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<remark><p>Enhanced implementation notes.</p></remark>
<remark><p>Enhanced implementation notes; added AMP note.</p></remark>
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<section1 topic='Use Cases' anchor='usecases'>
<section2 topic='Initiating a Chat' anchor='initiate'>
<p>In order to initiate a negotiated chat session, the initiating party ("user") sends a &MESSAGE; <note>The &MESSAGE; stanza is used because the user does not necessarily know which of the contact's resources is most available (or indeed if the contact is online).</note> stanza to the receiving party ("contact") containing a &lt;feature/&gt; child qualified by the 'http://jabber.org/protocol/feature-neg' namespace. The &MESSAGE; stanza MUST NOT contain a &BODY; child element (as specified in &rfc3921;). The &MESSAGE; stanza type SHOULD be "normal" (either explicitly or by non-inclusion of the 'type' attribute). The stanza MAY include an 'id' attribute and MUST contain a &THREAD; element for tracking purposes (where the newly-generated ThreadID is unique to the proposed session). The data form MUST contain a hidden FORM_TYPE field whose value is "http://jabber.org/protocol/chatneg" and MUST contain a boolean field named "accept". &BOOLEANNOTE; The inclusion of "otr" and "security" fields is also RECOMMENDED. Note: The options within any 'list-single' fields SHOULD appear in order of preference.</p>
<p>Note: If the user is interested only in an immediate chat session then the user SHOULD instruct the contact's server not to store the message for later delivery using the &xep0079; protocol.</p>
<p>In the following example of a negotiation request, Romeo requests a chat with Juliet and also queries her regarding whether she wants to enable all message logging (see &xep0136;) <note>A client MUST NOT set the 'otr' field to 'true' unless it has confirmed that its server will allow it to switch off Automated Archiving (see <cite>Message Archiving</cite>).</note> and support the &xep0071; and &xep0085; extensions during this chat session. He also requires that they are both connected securely to their servers, and asks which language she prefers amoungst those he can write. (Note: These fields are examples only; a full set of chat session negotiation parameters will be registered as described in the <link url='#registrar'>XMPP Registrar Considerations</link> section of this document.)</p>
<example caption="User requests chat session"><![CDATA[
<message type='normal'
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<amp xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/amp'>
<rule action='drop' condition='deliver' value='stored'/>
<p>The contact's server delivers the request to the contact's most available resource (which in the examples below happens to be "balcony").</p>