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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<doc:reference xmlns="">
<releaseinfo role="meta">
<holder>Steve Ball</holder>
<title>Example Stylesheet</title>
<para>This module provides a template for adding stylesheet modules to the XSLT Standard Library.</para>
<para>To add a new module to the library, follow these easy steps:</para>
<para>Copy this file and replace its contents with the new module templates and documentation.</para>
<para>Copy the corresponding test file in the <filename>test</filename> directory. Replace its contents with tests for the new module.</para>
<para>Add an include element in the <filename>stdlib.xsl</filename> stylesheet.</para>
<para>Add an entry in the <filename>test/test.xml</filename> file.</para>
<para>Add entries in the <filename>test/test.xsl</filename> stylesheet.</para>
<para>Add an entry in the <filename>doc/build.xml</filename> file.</para>
<para>The <filename>example.xsl</filename> stylesheet provides a more extensive example.</para>
<doc:template name="eg:example" xmlns="">
<refpurpose>Template Example</refpurpose>
<para>Provides a template for writing templates. Replace this paragraph with a description of your template</para>
<para>The example string</para>
<para>Returns nothing.</para>
<xsl:template name="eg:example">
<xsl:param name="text"/>