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<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='xep.xsl'?>
<title>XMPP Compliance Suites 2021</title>
<title>XMPP Compliance Suites 2022</title>
This document defines XMPP application categories for different use cases
(Core, Web, IM, and Mobile), and specifies the required XEPs that client and
server software needs to implement for compliance with the use cases.
<type>Standards Track</type>
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<initials>XEP Editor (jsc)</initials>
<remark>Accept as Draft as per Council vote from 2020-11-11.</remark>
<remark>Add more notable XEPs</remark>
<remark>Added section about A/V calls</remark>
<initials>XEP Editor (jsc)</initials>
<remark>Accepted by vote of Council on 2020-09-30.</remark>
<p>First draft based on XEP-0423.</p>
<p>First draft based on XEP-0443.</p>
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A feature is considered supported if all comma separated feature providers
listed in the "Providers" column are implemented (unless otherwise noted).
<section2 topic='Changes since 2021' anchor='changes-2021'>
<p>The following changes were made to the Compliance Suites since &xep0443;:</p>
<section2 topic='Changes since 2020' anchor='changes-2020'>
<p>The following changes were made to the Compliance Suites since &xep0423;:</p>