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Jonas Schäfer 03deb58233 XEP-0392: Drop Color Vision Deficiency corrections
Rationale: see the design considerations section introduced in this
2 years ago
Jonas Schäfer 5fb7345e9a XEP-0392: deferred due to lack of activity 2 years ago
Jonas Schäfer e885fcbbef XEP-0392: Remove all UX/UI recommendations
Those are out of scope for the XSF. This also constitutes the
release of version 0.7.0.
4 years ago
Jonas Schäfer 1496bd3a01 XEP-0392: update to version 0.6.0
CVD rule fixes, test vector update
5 years ago
Jonas Schäfer 285a87e772 XEP-0392: update to version 0.5.0
- Use HSLuv
- Use bare JIDs instead of nicknames in Group Chat situations
5 years ago
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 3c1f3734fb XEP-0392: Fix a typo (thanks zinid) 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 6f4924685e Add &jonaswielicki; entity to xep.ent 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 6a3eb64bd1 XEP-0392: version 0.4 6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki bedc44b159 XEP-0392: update to 0.3
- Fix angle generation algorithm which wasn’t updated to use SHA-1
  after switching
- Re-work palette mapping after implementation experience in poezio.
6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki d21ed8e45c XEP-0392: Version 0.2
* Move to SHA-1 instead of CRC32
* Use bare JID instead of roster names as input
* Properly reference BT.601 and include constants in text
* Editoral fixes
6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki c28965cdd0 Accept colors ProtoXEP as XEP-0392 6 years ago