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Sam Whited 7ca36495db XEP-0233: Move to draft 6 years ago
mvisode a172d660e6 Updated revision
This change was missed in the last PR
6 years ago
mvisode aa96595b05 Clarification
Clarified to avoid reliance on insecure DNS queries for determination of hostname
6 years ago
Sam Whited 4a535bc47e XEP-0333, 0233, 0280, 0334, 0352: Extend LC 6 years ago
Sam Whited 3016c110d6 XEP-0233: Issue LC 6 years ago
Tobias Markmann 0d37fc3b0e XEP-0233: editorial changes (missing author, missing comma) 6 years ago
Sam Whited fe7684067a Defers many old XEPs
Fixes #369
6 years ago
Matthew A. Miller 7791061e82 XEP-0233 Deferred -> Experimental 8 years ago
Mili Verma bee05d65aa Include support for Microsoft SSPI in xep-0233 8 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre e9dcf3bfe9 automatically deferred 11 years ago
stpeter 63a5976565 0.4 12 years ago
stpeter 766d5ea232 0.3 12 years ago
stpeter 716f9d9117 updated RFC references 12 years ago
stpeter e5e5e4a862 cleanup for RFC 6120 and RC 6121 12 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre 83f89f3f19 0.2
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13 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre 603a2bdd80 Deferred
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14 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre b31cb56a81 initial published version
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16 years ago