formally added SDP disco feature

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@ -900,6 +900,17 @@ INITIATOR NAT RESPONDER
<section2 topic='Service Discovery Features' anchor='registrar-features'>
<p>If an entity supports the SDP offer / answer model described in <cite>RFC 3264</cite> and therefore prefers to receive one "transport-info" action with multiple candidates, it MUST advertise support for the "urn:ietf:rfc:3264" feature.</p>
<p>The registry submission is as follows.</p>
<code caption='Registry Submission'><![CDATA[
<desc>Signals support for the SDP offer / answer model described in RFC 3264</desc>
<section2 topic='Jingle Transport Methods' anchor='registrar-transports'>
<p>The XMPP Registrar shall include "ice-udp" in its registry of Jingle transport methods. The registry submission is as follows:</p>
@ -979,6 +990,6 @@ INITIATOR NAT RESPONDER
<section1 topic='Acknowledgements' anchor='ack'>
<p>Thanks to Steffen Larsen and Paul Witty for their comments.</p>
<p>Thanks to Olivier Cr&#234;te, Tim Julien, Steffen Larsen, Robert McQueen, Mike Ruprecht, and Paul Witty for their feedback.</p>