XEP-0045: Add implementation note about {jabberconference}x payload

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<remark><p>Add implementation note about legacy invitations.</p></remark>
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<p>If the room is members-only, the service MAY also add the invitee to the member list. (Note: Invitation privileges in members-only rooms SHOULD be restricted to room admins; if a member without privileges to edit the member list attempts to invite another user, the service SHOULD return a &forbidden; error to the occupant; for details, see the <link url='#modifymember'>Modifying the Member List</link> section of this document.)</p>
<p><strong>Implementation Note:</strong> <link url='https://xmpp.org/extensions/attic/jep-0045-1.19.html#invite'>In the past</link>, it was specified that a &lt;x xmlns='jabber:x:conference'&gt; element with the reason as text payload was to be included in the mediated invitation as sent by the room. While this has since been removed from this specification, implementations should be aware that there still exist server implementations which emit that payload for compatibility reasons.</p>
<p>If the inviter supplies a non-existent JID, the room SHOULD return an &notfound; error to the inviter.</p>
<p>The invitee MAY choose to formally decline (as opposed to ignore) the invitation; and this is something that the sender might want to be informed about. In order to decline the invitation, the invitee MUST send a message of the following form to the &ROOMJID; itself:</p>
<example caption='Invitee Declines Invitation'><![CDATA[