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<section1 topic='Controls'>
<p>A Jabber client can send various controls to the PASS service via the set to control how the PASS service behaves, how the server handles a listening port.</p>
<section2 topic='<expire/>'>
<section2 topic='expire'>
<p>This tells the server to shut down the port after a specified number of seconds. After the timeout period, the PASS service MUST send an <iq/> to the JID to tell it that the port has been closed down. It notifies the client with:</p>
<example caption='Notification of expiration'><![CDATA[
<iq type='set'
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<section2 topic='<oneshot/>'>
<section2 topic='oneshot'>
<p>This tells the server to listen once, and then close the port. Even if the <expire/> has not been met, the <oneshot/> overrides that and shuts down the listening port. When this happens the server notifies the client with the following packet:</p>
<example caption='Server notifies client of oneshot port closing'><![CDATA[
<iq type='set'
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<section2 topic='<close/>'>
<section2 topic='close'>
<p>This tells the server to explicitly shut down a listening port. Useful for when the client shuts down and can tell the PASS service to recycle the port. The server sends back:</p>
<example caption='Client request to shut down port'><![CDATA[
<iq type='set'