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Jonas Schäfer c2a8c984d5 XEP-many: add revision block for batch typo fix by pep 5 years ago
Maxime “pep” Buquet d1c1a358e8
Fix some it's/its typos
Signed-off-by: Maxime “pep” Buquet <>
5 years ago
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 7a64b7b1ed Remove spaces at the end of CDATA blocks in all XEPs.
sed -i 's/^\s\+]]>/]]>/g' xep-*.xml
6 years ago
stpeter 9bce116c91 automatically deferred 11 years ago
stpeter 716f9d9117 updated RFC references 12 years ago
Kurt Zeilenga 9c7f90d680 XEP-0290/0274 misc updates
also update xep.ent with updated title of XEP-0285.
13 years ago
stpeter be3b82bda4 slight XEP editor corrections 13 years ago
Kurt Zeilenga 6a6f013f4e XEP 274 and XEP 285 updates 13 years ago
stpeter a6b90f6a7b automatically deferred 13 years ago
Kurt Zeilenga 560b05f8a9 Revert "Revert unpublished changes"
Totally hosed this.
13 years ago
Kurt Zeilenga 3eb5db6e0c Revert unpublished changes
This reverts portions of commit c1173e8cf7a40a936e68a873069e191b846c7182
touching XEP 258.
13 years ago
Kurt Zeilenga 8b4bfd5723 Minor updates to XEP 274 (XMPP DSIG), namely fix up error examples and to note
the approach doesn't support 'optimistic signing'.

Extend XEP 258 to use XMPP DSIG to securely bind labels.

Update XEP 274 based on introduction of XEP 258.
13 years ago
Unknown User 06cdd4673b accepted for publication /psa
git-svn-id: file:///home/ksmith/gitmigration/svn/xmpp/trunk@3437 4b5297f7-1745-476d-ba37-a9c6900126ab
14 years ago