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XEP-0443: added IM notes and Easy Onboarding

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<section2 topic='Changes since 2020' anchor='changes-2020'>
<p>The following changes were made to the Compliance Suites since &xep0423;:</p>
<li>Introduced new category for <strong>A/V Calling</strong>.</li>
<li>Introduced new category for <link url='#av'>A/V Calling</link>.</li>
<li>IM Category:
<li>Specifications of note: added &xep0393;, &xep0433;, &xep0424;, and &xep0425;</li>
<section2 topic='Changes since 2019' anchor='changes'>
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<li>For public IM networks: &xep0077; (should be supported, but not enabled in default server configurations) and &xep0157;</li>
<li>File uploads should be indicated using &xep0066;, optionally also using &xep0385;</li>
<li>&xep0392; for cross-client consistency of user names</li>
<li>&xep0393; for simple styling of plaintext messages that is loosely compatible with legacy IM networks</li>
<li>&xep0433; to improve the discovery of public rooms hosted on a domain</li>
<li>&xep0424; and &xep0425; for managing misbehavior in public rooms</li>
<section2 topic='Mobile Compliance Suite' anchor='mobile'>
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to share their experience and feedback.</p>
<li>Client connection optimizations: &xep0386; and &xep0409;, maybe also &xep0397;</li>
<li>Improved on-boarding of new users:
<li>&xep0401; to create account invitations</li>
<li>&xep0379; for contact invitations</li>
<li><span class='ref'><link url=''>Pre-Authenticated In-Band Registration (XEP-xxxx)</link></span> to register accounts based on an invitation</li>
<li>End-to-End Encryption (E2EE): &xep0380; for tagging encrypted messages, &xep0420; to protect all payloads; and also one or multiple of the following for actual encryption: