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listed in the "Providers" column are implemented (unless otherwise noted).
<section2 topic='Changes since 2019' anchor='changes'>
<p>This section will be completed after the Last Call.</p>
<p>The following changes were made to the Compliance Suites since &xep0412;:</p>
<li>IM Category:
<li>Core Client: added &xep0245;; File Upload: &xep0066; and optionally &xep0385;</li>
<li>Core Client and Server: added &xep0363;</li>
<li>Advanced Client: added &xep0234;, &xep0261;, &xep0392;</li>
<li>Advanced Client and Server: added &xep0411;</li>
<li>Mobile Category:
<li>Core Mobile: added &xep0286;</li>
<section1 topic='Compliance Categories' anchor='categories'>