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<remark><p>Add fixed anchors to all sections</p></remark>
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of humour has been removed with the change in title.</p>
<section1 topic="Outline of use">
<section1 topic="Outline of use" anchor='usage'>
<p>Clients store each bookmarked chatroom as a Pubsub item within the '&namespace;' node. Each
item SHALL have, as item id, the Room JID of the chatroom (eg, coven@chat.shakespeare.lit). While a client can
typically assume a chatroom based on &xep0045;, clients are free to store chatrooms based on any particular groupchat
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<section1 topic="Implementation Notes">
<section2 topic="Differences to XEP-0048">
<section1 topic="Implementation Notes" anchor='impl'>
<section2 topic="Differences to XEP-0048" anchor='diff-0048'>
<li>The conference element does not contain the jid - this is present only in the item id.</li>
<li>Each conference element is contained within an item.</li>
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<section2 topic='Storage' anchor='storage'>
<p>&xep0060; is used for data storage, specifically through the use of private, personal pubsub nodes (described in &xep0223;) hosted at the user's virtual pubsub service (see &xep0163;).</p>
<section2 topic="Compatibility">
<section2 topic="Compatibility" anchor='compatibility'>
<p>A server MAY choose to unify the bookmarks from both &xep0049; based and the current &xep0048;.</p>
<p>It is encouraged to at least support unification between Private XML Storage because as of 2019 this is still the storage backend that is implemented in the majority of clients.</p>
<p>A server that supports unifying bookmarks from &xep0049; and &xep0402; SHOULD announce the "&namespace;#compat" feature on the account. Clients may use that feature as an indication that it is safe to store bookmarks using only &xep0402; without losing backward compatibility to clients that are only using &xep0049;.</p>
<p>A server that supports unifying bookmarks between &xep0223; and &xep0402; SHOULD announce the "&namespace;#compat-pep" feature on the account.</p>
<section3 topic="Publishing via this specification">
<section3 topic="Publishing via this specification" anchor='publishing'>
<p>When a client publishes a new item, the server MAY collate all items, casting them into the 'storage:bookmarks' namespace and setting the jid attribute to the item id in each case. When contained within a storage element qualified by the 'storage:bookmarks' namespace, this will be the correct format for both current and previous variants of &xep0048;</p>
<section3 topic="Publishing via the old specification">
<section3 topic="Publishing via the old specification" anchor='publishing-legacy'>
<p>If a client publishes a replacement list of bookmarks via the older specifications, a server MAY examine the list and update the individual items as required, sending updates or retraction notifications as needed. Servers electing to perform this OPTIONAL behaviour SHOULD NOT send notifications for unchanged items.</p>
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<p>Server side unification between the current use of XEP-0048 bookmarks (PEP) is annouced with the feature "&namespace;#compat-pep" on the account.</p>
<section1 topic="Acknowledgements">
<section1 topic="Acknowledgements" anchor='ack'>
<p>The authors would like to note that much of the syntax description was copied exactly from &xep0048; by Rachel Blackman, Peter Millard, and Peter Saint-Andre. Much of the remainder of this specification is based closely on their work.</p>