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<abstract>This specification defines a Jingle transport method that results in sending media data using raw datagram associations via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). This transport method is negotiated via the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) methodology, which provides robust NAT traversal for media traffic.</abstract>
<type>Standards Track</type>
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<remark><p>Per a vote of the XMPP Council, advanced specification from Experimental to Draft.</p></remark>
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<p>Upon advancement of this specification from a status of Experimental to a status of Draft, the &REGISTRAR; shall add the foregoing namespaces to the registry located at &NAMESPACES;, as described in Section 4 of &xep0053;.</p>
<p>The &REGISTRAR; includes the foregoing namespace in its registry at &NAMESPACES;, as governed by &xep0053;.</p>
<section2 topic='Protocol Versioning' anchor='registrar-versioning'>
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<section2 topic='Jingle Transport Methods' anchor='registrar-transports'>
<p>The XMPP Registrar shall include "ice-udp" in its registry of Jingle transport methods. The registry submission is as follows:</p>
<p>The XMPP Registrar includes "ice-udp" in its registry of Jingle transport methods at &JINGLETRANSPORTS;. The registry submission is as follows:</p>
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The protocol documented by this schema is defined in
XEP-0176: http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0176.html
<xs:element name='transport'>
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