RFC 5450: Transmission Time Offsets in RTP Streams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5536 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5536</link></span> <note>RFC 5536: Netnews Article Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5547 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5547</link></span> <note>RFC 5547: A Session Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer Mechanism to Enable File Transfer &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5574 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5574</link></span> <note>RFC 5574: RTP Payload Format for the Speex Codec &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5576 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5576</link></span> <note>RFC 5576: Source-Specific Media Attributes in the Session Description Protocol (SDP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5646 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5646</link></span> <note>RFC 5646: Tags for Identifying Languages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5761 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5761</link></span> <note>RFC 5761: Multiplexing RTP Data and Control Packets on a Single Port &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5763 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5763</link></span> <note>RFC 5763: Framework for Establishing a Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) Security Context Using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5766 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5766</link></span> <note>RFC 5766: Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN): Relay Extensions to Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5785 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5785</link></span> <note>RFC 5785: Defining Well-Known Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5802 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5802</link></span> <note>RFC 5802: Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) SASL and GSS-API Mechanisms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5888 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5888</link></span> <note>RFC 5888: The Session Description Protocol (SDP) Grouping Framework &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5929 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5929</link></span> <note>RFC 5929: Channel Bindings for TLS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5952 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5952</link></span> <note>RFC 5952: A Recommendation for IPv6 Address Text Representation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc5988 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5988</link></span> <note>RFC 5988: Web Linking &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6045 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6045</link></span> <note>RFC 6045: Real-time Inter-network Defense (RID) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6051 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6051</link></span> <note>RFC 6051: Rapid Synchronisation of RTP Flows &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6120 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6120</link></span> <note>RFC 6120: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Core &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6121 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6121</link></span> <note>RFC 6121: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging and Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6122 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6122</link></span> <note>RFC 6122: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Address Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6125 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6125</link></span> <note>RFC 6125: Representation and Verification of Domain-Based Application Service Identity within Internet Public Key Infrastructure Using X.509 (PKIX) Certificates in the Context of Transport Layer Security (TLS) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6149 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6149</link></span> <note>RFC 6149: MD2 to Historic Status &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6150 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6150</link></span> <note>RFC 6150: MD4 to Historic Status &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6151 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6151</link></span> <note>RFC 6151: Updated Security Considerations for the MD5 Message-Digest and the HMAC-MD5 Algorithms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6186 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6186</link></span> <note>RFC 6186: Use of SRV Records for Locating Email Submission/Access Services &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6189 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6189</link></span> <note>RFC 6189: ZRTP: Media Path Key Agreement for Unicast Secure RTP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6194 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6194</link></span> <note>RFC 6194: Updated Security Considerations for the SHA-0 and SHA-1 Message-Digest Algorithms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6234 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6234</link></span> <note>RFC 6234: US Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA and SHA-based HMAC and HKDF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6331 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6331</link></span> <note>RFC 6331: Moving DIGEST-MD5 to Historic &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6350 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6350</link></span> <note>RFC 6350: vCard Format Specification &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6351 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6351</link></span> <note>RFC 6351: vCard XML Representation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6415 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6415</link></span> <note>RFC 6415: Web Host Metadata &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6443 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6443</link></span> <note>RFC 6443: Framework for Emergency Calling Using Internet Multimedia &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6455 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6455</link></span> <note>RFC 6455: The WebSocket Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6473 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6473</link></span> <note>RFC 6473: vCard KIND:application &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6544 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6544</link></span> <note>RFC 6544: TCP Candidates with Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6648 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6648</link></span> <note>RFC 6648: Deprecating the X- Prefix and Similar Constructs in Application Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6698 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6698</link></span> <note>RFC 6698: The DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol: TLSA &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6716 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6716</link></span> <note>RFC 6716: Definition of the Opus Audio Codec &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6762 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6762</link></span> <note>RFC 6762: Multicast DNS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6763 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6763</link></span> <note>RFC 6763: DNS-Based Service Discovery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6797 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6797</link></span> <note>RFC 6797: HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6920 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6920</link></span> <note>RFC 6920: Naming Things with Hashes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc6940 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 6940</link></span> <note>RFC 6940: REsource LOcation And Discovery (RELOAD) Base Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7081 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7081</link></span> <note>RFC 7081: CUSAX: Combined Use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7232 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7232</link></span> <note>RFC 7232: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Conditional Requests &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7301 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7301</link></span> <note>RFC 7301: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7395 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7395</link></span> <note>RFC 7395: An Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Subprotocol for WebSocket &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7468 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7468</link></span> <note>RFC 7468: Textual Encodings of PKIX, PKCS, and CMS Structures &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7469 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7469</link></span> <note>RFC 7469: Public Key Pinning Extension for HTTP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7519 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7519</link></span> <note>RFC 7519: JSON Web Token (JWT) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7564 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7564</link></span> <note>RFC 7564: PRECIS Framework: Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings in Application Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7572 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7572</link></span> <note>RFC 7572: Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7590 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7590</link></span> <note>RFC 7590: Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) in the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7595 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7595</link></span> <note>RFC 7595: Guidelines and Registration Procedures for URI Schemes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7613 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7613</link></span> <note>RFC 7613: Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings Representing Usernames and Passwords&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7622 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7622</link></span> <note>RFC 7622: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Address Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7627 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7627</link></span> <note>RFC 7627: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Session Hash and Extended Master Secret Extension &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7693 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7693</link></span> <note>RFC 7693: The BLAKE2 Cryptographic Hash and Message Authentication Code (MAC) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7700 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7700</link></span> <note>RFC 7700: Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings Representing Nicknames&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7712 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7712</link></span> <note>RFC 7712: Domain Name Associations (DNA) in the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7748 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7748</link></span> <note>RFC 7748: Elliptic Curves for Security &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7764 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7764</link></span> <note>RFC 7764: Guidance on Markdown: Design Philosophies, Stability Strategies, and Select Registrations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc7830 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 7830</link></span> <note>RFC 7830: The EDNS(0) Padding Option &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8032 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8032</link></span> <note>RFC 8032: Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8174 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8174</link></span> <note>RFC 8174: Ambiguity of Uppercase vs Lowercase in RFC 2119 Key Words &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8264 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8264</link></span> <note>RFC 8264: PRECIS Framework: Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings in Application Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8445 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8445</link></span> <note>RFC 8445: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8446 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8446</link></span> <note>RFC 8446: The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.3 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8467 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8467</link></span> <note>RFC 8467: Padding Policies for Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0)) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8484 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8484</link></span> <note>RFC 8484: DNS Queries over HTTPS (DoH) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rfc8285 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 8285</link></span> <note>RFC 8285: A General Mechanism for RTP Header Extensions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- Internet-Drafts -->
