XEP-0363: fixed typo in example 5

example had a </request> closing tag that didn't belong there
Daniel Gultsch 2017-04-21 18:20:32 +02:00 committed by Sam Whited
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@ -28,6 +28,12 @@
<remark><p>Fixed example</p></remark>
@ -167,7 +173,6 @@
content-type='image/jpeg' />
<p>The upload service responds with both a PUT and a GET URL wrapped by a &lt;slot&gt; element. The service SHOULD keep the file name and especially the file ending intact. Using the same hostname for PUT and GET is OPTIONAL. The host MUST provide Transport Layer Security (&rfc5246;).</p>
<p>The &lt;put&gt; element MAY also contain an unlimited number of &lt;header&gt; elements which correspond to HTTP header fields. Each &lt;header&gt; element MUST have a name-attribute and a content with the value of the header.</p>