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@ -385,6 +385,39 @@ whether or not they are required. @@ -385,6 +385,39 @@ whether or not they are required.
For a helpful graph of how XEP promotion works, see [XEP-0001].
Deferring XEPs
Before Deferring XEPs, read the "General notes on making changes" section.
XEPs get deferred after 12 months of inactivity. There is a tool which handles
that process automatically, if it is invoked regularly.
First of all, you need an up-to-date ``xeplist.xml``:
make build/xeplist.xml
To get a list of XEPs which need to be deferred (without changing anything),
./tools/ -v
To apply the deferrals, make a new feature branch and execute:
./tools/ -m 'initials'
where you replace ``initials`` with your editor initials so that it is obvious
who made the change (those initials will be used in the revision block).
This will modify the XEPs in-place. It uses heuristics for incrementing the
version number, finding and inserting the revision block as well as changing
the status. Yes, it involves regular expressions (because we don’t want to
fully re-write the XML to keep the diffs minimal). It is thus vital that you
**use `git diff` to ensure that the changes are sane**. If the changes
are sane, make a commit and merge to master as described in "Merging a PR",
in accordance with the "General notes on making changes".
Merging a PR