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Jonas Wielicki b9a410551e Import the texml-related XSL files into this repository
This helps against build failures due to sourceforge being
2017-09-28 19:51:07 +02:00
Sam Whited 48d668e5f0 Update some copyright dates 2017-01-11 09:48:29 -06:00
Sam Whited 520c7bda7b xep2texml: Remove annoying whitespace errors 2017-01-09 10:12:00 -06:00
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 81adf4bc25 Remove the executable bit from XML files. 2015-06-24 00:39:33 +01:00
Tobias Markmann 90be88d98e Include adjustbox.sty package as dependency. Fix to include xep# in inline image filenames. 2014-03-13 18:34:14 +01:00
Tobias Markmann 9d8722a1aa Add support for inline images to's PDF output. (Thanks to m&m and intosi for their help.) 2014-03-13 17:21:15 +01:00
Tobias Markmann 2fa4d39eef Add support for <sub/>-tag. 2013-12-01 22:45:09 +01:00
Tobias Markmann 8411d9d64a Fix font to Gentium Basic, which support a bold typeface. 2013-12-01 15:16:29 +01:00
Tobias Markmann 97a44587f6 Adding emph and strong support for PDF rendering. 2013-12-01 14:40:36 +01:00
Tobias Markmann af2e1bee4f Fixes to automatically break long tables over multiple pages so no text is lost in PDF versions. Imported tabu LaTeX package; it's not available on debian stable. 2012-05-31 09:28:48 +02:00
Tobias Markmann 6bcd9210ba Putting too long URLs on the front page in the footnotes. 2011-10-22 12:19:58 +02:00
Tobias Markmann b4412526ef Improving table layout and general LaTeX compatibility. (Thanks to Florian Zeitz) 2010-10-06 00:21:08 +02:00
Tobias Markmann 7065a344a2 XEP2PDF: Trying a different special character encoding. 2010-09-20 22:46:48 +02:00
Tobias Markmann e6f664a686 XEP2PDF: Fixing typo. 2010-09-20 22:39:06 +02:00
Tobias Markmann a1a63a9544 XEP2PDF: Correctly transfrom span.super elements. 2010-09-20 20:04:59 +02:00
Tobias Markmann 3b7b75503a Some other layout adjustment.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@4101 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2010-03-18 17:12:52 +00:00
Tobias Markmann f12413ff7c Removing some commented out stuff.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@4100 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2010-03-18 17:00:15 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 075fb86f17 Reduce margins even further for title page.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@4099 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2010-03-18 16:59:39 +00:00
Tobias Markmann e4a2106de6 Reduce margins since they seem pretty big.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@4098 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2010-03-18 09:52:35 +00:00
Peter Saint-Andre b4658beda9 2009 to 2010
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3802 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2010-01-11 20:23:59 +00:00
Tobias Markmann e6d7ee6d58 Use same version number for PDFs as for HTML.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3719 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-12-15 23:06:05 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 450d18f725 Don't try to interpret any ligatures in source code snippets.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3594 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-11-04 10:56:45 +00:00
Tobias Markmann c47509764b Use monospaced typeface for source text.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3588 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-11-02 21:41:05 +00:00
Tobias Markmann a0906fd97e Syntax highlight XML in the PDFs.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3561 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-21 11:39:44 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 6c2f7711dc Set more meta-data.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3534 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-10 15:48:19 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 3c44d18c3d Setting serif and sans to gentium. Monospace to Inconsolata.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3533 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-10 15:07:57 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 2fcb012785 Another try.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3532 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-10 14:36:24 +00:00
Tobias Markmann bfc21f7241 Print legal text smaller. The one of 100 who reads is has to use a reading-glass.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3531 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-10 14:31:40 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 8a3740505b Typo.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3511 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-08 15:31:34 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 1fadfb1746 Some header changes.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3509 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-08 15:27:04 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 68d7c54231 Fix a typo.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3503 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-07 17:48:05 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 4c75b053c1 Adding another logo. Fix some bugs in our xep2xetex.xsl.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3501 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-07 17:43:49 +00:00
Tobias Markmann d4f9ec1330 Remove font settings.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3500 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-07 13:25:38 +00:00
Tobias Markmann 6b29af29e9 Adding a XSL file to transform XEPs into TeXML.
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3497 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
2009-10-07 11:08:13 +00:00