<!ENTITY rfc6122bis "<span class='ref'><link url=''>rfc6122bis</link></span> <note>Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Address Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY atomsub "<span class='ref'><link url=''>AtomSub</link></span> <note>Atomsub: Transporting Atom Notifications over the Publish-Subscribe Extension to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY bundle "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-bundle-negotiation</link></span> <note>Negotiating Media Multiplexing Using the Session Description Protocol (SDP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY cusax "<span class='ref'><link url=''>CUSAX</link></span> <note>CUSAX: Combined Use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY dtlssrtp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DTLS-SRTP</link></span> <note>Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Extension to Establish Keys for Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY geoprivpol "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Geopriv Policy</link></span> <note>Geopriv Policy &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY iax "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IAX</link></span> <note>IAX: Inter-Asterisk eXchange Version 2 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ice "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RFC 5245</link></span> <note>RFC 5245: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY miletemplate "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Guidelines for Defining Extensions to IODEF</link></span> <note>Guidelines for Defining Extensions to IODEF &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY opusrtp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RTP Payload Format and File Storage Format for Opus Speech and Audio Codec</link></span> <note>RTP Payload Format and File Storage Format for Opus Speech and Audio Codec &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY pidf "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) </link></span> <note>RFC 3863: Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY posh "<span class='ref'><link url=''>POSH</link></span> <note>PKIX Over Secure HTTP (POSH) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY reputemodel "<span class='ref'><link url=''>A Model for Reputation Reporting</link></span> <note>A Model for Reputation Reporting &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY reputemedia "<span class='ref'><link url=''>A Media Type for Reputation Interchange</link></span> <note>A Media Type for Reputation Interchange &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rtpkeepalive "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Application Mechanism for maintaining alive the Network Address Translator (NAT) mappings associated to RTP flows</link></span> <note>Application Mechanism for maintaining alive the Network Address Translator (NAT) mappings associated to RTP flows &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rtptheora "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RTP Payload Format for Theora Encoded Video</link></span> <note>RTP Payload Format for Theora Encoded Video &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY rtpvp8 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RTP Payload Format for VP8 Video</link></span> <note>RTP Payload Format for VP8 Video &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY saslkrb5 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-ietf-sasl-gssapi</link></span> <note>The Kerberos V5 (GSSAPI) SASL mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sasltls "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-cridland-sasl-tls-sessions</link></span> <note>On the use of TLS Session resumption and SASL EXTERNAL &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY scram "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SCRAM</link></span> <note>Salted Challenge Response (SCRAM) SASL Mechanism &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sdpdtls "<span class='ref'><link url=''>RTP Over DTLS</link></span> <note>Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) over Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sievenotify "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Sieve Extension: Notifications</link></span> <note>Sieve Extension: Notifications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sievenotifyxmpp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Sieve Notification Mechanism: xmpp</link></span> <note>Sieve Notification Mechanism: xmpp &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sipbonjour "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SIP URI Service Discovery using DNS-SD</link></span> <note>SIP URI Service Discovery using DNS-SD &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sdpng "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Session Description and Capability Negotiation (SDPng)</link></span> <note>Session Description and Capability Negotiation (SDPng) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY smtpquickstart "<span class='ref'><link url=''>The QUICKSTART SMTP service extension</link></span> <note>The QUICKSTART SMTP service extension &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY sshx509 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>X.509 Authentication in SSH2</link></span> <note>X.509 Authentication in SSH2 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY stoxcore "<span class='ref'><strong><link url=''>draft-ietf-stox-core</link></strong></span> <note>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Addresses and Error Conditions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY tcprobust "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Improving TCP's Robustness to Blind In-Window Attacks</link></span> <note>Improving TCP's Robustness to Blind In-Window Attacks &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY tls-attacks "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-sheffer-uta-tls-attacks</link></span> <note>Summarizing Current Attacks on TLS and DTLS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY tls-bcp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-sheffer-tls-bcp</link></span> <note>Summarizing Current Attacks on TLS and DTLS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY tls-xmpp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-saintandre-xmpp-tls</link></span> <note>Summarizing Current Attacks on TLS and DTLS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY turn "<span class='ref'><link url=''>TURN</link></span> <note>Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN): Relay Extensions to Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY turn-rest "<span class='ref'><link url=''>A REST API for Access to TURN Services</link></span> <note>A REST API For Access To TURN Services &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmppoverwebsocket "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Over WebSocket</link></span> <note>An XMPP Sub-protocol for WebSocket &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY bundle "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Multiplexing Negotiation Using Session Description Protocol (SDP) Port Numbers</link></span> <note>Multiplexing Negotiation Using Session Description Protocol (SDP) Port Numbers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;. Work in progress.</note>" >
<!ENTITY trickle "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Incremental Provisioning of Candidates for the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) Protocol</link></span> <note>Incremental Provisioning of Candidates for the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- IANA registries -->
<!ENTITY ianadispositions "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA Mail Content Disposition Values and Parameters Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of Mail Content Disposition Values and Parameters &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianahashes "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA Hash Function Textual Names Registry </link></span> <note>IANA registry of Hash Function Textual Names &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianalinks "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA MIME Atom Link Relations Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of Atom link relations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianamedia "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA MIME Media Types Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of MIME media types &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianaports "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA Port Numbers Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of port numbers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianasasl "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA SASL Mechanisms Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of mechanisms used in the Simple Authentication and Security Layer protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianasdp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA Session Description Protocol Parameters Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of parameters related to the Session Description Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianasip "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA Session Initiation Protocol Parameters Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of parameters related to the Session Initiation Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianaslp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>
IANA Service Location Protocol, Version 2 (SLPv2) Templates</link></span> <note>IANA registry of parameters related to the Service Location Protocol templates &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY ianassh "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IANA Secure Shell Protocol Parameters Registry</link></span> <note>IANA registry of parameters related to secure shell &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY stox-media "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Media Sessions</link></span> <note>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Media Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- IETF XMPP Specs -->
<!ENTITY xmpp "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP</link></span> <note>Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmppcore "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Core</link></span> <note>RFC 6120: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Core &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmppcpim "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP CPIM</link></span> <note>RFC 3922: Mapping the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) to Common Presence and Instant Messaging (CPIM) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmppe2e "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP E2E</link></span> <note>RFC 3923: End-to-End Signing and Object Encryption for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmppim "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP IM</link></span> <note>RFC 6121: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging and Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmppiri "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP URI Scheme</link></span> <note>Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY stoxchat "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-ietf-stox-chat</link></span> <note>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): One-to-One Text Chat &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt; (work in progress).</note>" >
<!ENTITY stoxcore "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-ietf-stox-core</link></span> <note>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Core &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt; (work in progress).</note>" >
<!ENTITY stoxim "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-ietf-stox-im</link></span> <note>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt; (work in progress).</note>" >
<!ENTITY stoxmedia "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-ietf-stox-media</link></span> <note>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Media Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt; (work in progress).</note>" >
<!ENTITY stoxpresence "<span class='ref'><link url=''>draft-ietf-stox-presence</link></span> <note>Interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt; (work in progress).</note>" >
<!ENTITY xmppurn "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP URNs</link></span> <note>A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Extensions to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xtls "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle XTLS</link></span> <note>Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) End-to-End Encryption Using Transport Layer Security (&quot;XTLS&quot;) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY saslext "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Client Certificate Management for SASL EXTERNAL</link></span> <note>Management and Use of Client Certificates for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- Frequent Extension Authors -->
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<!-- XMPP Extension Protocols -->
<!ENTITY xep0001 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Extension Protocols (XEP-0001)</link></span> <note>XEP-0001: XMPP Extension Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0002 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Special Interest Groups (XEP-0002)</link></span> <note>XEP-0002: Special Interest Groups &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0003 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Proxy Accept Socket Service (XEP-0002)</link></span> <note>XEP-0002: Proxy Accept Socket Service &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0004 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms (XEP-0004)</link></span> <note>XEP-0004: Data Forms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0008 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IQ-Based Avatars (XEP-0008)</link></span> <note>XEP-0008: IQ-Based Avatars &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0009 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber-RPC (XEP-0009)</link></span> <note>XEP-0009: Jabber-RPC &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0011 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber Browsing (XEP-0011)</link></span> <note>XEP-0011: Jabber Browsing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0012 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Last Activity (XEP-0012)</link></span> <note>XEP-0012: Last Activity &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0013 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Flexible Offline Message Retrieval (XEP-0013)</link></span> <note>XEP-0013: Flexible Offline Message Retrieval &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- XEP-0014 was rejected -->
