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Jonas Wielicki 6d411dac30 XEP-0286, XEP-0376: Fix contact info for Dave Cridland 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 9bb4c109e9 XEP-0286: Issue Last Call 5 years ago
Sam Whited 50373de4ad xep-0286: remove EXI reference 5 years ago
Sam Whited 448f4c66e2 Replace author info with entity for my XEPs 6 years ago
Sam Whited 4ba979c91f XEP-0286: Retab and rewrap 6 years ago
Sam Whited 09627a4ef6 XEP-0286: Fix some confusing paragraphs. 6 years ago
Sam Whited fe7684067a Defers many old XEPs 6 years ago
Sam Whited f6b6883aff Add more recommended reading to 0286 8 years ago
Matthew A. Miller dd59711e7a mark 0286 as Experimental 8 years ago
Sam Whited 8d691de73a Overwrite XEP-0286 instead of submitting a new XEP 8 years ago
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 81adf4bc25 Remove the executable bit from XML files. 8 years ago
stpeter 9277d89c8e Deferred 12 years ago
stpeter e5e5e4a862 cleanup for RFC 6120 and RC 6121 12 years ago
Tobias Markmann dee8939277 Fix use of definition lists. 13 years ago
stpeter cf8fdbe9f9 initial published version 13 years ago
stpeter 068338ca6d added all existing inbox items available in XML format 13 years ago