proxy wireguard over TCP/TLS
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# This script takes care of building your crate and packaging it for release
set -ex
main() {
local src=$(pwd)
test -f Cargo.lock || cargo generate-lockfile
# TODO Update this to build the artifacts that matter to you
cross rustc --bin wireguard-proxy --target $TARGET --release --no-default-features --features $CARGO_FEATURES
# to check how they are built
file target/$TARGET/release/wireguard-proxy* || echo 'file failed'
# TODO Update this to package the right artifacts, this needs to handle .exe too...
case $TARGET in
strip target/$TARGET/release/wireguard-proxy.exe || echo 'strip failed, ignoring...'
cp target/$TARGET/release/wireguard-proxy.exe $src/$CRATE_NAME-$TRAVIS_TAG-$TARGET.exe
strip target/$TARGET/release/wireguard-proxy || echo 'strip failed, ignoring...'
cp target/$TARGET/release/wireguard-proxy $src/$CRATE_NAME-$TRAVIS_TAG-$TARGET