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Jonas Schäfer 735b17dcc7 Reduce final image size by 92% 3 years ago
Kim Alvefur f0c6539070
Include XML files in build 4 years ago
Edwin Mons 8a3efe6600 Build refs for Docker image 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki b9a410551e Import the texml-related XSL files into this repository 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki aea6f78a1a Generate xeplist on Docker build 5 years ago
Jonas Wielicki 609a081f27 Add build for inbox/ 5 years ago
Sam Whited a4f01fabf3 Build xeps container on CI 5 years ago
mathieui 69d3ab9ed1 Add NCORES and TARGETS as build params 5 years ago
mathieui 8e9f9b3911 Add a base dockerfile to only build the xeps in CI 5 years ago
Sam Whited 5d5d8d7d1d log cpu info during build for diagnostic purposes 5 years ago
Kevin Smith 2e53f9ad30 Add Dockerfile serving HTML extensions (#464) 6 years ago