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  Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 7a64b7b1ed Remove spaces at the end of CDATA blocks in all XEPs. 2 years ago
  Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 3c5f20a4ca Remove all trailing whitespace from every XEP. 2 years ago
  Sam Whited 8de3ee3a29 XEP-0204–XEP-0298: DTD fixes 2 years ago
  Sam Whited b92a2b7a23 XEP-0260: Fix broken ICE-TCP ref 3 years ago
  stpeter 6260ed66eb 1.0 DRAFT 8 years ago
  Tobias Markmann 78d729222a Small fix. dstaddr-attribute encoding is hexified, not Base-64. 8 years ago
  stpeter 6c6b1387dc 0.9 8 years ago
  stpeter 48342fbe22 0.8 8 years ago
  stpeter 6464a63154 0.7 8 years ago
  stpeter 6e52f01f50 date correction 8 years ago
  stpeter fb9fb33319 0.6 8 years ago
  stpeter 574ac8e8a1 Last Call ends 2011-07-15 8 years ago
  Tobias Markmann 60e3fb6774 Add missing transport-accept to S5B->IBB fallback flow graph. 8 years ago
  Tobias Markmann 7c1c7ebace Fixing typo in the <jingle> tag. 8 years ago
  stpeter 0fc34a142d editorial cleanup 8 years ago
  stpeter e5e5e4a862 cleanup for RFC 6120 and RC 6121 8 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre ebe1c86f66 0.5 9 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre 6e6134e9e7 0.4 published 9 years ago
  Marcus Lundblad 0402c375fb Added proxy-error action 9 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre 9a345d992c a few minor clarifications 10 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre aeb7371fe0 0.3 10 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre 0d6b5ea95a noted fast-mode reuse; added type attribute 10 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre 360eb28199 PSA edits 10 years ago
  Dirk Meyer 2be9ebc785 Major update to make Jingle S5B inherit more features from ICE and ICE-TCP. 10 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre a1133defad 0.2 10 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre 014f845df0 mailing list link 10 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre 4be6840cf5 NSVER 10 years ago
  Peter Saint-Andre 743b30dccb initial version 10 years ago