XEP-0156: Fix typo (s/utf-9/utf-8/)

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@ -25,6 +25,12 @@
<initials>XSF Editor: ssw</initials>
<remark><p>Fix a small typo in one of the examples (UTF-9 encoding).</p></remark>
@ -167,7 +173,7 @@ _xmppconnect IN TXT "_xmpp-client-websocket=wss://web.example.com:443/ws"
<section2 topic='Examples' anchor='httpexamples'>
<p>The following examples show two host-meta link records: the first indicates support for the XMPP Over BOSH connection method defined in <cite>XEP-0124</cite> and <cite>XEP-0206</cite> and the second indicates support for the XMPP Over WebSocket connection method defined in <cite>draft-ietf-xmpp-websocket</cite>.</p>
<example caption='Result for /.well-known/host-meta'><![CDATA[<?xml version='1.0' encoding=utf-9'?>
<example caption='Result for /.well-known/host-meta'><![CDATA[<?xml version='1.0' encoding=utf-8'?>
<XRD xmlns='http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/xri/xrd-1.0'>
<Link rel="urn:xmpp:alt-connections:xbosh"