<!-- XEP-0015 was rejected -->
<!ENTITY xep0016 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Privacy Lists (XEP-0016)</link></span> <note>XEP-0016: Privacy Lists &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- XEP-0017 was rejected -->
<!ENTITY xep0018 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Invisible Presence (XEP-0018)</link></span> <note>XEP-0018: Invisible Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0019 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Streamlining the SIGs (XEP-0019)</link></span> <note>XEP-0019: Streamlining the SIGs &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0020 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Feature Negotiation (XEP-0020)</link></span> <note>XEP-0020: Feature Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0021 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber Event Notification Service (XEP-0021)</link></span> <note>XEP-0021: Jabber Event Notification Service &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0022 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Events (XEP-0022)</link></span> <note>XEP-0022: Message Events &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0023 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Expiration (XEP-0023)</link></span> <note>XEP-0023: Message Expiration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0024 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Publish/Subscribe (XEP-0024)</link></span> <note>XEP-0024: Publish/Subscribe &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0025 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber HTTP Polling (XEP-0025)</link></span> <note>XEP-0025: Jabber HTTP Polling &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0026 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internationalization (XEP-0026)</link></span> <note>XEP-0026: Internationalization &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0027 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage (XEP-0027)</link></span> <note>XEP-0027: Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- there is no XEP-0028 -->
<!ENTITY xep0029 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Definition of Jabber Identifiers (XEP-0029)</link></span> <note>XEP-0029: Definition of Jabber Identifiers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0030 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Service Discovery (XEP-0030)</link></span> <note>XEP-0030: Service Discovery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0031 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>A Framework for Securing Jabber Conversations (XEP-0031)</link></span> <note>XEP-0031: A Framework for Securing Jabber Conversations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0032 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber URI Scheme (XEP-0032)</link></span> <note>XEP-0032: Jabber URI Scheme &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0033 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extended Stanza Addressing (XEP-0033)</link></span> <note>XEP-0033: Extended Stanza Addressing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0034 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SASL Integration (XEP-0034)</link></span> <note>XEP-0034: SASL Integration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0035 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SSL/TLS Integration (XEP-0035)</link></span> <note>XEP-0035: SSL/TLS Integration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0036 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pub-sub Subscriptions (XEP-0036)</link></span> <note>XEP-0036: Pub-sub Subscriptions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!-- XEP-0037 was rejected -->
<!ENTITY xep0038 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Icon Styles (XEP-0038)</link></span> <note>XEP-0038: Icon Styles &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0039 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Statistics Gathering (XEP-0039)</link></span> <note>XEP-0039: Statistics Gathering &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0040 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Robust Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0040)</link></span> <note>XEP-0040: Robust Publish-Subscribe &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0041 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jidlink (XEP-0041)</link></span> <note>XEP-0041: Jidlink &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0042 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber OOB Broadcast Service (XEP-0042)</link></span> <note>XEP-0042: Jabber OOB Broadcast Service &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0043 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber Database Access (XEP-0043)</link></span> <note>XEP-0043: Jabber Database Access &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0044 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Full Namespace Support in XML Streams (XEP-0044)</link></span> <note>XEP-0044: Full Namespace Support in XML Streams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0045 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045)</link></span> <note>XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0046 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Direct TCP (XEP-0046)</link></span> <note>XEP-0046: Direct TCP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0047 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>In-Band Bytestreams (XEP-0047)</link></span> <note>XEP-0047: In-Band Bytestreams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0048 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bookmark Storage (XEP-0048)</link></span> <note>XEP-0048: Bookmark Storage &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0049 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Private XML Storage (XEP-0049)</link></span> <note>XEP-0049: Private XML Storage &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0050 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Ad-Hoc Commands (XEP-0050)</link></span> <note>XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0051 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Redirect and Connection Transfer (XEP-0051)</link></span> <note>XEP-0051: Redirect and Connection Transfer &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0052 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>File Transfer (XEP-0052)</link></span> <note>XEP-0052: File Transfer &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0053 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Registrar Function (XEP-0053)</link></span> <note>XEP-0053: XMPP Registrar Function &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0054 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>vcard-temp (XEP-0054)</link></span> <note>XEP-0054: vcard-temp &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0055 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber Search (XEP-0055)</link></span> <note>XEP-0055: Jabber Search &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0056 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Business Data Interchange (XEP-0056)</link></span> <note>XEP-0056: Business Data Interchange &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0057 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extended Roster (XEP-0057)</link></span> <note>XEP-0057: Extended Roster &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0058 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Multi-User Text Editing (XEP-0058)</link></span> <note>XEP-0058: Multi-User Text Editing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0059 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Result Set Management (XEP-0059)</link></span> <note>XEP-0059: Result Set Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0060 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0060)</link></span> <note>XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0061 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Shared Notes (XEP-0061)</link></span> <note>XEP-0061: Shared Notes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0062 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Packet Filtering (XEP-0062)</link></span> <note>XEP-0062: Packet Filtering &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0063 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Basic Filtering Operations (XEP-0063)</link></span> <note>XEP-0063: Basic Filtering Operations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0064 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XPath Filtering (XEP-0064)</link></span> <note>XEP-0064: XPath Filtering &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0065 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOCKS5 Bytestreams (XEP-0065)</link></span> <note>XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0066 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Out-of-Band Data (XEP-0066)</link></span> <note>XEP-0066: Out of Band Data &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0067 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stock Data Transmission (XEP-0067)</link></span> <note>XEP-0067: Stock Data Transmission &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0068 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Field Standardization for Data Forms (XEP-0068)</link></span> <note>XEP-0068: Field Data Standardization for Data Forms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0069 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Compliance SIG (XEP-0069)</link></span> <note>XEP-0069: Compliance SIG &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0070 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP (XEP-0070)</link></span> <note>XEP-0070: Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0071 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XHTML-IM (XEP-0071)</link></span> <note>XEP-0071: XHTML-IM &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0072 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SOAP over XMPP (XEP-0072)</link></span> <note>XEP-0072: SOAP over XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0073 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Basic IM Protocol Suite (XEP-0073)</link></span> <note>XEP-0073: Basic IM Protocol Suite &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0074 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Simple Access Control (XEP-0074)</link></span> <note>XEP-0074: Simple Access Control &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0075 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber Object Access Protocol (XEP-0075)</link></span> <note>XEP-0075: Jabber Object Access Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0076 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Malicious Stanzas (XEP-0076)</link></span> <note>XEP-0076: Malicious Stanzas &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0077 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>In-Band Registration (XEP-0077)</link></span> <note>XEP-0077: In-Band Registration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0078 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Non-SASL Authentication (XEP-0078)</link></span> <note>XEP-0078: Non-SASL Authentication &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0079 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Advanced Message Processing (XEP-0079)</link></span> <note>XEP-0079: Advanced Message Processing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0080 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Geolocation (XEP-0080)</link></span> <note>XEP-0080: User Geolocation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0081 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber MIME Type (XEP-0081)</link></span> <note>XEP-0081: Jabber MIME Type &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0082 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Date and Time Profiles (XEP-0082)</link></span> <note>XEP-0082: XMPP Date and Time Profiles &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0083 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Nested Roster Groups (XEP-0083)</link></span> <note>XEP-0083: Nested Roster Groups &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0084 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Avatar (XEP-0084)</link></span> <note>XEP-0084: User Avatar &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0085 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Chat State Notifications (XEP-0085)</link></span> <note>XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0086 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Error Condition Mappings (XEP-0086)</link></span> <note>XEP-0086: Error Condition Mappings &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0087 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stream Initiation (XEP-0087)</link></span> <note>XEP-0087: Stream Initiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0088 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Client Webtabs (XEP-0088)</link></span> <note>XEP-0088: Client Webtabs &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0089 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Generic Alerts (XEP-0089)</link></span> <note>XEP-0089: Generic Alerts &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0090 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Legacy Entity Time (XEP-0090)</link></span> <note>XEP-0090: Legacy Entity Time &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0091 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Legacy Delayed Delivery (XEP-0091)</link></span> <note>XEP-0091: Legacy Delayed Delivery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0092 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Software Version (XEP-0092)</link></span> <note>XEP-0092: Software Version &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0093 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Roster Item Exchange (XEP-0093)</link></span> <note>XEP-0093: Roster Item Exchange &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0094 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Agent Information (XEP-0094)</link></span> <note>XEP-0094: Agent Information &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0095 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stream Initiation (XEP-0095)</link></span> <note>XEP-0095: Stream Initiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0096 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SI File Transfer (XEP-0096)</link></span> <note>XEP-0096: SI File Transfer &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0097 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>iCal Envelope (XEP-0097)</link></span> <note>XEP-0097: iCal Envelope &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0098 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Enchanced Private XML Storage (XEP-0098)</link></span> <note>XEP-0098: Enchanced Private XML Storage &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0099 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IQ Query Action Protocol (XEP-0099)</link></span> <note>XEP-0099: IQ Query Action Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0100 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Gateway Interaction (XEP-0100)</link></span> <note>XEP-0100: Gateway Interaction &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0101 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HTTP Authentication using Jabber Tickets (XEP-0101)</link></span> <note>XEP-0101: HTTP Authentication using Jabber Tickets &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0102 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Security Extensions (XEP-0102)</link></span> <note>XEP-0102: Security Extensions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0103 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>URL Address Information (XEP-0103)</link></span> <note>XEP-0103: URL Address Information &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0104 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HTTP Scheme for URL Data (XEP-0104)</link></span> <note>XEP-0104: HTTP Scheme for URL Data &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0105 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Tree Transfer Stream Initiation Profile (XEP-0105)</link></span> <note>XEP-0105: Tree Transfer Stream Initiation Profile &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0106 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>JID Escaping (XEP-0106)</link></span> <note>XEP-0106: JID Escaping &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0107 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Mood (XEP-0107)</link></span> <note>XEP-0107: User Mood &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0108 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Activity (XEP-0108)</link></span> <note>XEP-0108: User Activity &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0109 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Vacation Messages (XEP-0109)</link></span> <note>XEP-0109: Vacation Messages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0110 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Generic Maps (XEP-0110)</link></span> <note>XEP-0110: Generic Maps &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0111 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>A Transport for Initiating and Negotiating Sessions (XEP-0111)</link></span> <note>XEP-0111: A Transport for Initiating and Negotiating Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0112 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Physical Location (XEP-0112)</link></span> <note>XEP-0112: User Physical Location &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0113 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Simple Whiteboarding (XEP-0113)</link></span> <note>XEP-0113: Simple Whiteboarding &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0114 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jabber Component Protocol (XEP-0114)</link></span> <note>XEP-0114: Jabber Component Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0115 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Entity Capabilities (XEP-0115)</link></span> <note>XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0116 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Encrypted Session Negotiation (XEP-0116)</link></span> <note>XEP-0116: Encrypted Session Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0117 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Intermediate IM Protocol Suite (XEP-0117)</link></span> <note>XEP-0117: Intermediate IM Protocol Suite &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0118 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Tune (XEP-0118)</link></span> <note>XEP-0118: User Tune &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0119 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extended Presence Protocol Suite (XEP-0119)</link></span> <note>XEP-0119: Extended Presence Protocol Suite &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0120 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Infobits (XEP-0120)</link></span> <note>XEP-0120: Infobits &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0121 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Dublin Core Infobits Mapping (XEP-0121)</link></span> <note>XEP-0121: Dublin Core Infobits Mapping &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0122 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms Validation (XEP-0122)</link></span> <note>XEP-0122: Data Forms Validation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0123 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Entity Metadata (XEP-0123)</link></span> <note>XEP-0123: Entity Metadata &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0124 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>BOSH (XEP-0124)</link></span> <note>XEP-0124: Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0125 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>vCard Infobits Mapping (XEP-0125)</link></span> <note>XEP-0125: vCard Infobits Mapping &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0126 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Invisibility (XEP-0126)</link></span> <note>XEP-0126: Invisibility &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0127 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) over XMPP (XEP-0127)</link></span> <note>XEP-0127: Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) over XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0128 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Service Discovery Extensions (XEP-0128)</link></span> <note>XEP-0128: Service Discovery Extensions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0129 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>WebDAV File Transfers (XEP-0129)</link></span> <note>XEP-0129: WebDAV File Transfers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0130 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Waiting Lists (XEP-0130)</link></span> <note>XEP-0130: Waiting Lists &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0131 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata (XEP-0131)</link></span> <note>XEP-0131: Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0132 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Presence Obtained via Kinesthetic Excitation (POKE) (XEP-0132)</link></span> <note>XEP-0132: Presence Obtained via Kinesthetic Excitation (POKE) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0133 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Service Administration (XEP-0133)</link></span> <note>XEP-0133: Service Administration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0134 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Design Guidelines (XEP-0134)</link></span> <note>XEP-0134: XMPP Design Guidelines &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0135 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>File Sharing (XEP-0135)</link></span> <note>XEP-0135: File Sharing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0136 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Archiving (XEP-0136)</link></span> <note>XEP-0136: Message Archiving &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0137 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Publishing Stream Initiation Requests (XEP-0137)</link></span> <note>XEP-0137: Publishing Stream Initiation Requests &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0138 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stream Compression (XEP-0138)</link></span> <note>XEP-0138: Stream Compression &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0139 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Security SIG (XEP-0139)</link></span> <note>XEP-0139: Security SIG &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0140 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Shared Groups (XEP-0140)</link></span> <note>XEP-0140: Shared Groups &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0141 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms Layout (XEP-0141)</link></span> <note>XEP-0141: Data Forms Layout &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0142 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Workgroup Queues (XEP-0142)</link></span> <note>XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0143 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Guidelines for Authors of XMPP Extension Protocols (XEP-0143)</link></span> <note>XEP-0143: Guidelines for Authors of XMPP Extension Protocols &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0144 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Roster Item Exchange (XEP-0144)</link></span> <note>XEP-0144: Roster Item Exchange &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0145 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Annotations (XEP-0145)</link></span> <note>XEP-0145: Annotations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0146 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Remote Controlling Clients (XEP-0146)</link></span> <note>XEP-0146: Remote Controlling Clients &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0147 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP URI Query Components (XEP-0147)</link></span> <note>XEP-0147: XMPP URI Query Components &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0148 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Instant Messaging Intelligence Quotient (IM IQ) (XEP-0148)</link></span> <note>XEP-0148: Instant Messaging Intelligence Quotient (IM IQ) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0149 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Time Periods (XEP-0149)</link></span> <note>XEP-0149: Time Periods &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0150 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Use of Entity Tags in XMPP Extensions (XEP-0150)</link></span> <note>XEP-0150: Use of Entity Tags in XMPP Extensions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0151 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Virtual Presence (XEP-0151)</link></span> <note>XEP-0151: Virtual Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0152 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Reachability Addresses (XEP-0152)</link></span> <note>XEP-0152: Reachability Addresses &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0153 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>vCard-Based Avatars (XEP-0153)</link></span> <note>XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0154 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Profile (XEP-0154)</link></span> <note>XEP-0154: User Profile &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0155 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stanza Session Negotiation (XEP-0155)</link></span> <note>XEP-0155: Stanza Session Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0156 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Discovering Alternative XMPP Connection Methods (XEP-0156)</link></span> <note>XEP-0156: Discovering Alternative XMPP Connection Methods &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0157 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Contact Addresses for XMPP Services (XEP-0157)</link></span> <note>XEP-0157: Contact Addresses for XMPP Services &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0158 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>CAPTCHA Forms (XEP-0158)</link></span> <note>XEP-0158: CAPTCHA Forms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0159 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SPIM-Blocking Control (XEP-0159)</link></span> <note>XEP-0159: SPIM-Blocking Control &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0160 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages (XEP-0160)</link></span> <note>XEP-0160: Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0161 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Abuse Reporting (XEP-0161)</link></span> <note>XEP-0161: Abuse Reporting &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0162 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Roster and Subscription Management (XEP-0162)</link></span> <note>XEP-0162: Best Practices for Roster and Subscription Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0163 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Personal Eventing Protocol (XEP-0163)</link></span> <note>XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0164 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>vCard Filtering (XEP-0164)</link></span> <note>XEP-0164: vCard Filtering &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0165 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices to Prevent JID Mimicking (XEP-0165)</link></span> <note>XEP-0165: Best Practices to Prevent JID Mimicking &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0166 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle (XEP-0166)</link></span> <note>XEP-0166: Jingle &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0167 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle RTP Sessions (XEP-0167)</link></span> <note>XEP-0167: Jingle RTP Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0168 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Resource Application Priority (XEP-0168)</link></span> <note>XEP-0168: Resource Application Priority &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0169 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Twas The Night Before Christmas (Jabber Version) (XEP-0169)</link></span> <note>XEP-0169: Twas The Night