Tweak headers of to/from markdown tooling

Kim Alvefur 2 years ago
parent 10da72c298
commit e8d73dec14

@ -1,16 +1,13 @@
-- This is a sample custom writer for pandoc. It produces output
-- that is very similar to that of pandoc's HTML writer.
-- There is one new feature: code blocks marked with class 'dot'
-- are piped through graphviz and images are included in the HTML
-- output using 'data:' URLs.
-- XEP output format for pandoc
-- Invoke with: pandoc -t sample.lua
-- Based on the pandoc sample.lua HTML writer
-- Note: you need not have lua installed on your system to use this
-- custom writer. However, if you do have lua installed, you can
-- use it to test changes to the script. 'lua sample.lua' will
-- produce informative error messages if your code contains
-- syntax errors.
-- Invoke with: pandoc -t 2xep.lua
-- Based on `data/sample.lua` from pandoc.
-- Modifications released under the MIT license.
-- Copyright (C) 2021 Kim Alvefur
-- luacheck: globals Blocksep Doc Space SoftBreak Str LineBreak Emph Strong Subscript Superscript SmallCaps Strikeout
-- luacheck: globals Link Image Code InlineMath DisplayMath SingleQuoted DoubleQuoted Note Span RawInline Cite Plain

@ -1,6 +1,12 @@
#!/usr/bin/env lua5.3
-- XEP to Markdown converter
-- Copyright (C) 2021 Kim Alvefur
-- This file is released under the MIT license.
-- Invoke with:
-- xmllint --nonet --noent --loaddtd "$@" | lua5.3 -lluarocks.loader xep2md.lua
-- Inlined from Prosody, you may wanna skip ahead ~160 lines
-- or so to the main script.