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Ondrej Jirman fa19294d05 Dump option ROM when reading flash over USB 2 years ago
Samuel Holland bd32b43065 usb-flasher: Update stock firmware's USB product ID
The third batch of review samples was flashed with a different stock
firmware, and advertised a different product ID.
2 years ago
Ondrej Jirman cea046008f Increase the default flashing area size to 0x2000
This does two things:
- more reasonable default because stock firmware size is larger than
  the previous default
- it will overwrite 0x3fff with 0xff, so that after flashing stock
  firmware the user firmware is automatically disabled
2 years ago
Ondrej Jirman 6a5fe581b9 Implement flashing over I2C and user/stock firmware support
I2C register layout changed a bit to make various operations easier
to implement in FW and for the user.

Flashing/debugging tools now share more code. Firmware is now more
configurable (it's now possible to compile-out various features).

Self-testing for column-shorts is implemented.

Firmware is optimized for low power consumption.
2 years ago