Before Christmas (Jabber Version) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0170 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation (XEP-0170)</link></span> <note>XEP-0170: Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0171 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Language Translation (XEP-0171)</link></span> <note>XEP-0171: Language Translation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0172 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Nickname (XEP-0172)</link></span> <note>XEP-0172: User Nickname &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0173 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pubsub Subscription Storage (XEP-0173)</link></span> <note>XEP-0173: Pubsub Subscription Storage &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0174 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Link-Local Messaging (XEP-0174)</link></span> <note>XEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0175 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Use of SASL ANONYMOUS (XEP-0175)</link></span> <note>XEP-0175: Best Practices for Use of SASL ANONYMOUS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0176 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method (XEP-0176)</link></span> <note>XEP-0176: Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0177 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Raw UDP Transport Method (XEP-0177)</link></span> <note>XEP-0177: Jingle Raw UDP Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0178 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Use of SASL EXTERNAL (XEP-0178)</link></span> <note>XEP-0178: Best Practices for Use of SASL EXTERNAL &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0179 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle IAX Transport Method (XEP-0179)</link></span> <note>XEP-0179: Jingle IAX Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0180 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Video via RTP (XEP-0180)</link></span> <note>XEP-0180: Jingle Video via RTP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0181 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle DTMF (XEP-0181)</link></span> <note>XEP-0181: Jingle DTMF &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0182 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Application-Specific Error Conditions (XEP-0182)</link></span> <note>XEP-0182: Application-Specific Error Conditions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0183 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Telepathy Transport Method (XEP-0183)</link></span> <note>XEP-0183: Jingle Telepathy Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0184 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Delivery Receipts (XEP-0184)</link></span> <note>XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0185 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Dialback Key Generation and Validation (XEP-0185)</link></span> <note>XEP-0185: Dialback Key Generation and Validation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0186 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Invisible Command (XEP-0186)</link></span> <note>XEP-0186: Invisible Command &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0187 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Offline Encrypted Sessions (XEP-0187)</link></span> <note>XEP-0187: Offline Encrypted Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0188 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Cryptographic Design of Encrypted Sessions (XEP-0188)</link></span> <note>XEP-0188: Cryptographic Design of Encrypted Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0189 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Public Key Publishing (XEP-0189)</link></span> <note>XEP-0189: Public Key Publishing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0190 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practice for Closing Idle Streams (XEP-0190)</link></span> <note>XEP-0190: Best Practice for Closing Idle Streams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0191 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Blocking Command (XEP-0191)</link></span> <note>XEP-0191: Blocking Command &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0192 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Proposed Stream Feature Improvements (XEP-0192)</link></span> <note>XEP-0192: Proposed Stream Feature Improvements &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0193 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Proposed Resource Binding Improvements (XEP-0193)</link></span> <note>XEP-0193: Proposed Resource Binding Improvements &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0194 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Chatting (XEP-0194)</link></span> <note>XEP-0194: User Chatting &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0195 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Browsing (XEP-0195)</link></span> <note>XEP-0195: User Browsing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0196 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Gaming (XEP-0196)</link></span> <note>XEP-0196: User Gaming &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0197 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Viewing (XEP-0197)</link></span> <note>XEP-0197: User Viewing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0198 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stream Management (XEP-0198)</link></span> <note>XEP-0198: Stream Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0199 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Ping (XEP-0199)</link></span> <note>XEP-0199: XMPP Ping &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0200 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stanza Encryption (XEP-0200)</link></span> <note>XEP-0200: Stanza Encryption &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0201 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Message Threads (XEP-0201)</link></span> <note>XEP-0201: Best Practices for Message Threads &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0202 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Entity Time (XEP-0202)</link></span> <note>XEP-0202: Entity Time &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0203 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Delayed Delivery (XEP-0203)</link></span> <note>XEP-0203: Delayed Delivery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0204 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Collaborative Data Objects (XEP-0204)</link></span> <note>XEP-0204: Collaborative Data Objects &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0205 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices to Discourage Denial of Service Attacks (XEP-0205)</link></span> <note>XEP-0205: Best Practices to Discourage Denial of Service Attacks &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0206 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Over BOSH (XEP-0206)</link></span> <note>XEP-0206: XMPP Over BOSH &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0207 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Eventing via Pubsub (XEP-0207)</link></span> <note>XEP-0207: Eventing via Pubsub &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0208 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bootstrapping Implementation of Jingle (XEP-0208)</link></span> <note>XEP-0208: Bootstrapping Implementation of Jingle &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0209 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Metacontacts (XEP-0209)</link></span> <note>XEP-0209: Metacontacts &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0210 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Requirements for Encrypted Sessions (XEP-0210)</link></span> <note>XEP-0210: Requirements for Encrypted Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0211 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Basic Client 2008 (XEP-0211)</link></span> <note>XEP-0211: XMPP Basic Client 2008 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0212 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Basic Server 2008 (XEP-0212)</link></span> <note>XEP-0212: XMPP Basic Server 2008 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0213 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Intermediate IM Client 2008 (XEP-0213)</link></span> <note>XEP-0213: XMPP Intermediate IM Client 2008 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0214 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>File Repository and Sharing (XEP-0214)</link></span> <note>XEP-0214: File Repository and Sharing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0215 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>External Service Discovery (XEP-0215)</link></span> <note>XEP-0215: External Service Discovery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0216 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Intermediate IM Server 2008 (XEP-0216)</link></span> <note>XEP-0216: XMPP Intermediate IM Server 2008 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0217 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Simplified Encrypted Session Negotiation (XEP-0217)</link></span> <note>XEP-0217: Simplified Encrypted Session Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0218 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bootstrapping Implementation of Encrypted Sessions (XEP-0218)</link></span> <note>XEP-0218: Bootstrapping Implementation of Encrypted Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0219 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Hop Check (XEP-0219)</link></span> <note>XEP-0219: Hop Check &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0220 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Server Dialback (XEP-0220)</link></span> <note>XEP-0220: Server Dialback &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0221 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms Media Element (XEP-0221)</link></span> <note>XEP-0221: Data Forms Media Element &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0222 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Persistent Storage of Public Data via Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0222)</link></span> <note>XEP-0222: Best Practices for Persistent Storage of Public Data via Publish-Subscribe &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0223 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Persistent Storage of Private Data via Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0223)</link></span> <note>XEP-0223: Best Practices for Persistent Storage of Private Data via Publish-Subscribe &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0224 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Attention (XEP-0224)</link></span> <note>XEP-0224: Attention &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0225 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Component Connections (XEP-0225)</link></span> <note>XEP-0225: Component Connections &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0226 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Stanza Profiles (XEP-0226)</link></span> <note>XEP-0226: Message Stanza Profiles &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0227 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers (XEP-0227)</link></span> <note>XEP-0227: Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0228 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Requirements for Shared Editing (XEP-0228)</link></span> <note>XEP-0228: Requirements for Shared Editing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0229 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stream Compression with LZW (XEP-0229)</link></span> <note>XEP-0229: Stream Compression with LZW &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0230 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Service Discovery Notifications (XEP-0230)</link></span> <note>XEP-0230: Service Discovery Notifications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0231 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bits of Binary (XEP-0231)</link></span> <note>XEP-0231: Bits of Binary &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0232 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Software Information (XEP-0232)</link></span> <note>XEP-0232: Software Information &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0233 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Use of Domain-Based Service Names in XMPP SASL Negotiation (XEP-0233)</link></span> <note>XEP-0233: Use of Domain-Based Service Names in XMPP SASL Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0234 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle File Transfer (XEP-0234)</link></span> <note>XEP-0234: Jingle File Transfer &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0235 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Direct Invitations (XEP-0235)</link></span> <note>XEP-0235: Direct Invitations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0236 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Abuse Reporting (XEP-0236)</link></span> <note>XEP-0236: Abuse Reporting &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0237 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Roster Versioning (XEP-0237)</link></span> <note>XEP-0237: Roster Versioning &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0238 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Protocol Flows for Inter-Domain Federation (XEP-0238)</link></span> <note>XEP-0238: XMPP Protocol Flows for Inter-Domain Federation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0239 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Binary XMPP (XEP-0239)</link></span> <note>XEP-0239: Binary XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0240 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Auto-Discovery of JabberIDs (XEP-0240)</link></span> <note>XEP-0240: Auto-Discovery of JabberIDs &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0241 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Encryption of Archived Messages (XEP-0241)</link></span> <note>XEP-0241: Encryption of Archived Messages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0242 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Client Compliance 2009 (XEP-0242)</link></span> <note>XEP-0242: XMPP Client Compliance 