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Firmware testing

Situations/features to test:

- factory firmware
- USB debugging
- is disabled by default after start
- can be enabled/disabled at runtime
- via I2C
- if Pine + F + U is pressed (status is reflected over I2C
in a control register)
- scanning block works
- switching it on/off works at runtime
- no interrupts are fired when blocked
- no keys appear pressed during a block
- USB bootloader jump works
- if Pine + F + B is pressed
- via USB debugger mode
- via I2C command
- reset over I2C works
- I2C debug log readout works
- selftest works
- shows result via I2C debug log
- exposed GPIOs are accessible over I2C
- direction configuration works
- readout/setting works

- interrupt
- 10us pulse visible on logical probe capture
- POGO interrupt is received on the SoC

- charger
- I2C A communication works
- I2C A timeout mechanism works when the bus is blocked

- user firmware
- flashing works
- reading works
- deletion works
- is not jumped to unless it's commited after flashing
- can be executed
- starts automatically unless Pine+F+H is held on powerup