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mjk d4b9524f64 XEP-0413: fix a temporal typo in revision history 2 years ago
Jérôme Poisson 5b52cef59e XEP-0413: update status to Experimental after 0.2 changes 2 years ago
Jérôme Poisson f7cfb68ff4 XEP-0413: version 0.2
- Add a way to discover on which protocols Order-By applies
- Remove references to SQL (except in implementation notes)
- Specify that order-by operate on the whole item set and inside a RSM result set
- Explicitly says that creation and modification dates are set by Pubsub service itself
- Specify that Clark notation should be used for extensions
- Add a full example with Pubsub and RSM
- Add hint for SQL based implementations
- removed XEP-0060 and XEP-0313 as dependencies, they are mentioned as use cases, but are not mandatory
- better wording following feedback
- Namespace bump
2 years ago
Jonas Schäfer d0dc4533ca XEP-0413: deferred due to lack of activity 2 years ago
Jonas Schäfer 800f35516c XEP-0413: add revision block 4 years ago
Timothée Jaussoin 8a80ba8a7f Fix spelling mistakes and typos in XEP-0413 4 years ago
Jonas Schäfer 0fac465915 Accept inbox/order-by.xml as XEP-0413 4 years ago