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Create an issue template to help guide people to the right resource

Jonas Schäfer 4 years ago
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**Note:** The issue tracker is only for tracking editorial and maintenance issues. Technical (protocol) issues need to be discussed on the official standards mailing list (see more info here: ).
**Examples of things which *do* belong here:**
* Typographical issues in the XEPs (although a pull request would be more appreciated ;-))
* Issues with the XEP build process, (partially) the editor workflow (such as sending emails)
* Things which need to be done by an editor, e.g. applying council decisions, applying automatic deferrals, etc.
**Examples of things which *do not* belong here, but instead on standards@:**
* "XEP X is missing feature Y"
* "The way X is done in protocol Y described in XEP Z is imperfect, we should be doing W instead"
Unsure? stop by in and ask what’s appropriate. We won’t bite.
**Now for your actual issue** Please delete this part of the template once you’ve read it.
* What is broken and where? e.g. Link to external resource XYZ is broken in XEP-2345 / What needs to be done? e.g. XEP-1234 needs to be Deprecated
* If needed, please link the decision of the Approving Body