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/* API for probe.c */
#ifndef __PROBE_H_
#define __PROBE_H_
#include "common.h"
#include "tls.h"
typedef enum {
PROBE_NEXT, /* Enough data, probe failed -- it's some other protocol */
PROBE_MATCH, /* Enough data, probe successful -- it's the current protocol */
PROBE_AGAIN, /* Not enough data for this probe, try again with more data */
} probe_result;
struct proto;
typedef int T_PROBE(const char*, int, struct proto*);
/* For each protocol we need: */
struct proto {
const char* description; /* a string that says what it is (for logging and command-line parsing) */
const char* service; /* service name to do libwrap checks */
struct addrinfo *saddr; /* list of addresses to try and switch that protocol */
int log_level; /* 0: No logging of connection
* 1: Log incoming connection
/* function to probe that protocol; parameters are buffer and length
* containing the data to probe, and a pointer to the protocol structure */
T_PROBE* probe;
/* opaque pointer ; used to pass list of regex to regex probe, or TLSProtocol struct to sni/alpn probe */
void* data;
struct proto *next; /* pointer to next protocol in list, NULL if last */
/* Returns a pointer to the array of builtin protocols */
struct proto * get_builtins(void);
/* Returns the number of builtin protocols */
int get_num_builtins(void);
/* Returns the probe for specified protocol */
T_PROBE* get_probe(const char* description);
/* Returns the head of the configured protocols */
struct proto* get_first_protocol(void);
/* Set the list of configured protocols */
void set_protocol_list(struct proto*);
/* probe_client_protocol
* Read the beginning of data coming from the client connection and check if
* it's a known protocol. Then leave the data on the deferred
* write buffer of the connection and returns a pointer to the protocol
* structure
int probe_client_protocol(struct connection *cnx);
/* set the protocol to connect to in case of timeout */
void set_ontimeout(const char* name);
/* timeout_protocol
* Returns the protocol to connect to in case of timeout
struct proto* timeout_protocol(void);
void hexdump(const char*, unsigned int);