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Added USELIBPCRE to make use of regex engine
Added support for RFC4366 SNI and RFC7301 ALPN
(Travis Burtrum)
Changed connection log to include the name of the probe that
Changed configuration file format: 'probe' field is
no longer required, 'name' field can now contain
'tls' or 'regex', with corresponding options (see
Added 'log_level' option to each protocol, which
allows to turn off generation of log at each
v1.17: 09MAR2015
Support RFC5952-style IPv6 addresses, e.g. [::]:443.
Transparant proxy support for FreeBSD.
(Ruben van Staveren)
Using -F with no argument will try
/etc/sslh/sslh.cfg and then /etc/sslh.cfg as
configuration files. (argument to -F can no longer
be separated from the option by a space, e.g. must
be -Ffoo.cfg)
Call setgroups() before setgid() (fixes potential
privilege escalation).
(Lars Vogdt)
Use portable way of getting modified time for OSX
(Aaron Madlon-Kay)
Example configuration for fail2ban.
(Every Mouw)
v1.16: 11FEB2014
Probes made more resilient, to incoming data
containing NULLs. Also made them behave properly
when receiving too short packets to probe on the
first incoming packet.
(Ondrej Kuzník)
Libcap support: Keep only CAP_NET_ADMIN if started
as root with transparent proxying and dropping
priviledges (enable USELIBCAP in Makefile). This
avoids having to mess with filesystem capabilities.
(Sebastian Schmidt/yath)
Fixed bugs related to getpeername that would cause
sslh to quit erroneously (getpeername can return
actual errors if connections are dropped before
getting to getpeername).
Set IP_FREEDBIND if available to bind to addresses
that don't yet exist.
v1.15: 27JUL2013
Added --transparent option for transparent proxying.
See README for iptables magic and capability
Fixed bug in sslh-select: if number of opened file
descriptor became bigger than FD_SETSIZE, bad things
would happen.
Fixed bug in sslh-select: if socket dropped while
deferred_data was present, sslh-select would crash.
Increased FD_SETSIZE for Cygwin, as the default 64
is too low for even moderate load.
v1.14: 21DEC2012
Corrected OpenVPN probe to support pre-shared secret
mode (OpenVPN port-sharing code is... wrong). Thanks
to Kai Ellinger for help in investigating and
Added an actual TLS/SSL probe.
Added configurable --on-timeout protocol
Added a --anyprot protocol probe (equivalent to what
--ssl was).
Makefile respects the user's compiler and CFLAG
choices (falling back to the current values if
undefined), as well as LDFLAGS.
(Michael Palimaka)
Added "After" and "KillMode" to systemd.sslh.service
(Thomas Weißschuh).
Added LSB tags to etc.init.d.sslh
(Thomas Varis).
v1.13: 18MAY2012
Write PID file before dropping privileges.
Added --background, which overrides 'foreground'
configuration file setting.
Added example systemd service file from Archlinux in
(Sébastien Luttringer)
v1.12: 08MAY2012
Added support for configuration file.
New protocol probes can be defined using regular
expressions that match the first packet sent by the
sslh now connects timed out connections to the first
configured protocol instead of 'ssh' (just make sure
ssh is the first defined protocol).
sslh now tries protocols in the order in which they
are defined (just make sure sslh is the last defined
v1.11: 21APR2012
WARNING: defaults have been removed for --user and
--pidfile options, update your start-up scripts!
No longer stop sslh when reverse DNS requests fail
for logging.
Added HTTP probe.
No longer create new session if running in
No longer default to changing user to 'nobody'. If
--user isn't specified, just run as current user.
No longer create PID file by default, it should be
explicitely set with --pidfile.
No longer log to syslog if in foreground. Logs are
instead output to stderr.
The four changes above make it straightforward to
integrate sslh with systemd, and should help with
v1.10: 27NOV2011
Fixed calls referring to sockaddr length so they work
with FreeBSD.
Try target addresses in turn until one works if
there are several (e.g. "localhost:22" resolves to
an IPv6 address and an IPv4 address and sshd does
not listen on IPv6).
Fixed sslh-fork so killing the head process kills
the listener processes.
Heavily cleaned up test suite. Added stress test
t_load script. Added coverage (requires lcov).
Support for XMPP (Arnaud Gendre).
Updated README.MacOSX (Aaron Madlon-Kay).
v1.9: 02AUG2011
WARNING: This version does not work with FreeBSD and
WARNING: Options changed, you'll need to update your
start-up scripts! Log format changed, you'll need to
update log processing scripts!
Now supports IPv6 throughout (both on listening and
Logs now contain IPv6 addresses, local forwarding
address, and resolves names (unless --numeric is
Introduced long options.
Options -l, -s and -o replaced by their long
Defaults for SSL and SSH options suppressed (it's
legitimate to want to use sslh to mux OpenVPN and
tinc while not caring about SSH nor SSL).
Bind to multiple addresses with multiple -p options.
Support for tinc VPN (experimental).
Numeric logging option.
v1.8: 15JUL2011
Changed log format to make it possible to link
connections to subsequent logs from other services.
Updated CentOS init.d script (Andre Krajnik).
Fixed zombie issue with OpenBSD (The SA_NOCLDWAIT flag is not
propagated to the child process, so we set up signals after
the fork.) (François FRITZ)
Added -o "OpenVPN" and OpenVPN probing and support.
Added single-threaded, select(2)-based version.
Added support for "Bold" SSH clients (clients that speak first)
Thanks to Guillaume Ricaud for spotting a regression
Added -f "foreground" option.
Added test suite. (only tests connexions. No test for libwrap,
setsid, setuid and so on) and corresponding 'make
test' target.
Added README.MacOSX (thanks Aaron Madlon-Kay)
Documented use with proxytunnel and corkscrew in
v1.7: 01FEB2010
Added CentOS init.d script (Andre Krajnik).
Fixed default ssl address inconsistancy, now
defaults to "localhost:443" and fixed documentation
accordingly (pointed by Markus Schalke).
Children no longer bind to the listen socket, so
parent server can be stopped without killing an
active child (pointed by Matthias Buecher).
Inetd support (Dima Barsky).
v1.6: 25APR2009
Added -V, version option.
Install target directory configurable in Makefile
Changed syslog prefix in auth.log to "sslh[%pid]"
Man page
new 'make install' and 'make install-debian' targets
PID file now specified using -P command line option
Actually fixed zombie generation (the v1.5 patch got
lost, doh!)
v1.5: 10DEC2008
Fixed zombie generation.
Added support scripts (), Makefile.
Changed all 'connexions' to 'connections' to please
pesky users. Damn users.
v1.4: 13JUL2008
Added libwrap support for ssh service (Christian Weinberger)
Only SSH is libwraped, not SSL.
v1.3: 14MAY2008
Added parsing for local interface to listen on
Changed default SSL connection to port 442 (443 doesn't make
sense as a default as we're already listening on 443)
Syslog incoming connections
v1.2: 12MAY2008
Fixed compilation warning for AMD64 (Thx Daniel Lange)
v1.1: 21MAY2007
Making sslhc more like a real daemon:
* If $PIDFILE is defined, write first PID to it upon startup
* Fork at startup (detach from terminal)
(thanks to -- good checklist)
* Less memory usage (?)
Basic functionality: privilege dropping, target hostnames and ports