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Technical discussions SHOULD NOT happen in the xeps repository. If you see a discussion evolve into technical (as opposed to editorial) matters, do the following:

  1. Lock the conversation.

  2. Copy the technical discussion parts into an email to standards@. My preferred format for this would be something along the lines of:

     Subject: [insert PR title here, or something more appropriate]
     There was some discussion on the xeps repository an XEP-1234, which got
     technical. I moved this discussion to standards@ so that the whole
     community is aware of the issue and can participate.
     @user1 wrote:
     > quote user1 here ...
     @user2 wrote:
     > quote user2 here ...

    Remove clearly editorial discussion and mark the removal with […].

  3. Add the [Needs List Discussion] label to the PR and link the standards@ thread you just created. Remove other labels (such as [Needs Author]).

  4. Monitor the thread; when the discussion is resolved, the PR opener will usually prepare an update. Unlock the conversation to allow editorial discussion to continue, if needed. Remove the [Needs List Discussion] label and re-triage the PR as described above.

    Note: The locking is mostly used here as a tool to avoid a race condition, not to exclude people from participating. (It would be unfortunate if you had to add more comments to your already-sent email.) Feel free to unlock at some point during the list discussion when youre sure that all participants have taken note of the move.