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<p>The &lt;command/&gt; SHOULD include an &lt;actions/&gt; element, which specifies the details of what the allowed actions are for this stage of execution. Each element within &lt;action/&gt; matches a possible value for the &lt;command/&gt; element's "action" attribute. The "execute" attribute defines which of the included actions is considered the equivalent to "execute" for this stage. In the above example, the only allowed action is to progress to the next stage, which is also the default.</p>
<p class="box"><strong>Note:</strong> The "execute" action (not the attribute) is ambiguous and may have undefined behaviour in some implementations. Relying on the specific behavior of the execute action is discouraged, especially in cases where the "complete" action is not allowed and the "execute" attribute is not specified (see also <link url="#impl-actions">Command Actions</link>.</p>
<p>The requester then submits the form, maintaining the command node and sessionid:</p>
<example caption='Execute command request (stage 2)'><![CDATA[
<iq type='set' to='responder@domain' id='exec2'>