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Licaon_Kter aff15f996e
Move none to note 2 years ago
Licaon_Kter 20ce66154a
XEP-0045 - Fix typo missed in rev. 1.25
Ping @stpeter
2 years ago
Matthew Wild 373b9de7b6 Multiple XEPs: Cross-document editorial adjustments for inclusive language.
Further reading and some rationale for these changes can be found at:

All changes are intended to be editorial in nature, not break existing
wire protocols, and not alter the meanings of any text.
2 years ago
Jonas Schäfer e2031ae53f XEP-0045: specify use of <delay/> in subject message 3 years ago
Matthew Wild 64ae7088d6 XEP-0045: Clarify that the 307 status code should not be used alongside 333 for user disconnects
Includes a change of 'not recommended' to 'not advisable' per Council feedback.
3 years ago
Jonas Schäfer e61d13f60a XEP-0045: add revision block 4 years ago
Georg Lukas 049f186631 XEP-0045: add 333 status to gc1-kick, thx Kev 4 years ago
Georg Lukas 84674a9221 XEP-0045: restrict gc1 kick to non-occupant full-JIDs, thx jonas’ 4 years ago
Georg Lukas 5282243d5d XEP-0045: do not claim compatibility with GC1.0 4 years ago
Georg Lukas 2408ea0373 XEP-0045: respond to GC1.0 join with kick, thx Kev 4 years ago
Georg Lukas 45e050c9c6 XEP-0045: fix wording in GC1.0 join 4 years ago
Kim Alvefur 4a71e3b82b XEP-0045: Move section about GC 1.0 further down
It's weird that the first thing you see under "Entering a room" is how
to do it in the old way, instead of the new way, which might mislead
implementers and make them miss the new way entirely.
4 years ago
Georg Lukas 11bf5c82fb XEP-0045: first and early attempt at removing GC1.0 4 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 4be4a8554b XEP-0045: Add implementation note about {jabberconference}x payload 5 years ago
Kevin Smith 1f4d98f66a Fix which witch is which 5 years ago
Georg Lukas b017284eea XEP-0045: change feature according to Council feedback 5 years ago
Georg Lukas 7123a7a4ed XEP-0045: Implement stable IDs on Reflection
This updates the example and the wording to make stable IDs mandatory.
It also introduces the 'muc_stable_id' feature flag fig leaf to test



5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 0b4754f43d XEP-0045: fix version block with actual publishing date 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 22dbb78a40 XEP-0045: Specify 333 status code 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 867616ab0b XEP-0045: add revision block 6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 32bda0a904 Merge branch 'xep0045mucrejoin' of into feature/xep-0045 6 years ago
Georg Lukas d960697c73 XEP-0045: improve wording of client re-sync 6 years ago
Georg Lukas 8f684ace2b XEP-0045: Clarify wording for a client re-syncing to a MUC
TL;DR: whenever a client (re)sends a join, the MUC service should return
everything a newly joining client needs to know.

Discussion in
6 years ago
Georg Lukas 2c4f007561 XEP-0045: add revision block 6 years ago
Georg Lukas f2b9ece717 Changed wording from 'clients' to 'entities' 6 years ago
Georg Lukas 0dd74fde8d XEP-0045: clients MUST NOT rely on <x/> 6 years ago
Georg Lukas cde2abe151 XEP-0045: Add <x/> tag to MUC-PMs 6 years ago
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot c6cd7c1181 XEP-0045: Remove trailing whitespace in examples. 6 years ago
Sam Whited 337e41f925 XEP-0045: Typo and whitespace fixes 7 years ago
Sam Whited 8910053e92 XEP-0045: Tweak revision in preparation for 1.27 7 years ago
Christian Schudt 2a968984ad XEP-0045: Fix typo 7 years ago
Christian Schudt 7535f39785 XEP-0045: participant should be member 7 years ago
Sam Whited f9a9139078 XEP-0045: Bump version to 1.27 7 years ago
Georg Lukas cee524dbde XEP-0045: Business Rule for client-requested full resync
As discussed on the ML [0]: When a client re-joins a MUC where the MUC
service did not notice the client leaving, the client will end up with
an incomplete list of participants and no room subject.

This patch adds a sentence to the business rules section that explicitly
requires a MUC service to send a full sync whenever it receives a MUC
join presence (as opposed to the old groupchat protocol).

In my eyes, this is only a clarification of the existing standard
definition, so we do not need to bump the version.


7 years ago
Sam Whited 45960060ed XEP-0045: Fix wrong revision date 7 years ago
Sam Whited f7ffad456d XEP-0045: Version bump for various bug fixes 7 years ago
Christian Schudt 530f271088 Remove status code 174 again 7 years ago
Christian Schudt 33d131a531 XEP-0045: Various bug fixes:
- Example 90 lacks status code 110 (self-presence)
- muc#roomconfig_allowpm is boolean, but should be list-single
- muc#roomconfig_allowinvites is list-single, but should be boolean
- Typo: Publish-Subcribe
- 15.6.2 Initial Submission: Status code 174 is missing.
- muc#role should be list-single
- muc#register_faqentry: mixed occurrences of text-single and text-multi
7 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre 49894184e5 small typos noticed by Nate Leon 11 years ago
stpeter db8f1249e1 1.25 11 years ago
stpeter f35e05df01 specified that edits to moderator list are based on nick, not jid 11 years ago
stpeter 04de67d670 fix to data form registration 11 years ago
stpeter c93e1f0a37 1.25rc12 12 years ago
stpeter ce9206c397 1.25rc11 12 years ago
stpeter 1b6f49bf6f 1.25rc10 12 years ago
stpeter 2487142e08 1.25rc9 12 years ago
stpeter 6b640d42e1 1.25rc9 12 years ago
stpeter f4cc8b96a1 1.25rc8 12 years ago
stpeter 8a1d07e9a7 1.25rc7 12 years ago
stpeter de29f8aad7 1.25rc6 12 years ago