2009 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0243 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Server Compliance 2009 (XEP-0243)</link></span> <note>XEP-0243: XMPP Server Compliance 2009 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0244 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IO Data (XEP-0244)</link></span> <note>XEP-0244: IO Data &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0245 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>The /me Command (XEP-0245)</link></span> <note>XEP-0245: The /me Command &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0246 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>End-to-End XML Streams (XEP-0246)</link></span> <note>XEP-0246: End-to-End XML Streams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0247 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle XML Streams (XEP-0247)</link></span> <note>XEP-0247: Jingle XML Streams &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0248 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>PubSub Collection Nodes (XEP-0248)</link></span> <note>XEP-0248: PubSub Collection Nodes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0249 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Direct MUC Invitations (XEP-0249)</link></span> <note>XEP-0249: Direct MUC Invitations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0250 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>C2C Authentication Using TLS (XEP-0250)</link></span> <note>XEP-0250: C2C Authentication Using TLS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0251 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Session Transfer (XEP-0251)</link></span> <note>XEP-0251: Jingle Session Transfer &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0252 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>BOSH Script Syntax (XEP-0252)</link></span> <note>XEP-0252: BOSH Script Syntax &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0253 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>PubSub Chaining (XEP-0253)</link></span> <note>XEP-0253: PubSub Chaining &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0254 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>PubSub Queueing (XEP-0254)</link></span> <note>XEP-0254: PubSub Queueing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0255 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Location Query (XEP-0255)</link></span> <note>XEP-0255: Location Query &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0256 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Last Activity in Presence (XEP-0256)</link></span> <note>XEP-0256: Last Activity in Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0257 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Client Certificate Management for SASL EXTERNAL (XEP-0257)</link></span> <note>XEP-0257: Client Certificate Management for SASL EXTERNAL &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0258 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Security Labels in XMPP (XEP-0258)</link></span> <note>XEP-0258: Security Labels in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0259 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Mine-ing (XEP-0259)</link></span> <note>XEP-0259: Message Mine-ing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0260 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method (XEP-0260)</link></span> <note>XEP-0260: Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0261 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle In-Band Bytestreams Transport Method (XEP-0261)</link></span> <note>XEP-0261: Jingle In-Band Bytestreams Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0262 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Use of ZRTP in Jingle RTP Sessions (XEP-0262)</link></span> <note>XEP-0262: Use of ZRTP in Jingle RTP Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0263 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>ECO-XMPP (XEP-0263)</link></span> <note>XEP-0263: ECO-XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0264 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>File Transfer Thumbnails (XEP-0264)</link></span> <note>XEP-0264: File Transfer Thumbnails &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0265 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Out-of-Band Stream Data (XEP-0265)</link></span> <note>XEP-0265: Out-of-Band Stream Data &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0266 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Codecs for Jingle Audio (XEP-0266)</link></span> <note>XEP-0266: Codecs for Jingle Audio &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0267 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Server Buddies (XEP-0267)</link></span> <note>XEP-0267: Server Buddies &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0268 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Incident Reporting (XEP-0268)</link></span> <note>XEP-0268: Incident Reporting &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0269 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Early Media (XEP-0269)</link></span> <note>XEP-0269: Jingle Early Media &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0270 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2010 (XEP-0270)</link></span> <note>XEP-0270: XMPP Compliance Suites 2010 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0271 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Nodes (XEP-0271)</link></span> <note>XEP-0271: XMPP Nodes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0272 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Multiparty Jingle (XEP-0272)</link></span> <note>XEP-0272: Multiparty Jingle &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0273 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stanza Interception and Filtering Technology (XEP-0273)</link></span> <note>XEP-0273: Stanza Interception and Filtering Technology &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0274 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Design Considerations for Digital Signatures in XMPP (XEP-0274)</link></span> <note>XEP-0274: Design Considerations for Digital Signatures in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0275 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Entity Reputation (XEP-0275)</link></span> <note>XEP-0275: Entity Reputation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0276 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Presence Decloaking (XEP-0276)</link></span> <note>XEP-0276: Presence Decloaking &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0277 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Microblogging Over XMPP (XEP-0277)</link></span> <note>XEP-0277: Microblogging over XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0278 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Nodes (XEP-0278)</link></span> <note>XEP-0278: Jingle Nodes &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0279 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Server IP Check (XEP-0279)</link></span> <note>XEP-0279: Server IP Check &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0280 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Carbons (XEP-0280)</link></span> <note>XEP-0280: Message Carbons &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0281 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DMUC1: Distributed Multi-User Chat (XEP-0281: DMUC1)</link></span> <note>XEP-0281: DMUC1: Distributed Multi-User Chat &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0282 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DMUC2: Distributed MUC (XEP-0282: DMUC2)</link></span> <note>XEP-0282: DMUC2: Distributed MUC &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0283 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Moved (XEP-0283)</link></span> <note>XEP-0283: Moved &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0284 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Shared XML Editing (XEP-0284)</link></span> <note>XEP-0284: Shared XML Editing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0285 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Encapsulating Digital Signatures in XMPP (XEP-0285)</link></span> <note>XEP-0285: Encapsulating Digital Signatures in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0286 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mobile Considerations on LTE Networks (XEP-0286)</link></span> <note>XEP-0286: Mobile Considerations on LTE Networks &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0287 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Spim Markers and Reports (XEP-0287)</link></span> <note>XEP-0287: Spim Markers and Reports &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0288 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bidirectional Server-to-Server Connections (XEP-0288)</link></span> <note>XEP-0288: Bidirectional Server-to-Server Connections &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0289 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Federated MUC for Constrained Environments (XEP-0289)</link></span> <note>XEP-0289: Federated MUC for Constrained Environments &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0290 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Encapsulated Digital Signatures in XMPP (XEP-0290)</link></span> <note>XEP-0290: Encapsulated Digital Signatures in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0291 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Service Delegation (XEP-0291)</link></span> <note>XEP-0291: Service Delegation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0292 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>vCard4 over XMPP (XEP-0292)</link></span> <note>XEP-0292: vCard4 over XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0293 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle RTP Feedback Negotiation (XEP-0293)</link></span> <note>XEP-0293: Jingle RTP Feedback Negotiation&lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0294 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle RTP Header Extensions Negotiation (XEP-0294)</link></span> <note>XEP-0294: Jingle RTP Header Extensions Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0295 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>JSON Encodings for XMPP (XEP-0295)</link></span> <note>XEP-0295: JSON Encodings for XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0296 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best Practices for Resource Locking (XEP-0296)</link></span> <note>XEP-0296: Best Practices for Resource Locking &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0297 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stanza Forwarding (XEP-0297)</link></span> <note>XEP-0297: Stanza Forwarding &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0298 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Delivering Conference Information to Jingle Participants (Coin) (XEP-0298)</link></span> <note>XEP-0298: Delivering Conference Information to Jingle Participants (Coin) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0299 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Codecs for Jingle Video (XEP-0299)</link></span> <note>XEP-0299: Codecs for Jingle Video &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0300 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Use of Cryptographic Hash Functions in XMPP (XEP-0300)</link></span> <note>XEP-0300: Use of Cryptographic Hash Functions in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0301 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>In-Band Real Time Text (XEP-0301)</link></span> <note>XEP-0301: In-Band Real Time Text &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0302 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2012 (XEP-0302)</link></span> <note>XEP-0302: XMPP Compliance Suites 2012 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0303 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Commenting (XEP-0303)</link></span> <note>XEP-0303: Commenting &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0304 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Whitespace Keepalive Negotiation (XEP-0304)</link></span> <note>XEP-0304: Whitespace Keepalive Negotiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0305 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Quickstart (XEP-0305)</link></span> <note>XEP-0305: XMPP Quickstart &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0306 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extensible Status Conditions for Multi-User Chat (XEP-0306)</link></span> <note>XEP-0306: Extensible Status Conditions for Multi-User Chat &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0307 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Unique Room Names for Multi-User Chat (XEP-0307)</link></span> <note>XEP-0307: Unique Room Names for Multi-User Chat &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0308 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Last Message Correction (XEP-0308)</link></span> <note>XEP-0308: Last Message Correction &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0309 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Service Directories (XEP-0309)</link></span> <note>XEP-0309: Service Directories &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0310 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Presence State Annotations (XEP-0310)</link></span> <note>XEP-0310: Presence State Annotations &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0311 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>MUC Fast Reconnect (XEP-0311)</link></span> <note>XEP-0311: MUC Fast Reconnect &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0312 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>PubSub Since (XEP-0312)</link></span> <note>XEP-0312: PubSub Since &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0313 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)</link></span> <note>XEP-0313: Message Archive Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0314 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Security Labels in PubSub (XEP-0314)</link></span> <note>XEP-0314: Security Labels in PubSub &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0315 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms XML Media Element (XEP-0315)</link></span> <note>XEP-0315: Data Forms XML Media Element &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0316 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>MUC Eventing Protocol (XEP-0316)</link></span> <note>XEP-0316: MUC Eventing Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0317 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Hats (XEP-0317)</link></span> <note>XEP-0317: Hats &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0318 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Last Presence using Delayed Delivery (XEP-0318)</link></span> <note>XEP-0318: Last Presence using Delayed Delivery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0319 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Last User Interaction in Presence (XEP-0319)</link></span> <note>XEP-0319: Last User Interaction in Presence &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0320 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Use of DTLS-SRTP in Jingle Sessions (XEP-0320)</link></span> <note>XEP-0320: Use of DTLS-SRTP in Jingle Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0321 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Remote Roster Management (XEP-0321)</link></span> <note>XEP-0321: Remote Roster Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0322 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format (XEP-0322)</link></span> <note>XEP-0322: Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0323 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet of Things - Sensor Data (XEP-0323)</link></span> <note>XEP-0323: Internet of Things - Sensor Data &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0324 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet of Things - Provisioning (XEP-0324)</link></span> <note>XEP-0324: Internet of Things - Provisioning &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0325 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet of Things - Control (XEP-0325)</link></span> <note>XEP-0325: Internet of Things - Control &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0326 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet of Things - Concentrators (XEP-0326)</link></span> <note>XEP-0326: Internet of Things - Concentrators &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0327 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Rayo (XEP-0327)</link></span> <note>XEP-0327: Rayo &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0328 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>JID Prep (XEP-0328)</link></span> <note>XEP-0328: JID Prep &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0329 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>File Information Sharing (XEP-0329)</link></span> <note>XEP-0329: File Information Sharing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0330 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pubsub Subscription (XEP-0330)</link></span> <note>XEP-0330: Pubsub Subscription &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0331 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms - Color Field Types (XEP-0331)</link></span> <note>XEP-0331: Data Forms - Color Field Types &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0332 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HTTP Over XMPP Transport (XEP-0332)</link></span> <note>XEP-0332: HTTP Over XMPP Transport &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0333 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Chat Markers (XEP-0333)</link></span> <note>XEP-0333: Chat Markers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0334 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Processing Hints (XEP-0334)</link></span> <note>XEP-0334: Message Processing Hints &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0335 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>JSON Containers (XEP-0335)</link></span> <note>XEP-0335: JSON Containers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0336 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms - Dynamic Forms (XEP-0336)</link></span> <note>XEP-0336: Data Forms - Dynamic Forms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0337 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Event Logging over XMPP (XEP-0337)</link></span> <note>XEP-0337: Event Logging over XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0338 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Grouping Framework (XEP-0338)</link></span> <note>XEP-0338: Jingle Grouping Framework &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0339 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Source-Specific Media Attributes in Jingle (XEP-0339)</link></span> <note>XEP-0339: Source-Specific Media Attributes in Jingle &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0340 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>COnferences with LIghtweight BRIdging (COLIBRI) (XEP-0340)</link></span> <note>XEP-0340: COnferences with LIghtweight BRIdging (COLIBRI) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0341 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Rayo CPA (XEP-0341)</link></span> <note>XEP-0341: Rayo CPA &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0342 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Rayo Fax (XEP-0342)</link></span> <note>XEP-0342: Rayo Fax &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0343 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Use of DTLS/SCTP in Jingle ICE-UDP (XEP-0343)</link></span> <note>XEP-0343: Use of DTLS/SCTP in Jingle ICE-UDP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0344 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Impact of TLS and DNSSEC on Dialback (XEP-0344)</link></span> <note>XEP-0344: Impact of TLS and DNSSEC on Dialback &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0345 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Form of Membership Applications (XEP-0345)</link></span> <note>XEP-0345: Form of Membership Applications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0346 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Form Discovery and Publishing (XEP-0346)</link></span> <note>XEP-0346: Form Discovery and Publishing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0347 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet of Things - Discovery (XEP-0347)</link></span> <note>XEP-0347: Internet of Things - Discovery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0348 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Signing Forms (XEP-0348)</link></span> <note>XEP-0348: Signing Forms &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0349 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Rayo Clustering (XEP-0349)</link></span> <note>XEP-0349: Rayo Clustering &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0350 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Data Forms Geolocation Element (XEP-0350)</link></span> <note>XEP-0350: Data Forms Geolocation Element &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0351 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Recipient Server Side Notifications Filtering (XEP-0351)</link></span> <note>XEP-0351: Recipient Server Side Notifications Filtering &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0352 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Client State Indication (XEP-0352)</link></span> <note>XEP-0352: Client State Indication &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0353 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Message Initiation (XEP-0353)</link></span> <note>XEP-0353: Jingle Message Initiation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0354 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Customizable Message Routing (XEP-0354)</link></span> <note>XEP-0354: Customizable Message Routing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0355 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Namespace Delegation (XEP-0355)</link></span> <note>XEP-0355: Namespace Delegation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0356 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Privileged Entity (XEP-0356)</link></span> <note>XEP-0356: Privileged Entity &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0357 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Push Notifications (XEP-0357)</link></span> <note>XEP-0357: Push Notifications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0358 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Publishing Available Jingle Sessions (XEP-0358)</link></span> <note>XEP-0358: Publishing Available Jingle Sessions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0359 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Unique and Stable Stanza IDs (XEP-0359)</link></span> <note>XEP-0359: Unique and Stable Stanza IDs &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0360 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Nonzas (are not Stanzas) (XEP-0360)</link></span> <note>XEP-0360: Nonzas (are not Stanzas) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0361 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Zero Handshake Server to Server Protocol (XEP-0361)</link></span> <note>XEP-0361: Zero Handshake Server to Server Protocol &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0362 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Raft over XMPP (XEP-0362)</link></span> <note>XEP-0362: Raft over XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0363 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>HTTP File Upload (XEP-0363)</link></span> <note>XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0364 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Current Off-the-Record Messaging Usage (XEP-0364)</link></span> <note>XEP-0364: Current Off-the-Record Messaging Usage &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0365 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Server to Server communication over STANAG 5066 ARQ (XEP-0365)</link></span> <note>XEP-0365: Server to Server communication over STANAG 5066 ARQ &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0366 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Entity Versioning (XEP-0366)</link></span> <note>XEP-0366: Entity Versioning &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0367 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Attaching (XEP-0367)</link></span> <note>XEP-0367: Message Attaching &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0368 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SRV records for XMPP over TLS (XEP-0368)</link></span> <note>XEP-0368: SRV records for XMPP over TLS &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0369 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mediated Information eXchange (MIX) (XEP-0369)</link></span> <note>XEP-0369: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0370 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle HTTP Transport Method (XEP-0370)</link></span> <note>XEP-0370: Jingle HTTP Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0371 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle ICE Transport Method (XEP-0371)</link></span> <note>XEP-0371: Jingle ICE Transport Method &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0372 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>References (XEP-0372)</link></span> <note>XEP-0372: References &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0373 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OpenPGP for XMPP (XEP-0373)</link></span> <note>XEP-0373: OpenPGP for XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0374 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OpenPGP for XMPP Instant Messaging (XEP-0374)</link></span> <note>XEP-0374: OpenPGP for XMPP Instant Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0375 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2016 (XEP-0375)</link></span> <note>XEP-0375: XMPP Compliance Suites 2016 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0376 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pubsub Account Management (XEP-0376)</link></span> <note>XEP-0376: Pubsub Account Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0377 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Spam Reporting (XEP-0377)</link></span> <note>XEP-0377: Spam Reporting &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0378 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OTR Discovery (XEP-0378)</link></span> <note>XEP-0378: OTR Discovery &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0379 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pre-Authenticated Roster Subscription (XEP-0379)</link></span> <note>XEP-0379: Pre-Authenticated Roster Subscription &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0380 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Explicit Message Encryption (XEP-0380)</link></span> <note>XEP-0380: Explicit Message Encryption &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0381 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Internet of Things Special Interest Group (IoT SIG) (XEP-0381)</link></span> <note>XEP-0381: Internet of Things Special Interest Group (IoT SIG) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0382 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Spoiler messages (XEP-0382)</link></span> <note>XEP-0382: Spoiler messages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0383 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Burner JIDs (XEP-0383)</link></span> <note>XEP-0383: Burner JIDs &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0384 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OMEMO Encryption (XEP-0384)</link></span> <note>XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0385 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stateless Inline Media Sharing (XEP-0385)</link></span> <note>XEP-0385: Stateless Inline Media Sharing (SIMS) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0386 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bind 2.0 (XEP-0386)</link></span> <note>XEP-0386: Bind 2.