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Jonas Schäfer 735b17dcc7 Reduce final image size by 92%
By performing the build in one image (with all the needed tools)
and then copying over the result files into an image based on
stock nginx, the image size is reduced from 1.4 GB to 111 MB.
3 years ago
Kim Alvefur f0c6539070
Include XML files in build 4 years ago
Edwin Mons 8a3efe6600 Build refs for Docker image wasn't built.  As these files are referenced
from, we probably should.
5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki b9a410551e Import the texml-related XSL files into this repository
This helps against build failures due to sourceforge being
6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki aea6f78a1a Generate xeplist on Docker build 6 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 609a081f27 Add build for inbox/ 6 years ago
Sam Whited a4f01fabf3 Build xeps container on CI 6 years ago
mathieui 69d3ab9ed1 Add NCORES and TARGETS as build params 6 years ago
mathieui 8e9f9b3911 Add a base dockerfile to only build the xeps in CI 6 years ago
Sam Whited 5d5d8d7d1d log cpu info during build for diagnostic purposes 6 years ago
Kevin Smith 2e53f9ad30 Add Dockerfile serving HTML extensions (#464)
Add Dockerfile

* Add PDF building to docker template
* Add note on docker to the readme
6 years ago