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<remark>Fixed small typos</remark>
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<p>Additionally, if <em>subscription='from'</em> or
<em>subscription='none'</em>, you can have <em>ask='suscribe'</em>, which
<em>subscription='none'</em>, you can have <em>ask='subscribe'</em>, which
means you sent a subscription request to the item but haven't received an
answer yet.</p>
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(contacts with <em>subscription='both'</em> or <em>subscription='to'</em>) and contacts which
are only interested in receiving the user's presence information. Also, the
user might be interested in having some contacts even with
<em>subscription='none'</em>, because he often send messages to them but isn't
<em>subscription='none'</em>, because he often sends messages to them but isn't
interested in their presence.</p>