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0387 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2017 (XEP-0387)</link></span> <note>XEP-0387: XMPP Compliance Suites 2017 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0388 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extensible SASL Profile (XEP-0388)</link></span> <note>XEP-0388: Extensible SASL Profile &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0389 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extensible In-Band Registration (XEP-0389)</link></span> <note>XEP-0389: Extensible In-Band Registration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0390 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Entity Capabilities 2.0 (XEP-0390)</link></span> <note>XEP-0390: Entity Capabilities 2.0 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0391 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Encrypted Transports (XEP-0391)</link></span> <note>XEP-0391: Jingle Encrypted Transports &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0392 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Consistent Color Generation (XEP-0392)</link></span> <note>XEP-0392: Consistent Color Generation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0393 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Styling (XEP-0393)</link></span> <note>XEP-0393: Message Styling &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0394 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Markup (XEP-0394)</link></span> <note>XEP-0394: Message Markup &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0395 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Atomically Compare-And-Publish PubSub Items (XEP-0395)</link></span> <note>XEP-0395: Atomically Compare-And-Publish PubSub Items &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0396 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Encrypted Transports - OMEMO (XEP-0396)</link></span> <note>XEP-0396: Jingle Encrypted Transports - OMEMO &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0397 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Instant Stream Resumption (XEP-0397)</link></span> <note>XEP-0397: Instant Stream Resumption &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0398 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion (XEP-0398)</link></span> <note>XEP-0398: User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0399 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Client Key Support (XEP-0399)</link></span> <note>XEP-0399: Client Key Support &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0400 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Multi-Factor Authentication with TOTP (XEP-0400)</link></span> <note>XEP-0400: Multi-Factor Authentication with TOTP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0401 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Easy User Onboarding (XEP-0401)</link></span> <note>XEP-0401: Easy User Onboarding &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0402 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>PEP Native Bookmarks (XEP-0402)</link></span> <note>XEP-0402: PEP Native Bookmarks &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0403 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Presence Support. (XEP-0403)</link></span> <note>XEP-0403: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Presence Support. &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0404 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): JID Hidden Channels. (XEP-0404)</link></span> <note>XEP-0404: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): JID Hidden Channels. &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0405 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Participant Server Requirements (XEP-0405)</link></span> <note>XEP-0405: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Participant Server Requirements &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0406 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): MIX Administration (XEP-0406)</link></span> <note>XEP-0406: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): MIX Administration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0407 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Miscellaneous Capabilities (XEP-0407)</link></span> <note>XEP-0407: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Miscellaneous Capabilities &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0408 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Co-existence with MUC (XEP-0408)</link></span> <note>XEP-0408: Mediated Information eXchange (MIX): Co-existence with MUC &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0409 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>IM Routing-NG (XEP-0409)</link></span> <note>XEP-0409: IM Routing-NG &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0410 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>MUC Self-Ping (Schrödinger&#x27;s Chat) (XEP-0410)</link></span> <note>XEP-0410: MUC Self-Ping (Schrödinger&#x27;s Chat) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0411 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Bookmarks Conversion (XEP-0411)</link></span> <note>XEP-0411: Bookmarks Conversion &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0412 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2019 (XEP-0412)</link></span> <note>XEP-0412: XMPP Compliance Suites 2019 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0413 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Order-By (XEP-0413)</link></span> <note>XEP-0413: Order-By &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0414 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Cryptographic Hash Function Recommendations for XMPP (XEP-0414)</link></span> <note>XEP-0414: Cryptographic Hash Function Recommendations for XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0415 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Over RELOAD (XEP-0415)</link></span> <note>XEP-0415: XMPP Over RELOAD (XOR) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0416 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>E2E Authentication in XMPP (XEP-0416)</link></span> <note>XEP-0416: E2E Authentication in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0417 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>E2E Authentication in XMPP: Certificate Issuance and Revocation (XEP-0417)</link></span> <note>XEP-0417: E2E Authentication in XMPP: Certificate Issuance and Revocation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0418 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DNS Queries over XMPP (DoX) (XEP-0418)</link></span> <note>XEP-0418: DNS Queries over XMPP (DoX) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0419 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Improving Baseline Security in XMPP (XEP-0419)</link></span> <note>XEP-0419: Improving Baseline Security in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0420 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stanza Content Encryption (XEP-0420)</link></span> <note>XEP-0420: Stanza Content Encryption &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0421 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Anonymous unique occupant identifiers for MUCs (XEP-0421)</link></span> <note>XEP-0421: Anonymous unique occupant identifiers for MUCs &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0422 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Fastening (XEP-0422)</link></span> <note>XEP-0422: Message Fastening &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0423 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2020 (XEP-0423)</link></span> <note>XEP-0423: XMPP Compliance Suites 2020 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0424 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Retraction (XEP-0424)</link></span> <note>XEP-0424: Message Retraction &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0425 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Moderation (XEP-0425)</link></span> <note>XEP-0425: Message Moderation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0426 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Character counting in message bodies (XEP-0426)</link></span> <note>XEP-0426: Character counting in message bodies &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0427 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>MAM Fastening Collation (XEP-0427)</link></span> <note>XEP-0427: MAM Fastening Collation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0428 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Fallback Indication (XEP-0428)</link></span> <note>XEP-0428: Fallback Indication &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0429 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Special Interests Group End to End Encryption (XEP-0429)</link></span> <note>XEP-0429: Special Interests Group End to End Encryption &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0430 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Inbox (XEP-0430)</link></span> <note>XEP-0430: Inbox &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0431 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Full Text Search in MAM (XEP-0431)</link></span> <note>XEP-0431: Full Text Search in MAM &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0432 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Simple JSON Messaging (XEP-0432)</link></span> <note>XEP-0432: Simple JSON Messaging &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0433 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Extended Channel Search (XEP-0433)</link></span> <note>XEP-0433: Extended Channel Search &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0434 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Trust Messages (XEP-0434)</link></span> <note>XEP-0434: Trust Messages &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0436 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>MUC presence versioning (XEP-0436)</link></span> <note>XEP-0436: MUC presence versioning &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0437 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Room Activity Indicators (XEP-0437)</link></span> <note>XEP-0437: Room Activity Indicators &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0438 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Best practices for password hashing and storage (XEP-0438)</link></span> <note>XEP-0438: Best practices for password hashing and storage &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0439 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Quick Response (XEP-0439)</link></span> <note>XEP-0439: Quick Response &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0440 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>SASL Channel-Binding Type Capability (XEP-0440)</link></span> <note>XEP-0440: SASL Channel-Binding Type Capability &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0441 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Archive Management Preferences (XEP-0441)</link></span> <note>XEP-0441: Message Archive Management Preferences &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0442 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pubsub Message Archive Management (XEP-0442)</link></span> <note>XEP-0442: Pubsub Message Archive Management &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0443 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2021 (XEP-0443)</link></span> <note>XEP-0443: XMPP Compliance Suites 2021 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0444 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Reactions (XEP-0444)</link></span> <note>XEP-0444: Message Reactions &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0445 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pre-Authenticated In-Band Registration (XEP-0445)</link></span> <note>XEP-0445: Pre-Authenticated In-Band Registration &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0446 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>File metadata element (XEP-0446)</link></span> <note>XEP-0446: File metadata element &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0447 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stateless file sharing (XEP-0447)</link></span> <note>XEP-0447: Stateless file sharing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0448 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Encryption for stateless file sharing (XEP-0448)</link></span> <note>XEP-0448: Encryption for stateless file sharing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0449 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stickers (XEP-0449)</link></span> <note>XEP-0449: Stickers &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0450 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Automatic Trust Management (ATM) (XEP-0450)</link></span> <note>XEP-0450: Automatic Trust Management (ATM) &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0451 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Stanza Multiplexing (XEP-0451)</link></span> <note>XEP-0451: Stanza Multiplexing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0452 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>MUC Mention Notifications (XEP-0452)</link></span> <note>XEP-0452: MUC Mention Notifications &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0453 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>DOAP usage in XMPP (XEP-0453)</link></span> <note>XEP-0453: DOAP usage in XMPP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0454 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>OMEMO Media sharing (XEP-0454)</link></span> <note>XEP-0454: OMEMO Media sharing &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0455 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Service Outage Status (XEP-0455)</link></span> <note>XEP-0455: Service Outage Status &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0456 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Content Rating Labels (XEP-0456)</link></span> <note>XEP-0456: Content Rating Labels &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0457 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Fancying (XEP-0457)</link></span> <note>XEP-0457: Message Fancying &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0459 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>XMPP Compliance Suites 2022 (XEP-0459)</link></span> <note>XEP-0459: XMPP Compliance Suites 2022 &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0460 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Pubsub Caching Hints (XEP-0460)</link></span> <note>XEP-0460: Pubsub Caching Hints &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0461 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Replies (XEP-0461)</link></span> <note>XEP-0461: Message Replies &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >