Add xep.ent entries for new XEPs

Jonas Wielicki 5 years ago
parent 8aeef7b526
commit 90ecfd93fb

@ -1509,3 +1509,11 @@ IANA Service Location Protocol, Version 2 (SLPv2) Templates</link></span> <note>
<!ENTITY xep0392 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Consistent Color Generation (XEP-0392)</link></span> <note>XEP-0392: Consistent Color Generation &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0393 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Styling (XEP-0393)</link></span> <note>XEP-0393: Message Styling &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0394 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Message Markup (XEP-0394)</link></span> <note>XEP-0394: Message Markup &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0395 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Atomically Compare-And-Publish PubSub Items (XEP-0395)</link></span> <note>XEP-0395: Atomically Compare-And-Publish PubSub Items &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0396 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Jingle Encrypted Transports - OMEMO (XEP-0396)</link></span> <note>XEP-0396: Jingle Encrypted Transports - OMEMO &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0397 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Instant Stream Resumption (XEP-0397)</link></span> <note>XEP-0397: Instant Stream Resumption &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0398 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion (XEP-0398)</link></span> <note>XEP-0398: User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0399 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Client Key Support (XEP-0399)</link></span> <note>XEP-0399: Client Key Support &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0400 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Multi-Factor Authentication with TOTP (XEP-0400)</link></span> <note>XEP-0400: Multi-Factor Authentication with TOTP &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >
<!ENTITY xep0401 "<span class='ref'><link url=''>Easy User Onboarding (XEP-0401)</link></span> <note>XEP-0401: Easy User Onboarding &lt;<link url=''></link>&gt;.</note>" >