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Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 7a64b7b1ed Remove spaces at the end of CDATA blocks in all XEPs. 6 years ago
Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 3c5f20a4ca Remove all trailing whitespace from every XEP. 6 years ago
Sam Whited 211f9e77a0 Fix several DTD issues 6 years ago
Unknown User 9c5a86b514 XML fix /psa 14 years ago
Unknown User 6e921e3d88 fixed dead links /psa 14 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre 29bee13867 XSF/SIG cleanup 16 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre a76c0f0930 JEP to XEP 17 years ago
Peter Saint-Andre 2ac91f50c8 Initial revision 17 years ago