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<p><em>Note: The methods specified herein are provided for experimentation and unit testing only. They are not intended for inclusion in released software or production environments.</em></p>
<section2 topic='Resource Determination' anchor='session-resource'>
<section1 topic='Resource Determination' anchor='session-resource'>
<p>In order to initiate a Jingle session, the initiator must determine which of the responder's XMPP resources is best for the desired application format. The following approach may be helpful to implementors:</p>
<li><p>If the intended responder shares presence with the initiator (see &xmppim;) and has only one available resource, the initiator SHOULD attempt to negotiate a Jingle session with that resource unless the initiator knows via &xep0030; or &xep0115; that the resource does not support Jingle and the desired application format. <note>Naturally, instead of sending service discovery requests to every contact in a user's roster, it is more efficient to use <cite>Entity Capabilities</cite>, whereby support for Jingle and various Jingle application formats and transport methods is determined for a client version in general (rather than on a per-JID basis) and then cached. Refer to <cite>XEP-0115</cite> for details.</note></p></li>