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<remark><p>Add hash-used element</p></remark>
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<p>An XMPP protocol can include more than one instance of the &lt;hash/&gt; element, as long as each one has a different value for the 'algo' attribute:</p>
<code><![CDATA[<hash xmlns='urn:xmpp:hashes:2' algo='sha-1'>2AfMGH8O7UNPTvUVAM9aK13mpCY=</hash>
<hash xmlns='urn:xmpp:hashes:2' algo='sha-256'>2XarmwTlNxDAMkvymloX3S5+VbylNrJt/l5QyPa+YoU=</hash>]]></code>
<p>In certain scenarios it makes sense to communicate the hash algorithm that is used prior to the calculation of the hash value.</p>
<code><![CDATA[<hash-used xmlns='urn:xmpp:hashes:2' algo='sha-256'/>]]></code>
<p>The value of the 'algo' attribute MUST be one of the values from the &ianahashes; maintained by &IANA;, or one of the values
defined in the following table.</p>
<table caption='Additional Hash Function Textual Names'>
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<xs:element name='hash-used'>
<xs:extension base='empty'>
<xs:attribute name='algo' type='xs:NCName' use='required'/>