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XEP-0388 SASL2: Avoid superfluous whitespaces in Example 1-3

Florian Schmaus 4 years ago
committed by Sam Whited
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@ -104,8 +104,7 @@
<authenticate xmlns='urn:xmpp:sasl:1' mechanism="BLURDLYBLOOP">
<p>In order to provide support for other desired stream states beyond authentication, additional child elements are used. For example, a hypothetical XEP-0198 session resumption element might be included, and/or Resource Binding requests.</p>
<example caption="An authentication request with a (hypothetical) bind request"><![CDATA[
<authenticate xmlns='urn:xmpp:sasl:1' mechanism='BLURDYBLOOP'>
@ -114,8 +113,7 @@
<bind xmlns='urn:xmpp:bind:example'/>
<section2 topic="Challenges and Responses" anchor="challenge">
<p>Server Challenges MAY then be sent. Each Challenge MUST be responded to by a Client in a Client Response. These are not extensible, and contain the corresponding base64 encoded SASL data:</p>
@ -129,8 +127,7 @@
<response xmlns='urn:xmpp:sasl:1'>
<section2 topic="During Authentication">
<p>At any time while authentication is in progress, neither Client nor Server sends any element (including stanzas) or other data except the top-level elements defined herein. Clients MUST NOT send whitespace, and MUST send only &lt;response/> elements as appropriate or an &lt;abort/> element to immediately cause an error. Servers MUST disconnect Clients immediately if any other traffic is received. Servers are similarly REQUIRED to send no whitespace, and only the &lt;response/> and completion elements from the section below.</p>