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Retro-patch XEP-0454

fixed examples in OMEMO Media sharing
Daniel Gultsch 2 years ago committed by Jonas Schäfer
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<initials>XEP Editor (jsc)</initials>
<remark>Accepted by vote of Council on 2021-01-13.</remark>
<li>Fixed key length in examples</li>
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<p>To share the file the entity converts the HTTPS URL, the key and the IV to an aesgcm:// URL. Both IV and key are converted to their hex representation of 24 characters and 64 characters respectively and concatenated for a total of 88 characters (44 bytes). The IV comes first followed by the key. The resulting string is put in the anchor part of the aesgcm URL.</p>
<code><![CDATA[GET URL: https://download.montague.tld/4a771ac1-f0b2-4a4a-9700-f2a26fa2bb67/tr%C3%A8s%20cool.jpg
IV: 8c3d050e9386ec173861778f
Key: 68e9af38a97aaf82faa4063b4d0878a61261534410c8a84331eaac851759f587ed40ca58
Resulting URL: aesgcm://download.montague.tld/4a771ac1-f0b2-4a4a-9700-f2a26fa2bb67/tr%C3%A8s%20cool.jpg#8c3d050e9386ec173861778f68e9af38a97aaf82faa4063b4d0878a61261534410c8a84331eaac851759f587ed40ca58
Key: 68e9af38a97aaf82faa4063b4d0878a61261534410c8a84331eaac851759f587
Resulting URL: aesgcm://download.montague.tld/4a771ac1-f0b2-4a4a-9700-f2a26fa2bb67/tr%C3%A8s%20cool.jpg#8c3d050e9386ec173861778f68e9af38a97aaf82faa4063b4d0878a61261534410c8a84331eaac851759f587
<p>Note: HTTP Upload has transport encryption as a MUST. Non HTTPS URLs MUST not be converted to the aesgcm URL scheme.</p>
<p>The resulting aesgcm URL is encrypted as an OMEMO message and send to the recipient(s).</p>
<section1 topic="Embedded Thumbnails" anchor="thumbnails">
<p>The sending entity MAY also generate a thumbnail as a JPEG data uri and include that in the same message. The aesgcm:// and the data:image/jpep, are seperated by a new line character. The message SHOULD NOT include anything else. The JPEG thumbnail SHOULD be kept small (approximately 5KiB) to not run into into stanza size limitations. As a result the resulting thumbnail is considered to only be a very blury, very rough representation of the image.</p>
<section1 topic='Business Rules' anchor='rules'>