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This was the wiki hosted at, in the wiki git repo.

In this repo you'll find the tools we used for converting from mediawiki to gollum:

  • was written by vortex, and used to scrape and generate legit_pages.txt, which was used to export RSWiki-*.xml
  • converts a mediawiki dump to gollum preserving all contributor names, changes, and timestamps, each change is a seperate commit
  • is run before every commit makes
  • is run to create an nginx config file to redirect old mediawiki titles to the new gollum URLs, generated nginxredirect.conf
  • scrapes and generates category pages like mediawiki, needs to be ran whenever pages are added to categories

Deprecated because they do not preserve history:

  • mw-to-gollum.rb was slightly modified from here: DEPRECATED USE instead which preserves history!
  • uses mw-to-gollum.rb to convert the mediawiki xml, then does various things to clean up all the links and names so they will work DEPRECATED USE instead which preserves history!